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Shisui with a baby boy or girl. Omg I loved the last one with Itachi and Sasuke !!!! 😊😃😃😃😁

This is all written in the consideration that the Uchiha’s chilled out and Shisui didn’t throw himself off a goddamn cliff. Also, I could see Shisui having either or really, probs would have like three, ya never know with him.

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  • He was one hundred percent okay and honestly pretty excited with having a baby all the way up until his S/O was in labor and then that’s when he started to panic. Nothing had really set in with him for the most part up until that moment, so when she went into labor, he was internally panicking like no other. He tried to remain calm for his S/O’s sake, but man, on the inside he was flipping shit. Now, remember, he can remain one hundred percent calm during life threatening situations as a shinobi, but when his little five pound baby came into the world, he was a panicking mess. 
  • Shisui did not even plan on starting on a nursery for his child until like two weeks before the baby was due. He kept telling himself that he didn’t have time for it, because he was still heavily dealing with the village and Uchiha, and that he could deal with building an entire nursery in a day when he got the chance, but he was wrong, very very wrong. His baby ended up coming like three weeks early, so there was no nursey built at all and he was too scatterbrained during delivery to even think about it. 
    • That baby basically has a crib that he doesn’t even use, and that’s about it. Baby Shisui just chills with his dad most of the time tbh, no nursery needed.
  • After his baby was born, Shisui made sure that he introduced his little one to Hiruzen almost as soon as he could, because that’s basically as close to his own dad as he can get anymore, and it’s definitely a sentimental thing for both of them. I have a side headcanon that Hiruzen was Shisui’s godfather, so they’re relatively close and having a child is such an important thing that Shisui wanted to make sure that Hiruzen got to meet his baby and everything. When they do finally meet, it’s really nostalgic for Hiruzen, because he can still vividly remember when Kagami introduced Shisui to him and now Shisui is introducing his own son, and it brings up a lot of memories.
  • Shisui’s baby also developed really fast; like he could sit up and crawl and walk before all of the other babies his age. At first Shisui was thrilled, because he thought that a mobile baby would be way more fun that just a baby who chills and sleeps eighty percent of the day, but that wasn’t exactly the case. Shisui’s baby is super ornery and smart, and he knows what he can and can’t get to and what he can get his dad to do; it’s actually awful, because he’s so smart for a child, but he uses his baby brains for evil. Shisui’s actually terrified for when this baby is a teenager.
  • This baby has so many beanies, it is actually ridiculous. The moment that Shisui saw his baby and saw that they had inherited that same messy thick hair that he has, he silently cursed. Half the time Shisui doesn’t even have the will to deal with his own hair, so how was he going to deal with a baby’s? Answer is, he’s not. Ninety percent of the time his child has a beanie on, just because of that. Even if it’s a hundred degrees outside, that baby will still have a beanie on, because Shisui just doesn’t even try with that damn hair anymore.
  • He is such a mess at getting his baby to daycare, especially if he is trying to prep for a mission while also prepping his baby to go to daycare. He’s almost always late dropping his child off, always late picking them up, usually forgets something. One day he forgot all his child’s bottles and the teachers at the daycare were like, “You sure you’re okay to go on an S-ranked mission…? You forgot your child needs to eat…”
  • Whenever Shisui leaves for a mission, his baby has the hardest time sleeping and is just so restless until he gets back. Tying into the whole “doesn’t have a real nursery,” thing, the baby usually sleeps with Shisui and his mother, most of the time on Shisui’s chest. And like his daddy, the baby is very perceptive, so they realize that Shisui isn’t there. They can’t feel the warmth that he radiates off or hear that slow heart beat, so they really struggle to fall asleep and stay asleep while Shisui’s away.
  • Shisui is so proud of his child and he makes sure that everyone knows that he is the proudest daddy around. He’s always cheering his baby on, even for the littlest things like taking a bottle of going to sleep. You can only imagine what he’s going to be like when his child can actually walk and makes real accomplishments. Sometimes it can be real humorous, because he’ll even brag about things that most parents really don’t brag about.   
    • “Guess what, B/N did today?”
    • “What?”
    • “They spit up on Sasuke a record four times in less than two hours; it was great.”
  • In a technology advanced Konoha. Shisui takes so many selfies with his baby. They look so alike and he just likes everyone to know that he loves his kid more than anything and the fact that he’s got the cutest kid in Konoha.