This Appreciation Post is made out of authentic reviews and messages I’ve received, and I want to tell everyone how grateful I am. I couldn’t fit every one of them here, but I want to thank you all, even if you aren’t on this post.  Love you guys <3
The background picture is made by Mutsumix. 

Public Safety Announcement

Sou (uchihamassacre) is a lovely, lovely person. She doesn’t realise how wonderful she is, which is mad because she’s intelligent/kind/gorgeous, but I certainly love her lots! And I don’t appreciate her enough, but bby I love you, okay? Your waifu/seme loves you lots~
That’s all. Stay safe, America.

anonymous asked:

uchihamassacre itachislowerparts nejiswedgie sasukeh soysaucekay curlscurly

uchihamassacre: great blog with great url and i rec folwlwoing!!!!
itachislowerparts:i dont think i follwolow but eeyrone i fololwo seems to follwolow them so i assume they r a great blog as well!?!?!?
nejiswedigiE: taryn is so nice!!! i luv her!!! and i hneed 2 make her gif!!! and who do u thoink ga v e her tha t sxc url!?!?!? ;) folowlow her!!!
sasukeh: omg she makes the mo st beautifoul edits!! and she is v kind!!!
soysaucekay: alissiions so nice and preytyr and jus t wow follwowlwo!!!
curlscurly: i see their url everywhere but i dont folooloww!!!!

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