‘Phobias’ Brief

For this project we were asked to design an information poster for a phobia of our choosing. I choice agoraphobia as I thought it would lend itself well to powerful imagery. I really enjoyed the project but struggled to include enough information on the poster without it look cluttered.. I resorted to producing a leaflet which coincides with the poster.


‘Take One Word’

For this brief we were asked to chose a word and explore its meaning visually. I chose the word build and decided to physically build the word 'build’ out of building blocks that I’d crafted especially. This photo series documents the building of the word and in order to emphasise this process, I plan to produce a stop-frame animation of the piece.

Quite pleased with my first proper attempt at photoshop at uni! We had to create a typgoraphy poster choosing one typeface and presenting it on a poster with a little bit of info about the font. I chose Courier, a typeface designed for use on typewriters hence why I have used the letters/numbers/punctuation marks to create an image of a typewriter. i.e. everything in the image is made using the Courier typeface! Simples.