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Could I ask Headcanon where little Izuna is sick and how Madara is taking care / reacting?

Thank you for the request. 

Headcannons of Madara taking care of younger Izuna

  • I feel younger Madara first reaction is exasperation. He’s like “what? What you mean you sick? Why are you sick?” He’ll sound annoyed and irritated as he folds his arms in disapproval that Izuna is sick. He then handles the situation all grumpy and takes it silently.
  • Madara has never had the patience in dealing with people who complain or whine. So his patience can wear thin even if it’s his own brother. However it depends on how much Izuna is sick.
  • If Izuna is really sick that it is consider life threatening, Madara won’t lose his patience as much. He’ll be very silent and contemplative in Izuna’s presence but will snap at anyone that disturbs him or pesters him about Izuna’s condition.
  • Madara will do whatever he can to take care of his brother but he doesn’t want to hear any arguing about it. He’s very direct with Izuna like take this, drink this, stop moving. He doesn’t have a gentle touch at all but is very competent in attending to his brother.
the whole naruto plot
  • Naruto: Sasuke!
  • Sasuke: Itachi!
  • Itachi: Shisui!
  • Shisui: Danzo!
  • Danzo: Hokage!
  • Hokage: Jiraiya!
  • Jiraiya: Nagato!
  • Nagato: Konan!
  • Konan: Pain!
  • Pain: Tobi!
  • Tobi: Madara!
  • Madara: Hashirama!
  • Hashirama: dude, the fuck

Preview of Boruto: Naruto the Next Generations. Hokage Sarada?! Or is this just an older version of Sarada. She has grown into a beautiful, intelligent and powerful woman.Is that her Susanoo in the background? Is it even called Susanoo or is it something else? Is it regenerating into perfect Susanoo? Her Mangekyou Sharingan appears again, rumor has it that her Susanoo’s signature weapon is a spiked whip.

Why Naruto Failed The True Fans

1) Sakura would have been a great heroine, but her obsession with sasuke ruined it

2) Hinata should have made her goal to bring justice to the branch side of the family, not to slide into naruto’s pants

3) Kakashi should have revealed what Konoha did to the Uchiha Clan

4) There should have been an afterlife reunion between Izuna and Madara

5) There should have been an afterlife reunion with Itachi and his clan (especially the precious Fugaku and mikoto)

6) There should have been more backstory with the Akatsuki members

7) What the fuck is the minkaze clan?

8) HashiMito should have been the ultimate power couple

9) Naruto should have changed the system

10) Akamaru should have many babies

11) Guy should have died, killing Madara and proving everyone that “hardwork will always beat talent” not having him permanently disabled

12) Who the fuck is Kaguya hoe?

13) Orochimaru, rather than sasuke should have been jailed

14) Danzo didn’t die painfully enough

15) Hiruzen was the WORST hokage in history

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