The-Fiery-Assassin & Uchi-Kina

         It was a beautiful summer night. So beautiful, in fact, that the redhead decided to go to her favorite lookout place. 

         Driving up on her motorcycle, she finally arrived. The temperature was perfect, and there was a warm breeze drifting through the air. That’s when she noticed another person sitting and looking out at the city as well. Honestly, Roxy thought that this lookout wasn’t used by anyone accept for her, but obviously, she was wrong. 

         Slowly, the assassin approached the figure, which turned out to be a guy. She looked up and smiled, “The stars look especially lovely tonight, don’t they?" 

{ ❧ υηяєqυιtє∂ }

Victor was easy to love. His charismatic personality and devilish good looks drew women to him like moths were drawn to a flame. Isabella has been one of many; the only difference between her and other women is that she stayed by his side. She loved him, which was unfortunate.

He was one of the biggest womanizer’s she had ever known—and she knew her brother. He toyed around with women’s hearts until they fled. Or at least, until the became sick of him and gave him a good slap before storming off. He had always come crying to her at those times, and she was always by his side.

For example, at this very moment. “Are you really going to skip this dinner with your family? Your father asked you to be there—its going to get you an earful if you miss out on it.” she sighed as she sat perched on his bed, watching the other blond ready himself for what was no doubt another social extravaganza.
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  1. Eien no Omoi wo Kimi ni
  2. Eikoku Kizoku Goyoutashi
  3. Eikyuu Shoujo (Ogura Akane)
  4. Enren Lover
  5. Ero Meruhen - Goin ni Amaku… Futari no Kare Kara Semerarete
  6. Everybody Loves Somebody
  7. Eye Level
  8. Falling In Love With Your Love Song
  9. First Love Addiction
  10. First Love (Aruko)
  11. First Love Confirmed!
  12. Fly High! (Mitsuki Kako)
  13. Flying Bunny
  14. For Us Who Begin to Love
  15. Forever Honey
  16. Fukigenna Majou to Uchikina Kemono
  17. Futari Awasete Puramai Zero
  18. Futsu Hyakkei
  19. Fuyu no Hana
  20. Gakuran Ouji
  21. Gameko no Chouboroku
  22. Garasu Bijin
  23. Gekou Jikoku Made Ato Go Fun
  24. Genius House
  25. Giant Cinderella
  26. Ginrou no Sakura
  27. Ginsekai no Shoumei
  28. Girls Complex
  29. Gokuaku Drop
  30. Gokujou Twins
  31. Goshujin-sama to Atashi
  32. Goshujin-sama to Watashi
  33. Granulated Sugar
  34. Gyu tte Shite Ii
  35. Hadaka no Ouji-sama (Kanesada Yukio)
  36. Hadaka no Oujisama (Miyuki Mitsubachi)
  37. Haikyo Shoujo
  38. Hairstyle Amanojaku Shiyou
  39. Hajimari no Aizu
  40. Hajimari no Ao
  41. Hajimari no Haru
  42. Hajimari wa Suna no Ichiya
  43. Hajimete…
  44. Hana Sakasu Te
  45. Hanabatake no Iberico
  46. Hand-in-Hand Lovers
  47. Haru Niwa
  48. Haru no Ame (Minami Maki)
  49. Haru no Ogawa wa Dokidoki Suru yo
  50. Hatsu Koi, Yoru ni Tokeru
  51. Hatsukoi Hakusho
  52. Hatsukoi, Katakoi
  53. Hatsukoi Kouho
  54. Hatsukoi Rhapsody
  55. Hatsukoi Rocket
  56. Heart Assassin
  57. Hikitateyaku no Koi
  58. Himitsu no Sakana Pan
  59. Himitsu no Sono Ato
  60. Himitsu Note
  61. Hina-chan no Koi
  62. Hirunaka Shikkaku
  63. Hitomi kara Destiny
  64. Hitoribocchi no Ohime-sama
  65. Hizamazuite Ai wo Chikae
  66. Holiday
  67. Honey*Witch
  68. Honnou Chocolate
  69. Hotarubi no Mori E
  70. Houkago Chocolate
  71. Houkago, Kimi to Koi o Shite
  72. Houkago Kiss
  73. Hyakkiyakou Juliet
  74. Hyouketsu Kiss Mate
  75. Hug!
  76. I can’t say “I like you”
  77. I Can’t Wait Until Tomorrow Comes!
  78. Ibara no Koi
  79. Ibara no Majutsushi
  80. Ichihime Ninja
  81. Ichikyuu
  82. Idol-sama no Okiniiri
  83. Idol ga Maiban Heya ni Shinnyuu Shitekuru
  84. Image Change Manual - Love Version
  85. Inoribana
  86. Inu Jikan
  87. Io-kun no Nayamigoto
  88. Iroha ni Ai o
  89. Irotoridori no
  90. Issho ni Kaero (Momoi Sumire)
  91. It’s a One-Point Match with Chouko!
  92. Itazura Ouji
  93. Itsuka no Tsuki de Aimashou
  94. Jippu Jippu Byuun
  95. Joushikousei de Hanayome de
  96. Joyful Days?
  97. Jun'ai Junkie
  98. June’s Lily Bravado
  99. Junjou Bousou Honey