The-Fiery-Assassin & Uchi-Kina

         It was a beautiful summer night. So beautiful, in fact, that the redhead decided to go to her favorite lookout place. 

         Driving up on her motorcycle, she finally arrived. The temperature was perfect, and there was a warm breeze drifting through the air. That’s when she noticed another person sitting and looking out at the city as well. Honestly, Roxy thought that this lookout wasn’t used by anyone accept for her, but obviously, she was wrong. 

         Slowly, the assassin approached the figure, which turned out to be a guy. She looked up and smiled, “The stars look especially lovely tonight, don’t they?" 

{ ❧ υηяєqυιtє∂ }

Victor was easy to love. His charismatic personality and devilish good looks drew women to him like moths were drawn to a flame. Isabella has been one of many; the only difference between her and other women is that she stayed by his side. She loved him, which was unfortunate.

He was one of the biggest womanizer’s she had ever known—and she knew her brother. He toyed around with women’s hearts until they fled. Or at least, until the became sick of him and gave him a good slap before storming off. He had always come crying to her at those times, and she was always by his side.

For example, at this very moment. “Are you really going to skip this dinner with your family? Your father asked you to be there—its going to get you an earful if you miss out on it.” she sighed as she sat perched on his bed, watching the other blond ready himself for what was no doubt another social extravaganza.