uchicago quad

whyarethishappen  asked:

Hi UChicago admissions, if someone were to have a marathon of UChicago-related movies, what movies would be on the list?

Hi there! While there are definitely tons of movies that are set in Chicago, here are some movies that come to mind for a UChicago movie marathon (in no particular order)!

  • Hoop Dreams
    • A highly acclaimed documentary about two boys and living on the South Side of Chicago. 
  • Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
    • A Chicago classic that most people would say you need to see before living in Chicago.
  • When Harry Met Sally
    • They meet on UChicago’s main quad!
  • Divergent
    • See if you can spot one of UChicago’s libraries, Mansueto, in the movie!
  • Home Alone
    • Living away from your parents in college (unfortunately) won’t be as wild a ride as this movie is! 
  • Southside With You
    • See how Barack and Michelle met—right here in Hyde Park.