Imagine Being Sasuke and Itachi’s Younger Sister

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You raced to the door as it opened, Itachi stepping through with Sasuke.

“Big brothers!” you cried out happily, launching yourself at Itachi.

He caught you, poking you in the forehead. “Hello, little sister,” he greeted while Sasuke tugged at your pants.

“I want a hug too!”

parachute-girl  asked:

What do you think Itachi would think, if he discovered that Konoha confine Sasuke the way he did?

Well, Itachi is very nationalistic and thusly supports almost every decision Konoha makes since, in his mindset, it’s Konoha above all else. However, it is an undeniable truth that Itachi loves Sasuke with all his heart and wants him to be safe, even if some of his choices to enforce said safety are questionable. Given the fact Itachi cares tremendously about his younger brother, I cannot see him in any shape or form agreeing with Konoha’s decision to confine Sasuke. After all, Itachi threatened Danzou to spill Konoha’s secrets to enemy nations in case he would harm Sasuke, which stresses my point.

Itachi was willing to give Sasuke his unconditional love, and unconditional love can be irrational. I’m saying this because when taking Itachi’s stance on the importance of his village into consideration, it does seem rather illogical to choose Sasuke over Konoha; hence why some might see Itachi’s actions as absurd. While it is as clear as day that Itachi disagrees with Sasuke’s plans, he doesn’t want to see him in such a vulnerable position. So contrary to popular belief, Itachi would be on Sasuke’s side; not on Konoha’s.


Madara : I don’t think it’s fair to say Izuna is my favorite brother.

Madara : Our family just has … unfortunate circumstances.

(Kura : with 3 other brothers dead before the series flashbacks, it’s just more of a … easier to see how Izuna would be like with the info on his personality rather then making up the rest of them.
Then again, imagining what their personalities would be like might be fun ^^)