uchicago houses



Pierce kids are arguably the tightest knit on campus. Their doors are always left open, and their house lounges always packed. In a good way. The 10-story building is three blocks north of the main quads (right off 55th street, where the 55 bus runs!) and pretty darn close to Starbucks. It has its own dining hall on the first floor, with a MONGOLIAN BBQ - seriously, that stuff is good - and four houses with large two-story lounges. The bathrooms are communal, and almost all first years share dorm rooms, but there are plenty of roomy single options for you come second-year. 

The Tent where Harry and Ron and Hermione live in the woods

Not really much to look at on the outside, the cavernous bee-hive-esque inside of Pierce is actually packed with wonder. You’ll find a dining room, large two-story lounges, kitchens and double bedrooms with bay windows. Those who live here swear by their house spirit, and occasionally try to run down University Avenue to avoid Death Eaters (read: get to class).