UCF Knights Update: Fall Sports Charging Into Postseason

#UCF Update: @UCF_WSoccer, @UCF_Volleyball #ChargeOn toward Postseason

Now is a good time to update you on what’s been happening with UCF’s fall sports as we head toward Thanksgiving Weekend.

#21 Women’s Soccer in the NCAA Tournament (17-4-0)

Fresh off defeating Georgia at home in the first round of the NCAA Tournament, the Knights now travel up to Tallahassee to face Wisconsin in the second round.


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Natalie: “So we have a small business called Core Sports Academy. What we do is we travel to local daycares and elementary schools and we provide sports programs, like after school soccer programs for kids. Right now we only have soccer, we don’t have any other sports but we kind of just started. We’ve been doing it for how long?”

Jacob: “A year.”

Natalie: “So we’re a year into it. Right now it’s only soccer. Eventually we want to incorporate more sports - provide all the core sports for kids at the daycares and elementary schools.”

Jacob: “Like an after school vendor.”

Natalie: “We’re the only coaches right now. Hopefully by the Fall we’re going to hire at least one more coach so we can have more schools and we’re going to try to start expanding.”

How have things changed in the last year?

Jacob: “She was doing it a couple of years before me but she only had 6-11 kids and then I started with her a year ago and we’ve grown from like eleven kids and now we have over a hundred.”

How many schools are you at?

Natalie: “Right now we have three schools.”

Jacob: “Working on four.”

So what was the driving factor behind starting this?

Jacob: “We grew up playing soccer. I mean that’s how we met five years ago. I was coaching my sisters soccer team growing up and then she was volunteering.”

Natalie: “To help coach and then we met. Soccer’s our passion so my aunt actually is a director at one of the schools we started at and she said, ‘Hey, we need someone to play soccer with the kids, I know you play soccer.’ I was in high school, I was like ‘Sure! I’d love to do it.’ So I started there and then I decided to make a business out of it because it’s so fun, you’re working with kids, and you’re your own boss.”

Jacob: “It’s so rewarding, they love you so much”

What’s the feedback been like?

Jacob: “It’s been really good. We’ve had a lot of people sign up every season. People who have signed up before usually sign up again.”

Natalie: “We’ve doubled, tripled, every season we get more and more kids, it’s ridiculous. It’s so much fun, they have so much fun, they tell their friends, and then their parents see how much the kids love it, more people sign up, it’s awesome.”

If this were to be really successful, what would it look like?

Natalie: “I mean eventually we want to have all the core sports and be vendors at a bunch of different schools in the area, and then maybe franchise it out. That would be cool. Have it all over the United States, just sports vendors, ‘Core Sports Academy, works with the kids, daycares, elementary schools.’ And then we were thinking about opening up a training center.”

Jacob: “Like a sports complex.”

Natalie: “Where there’s not leagues or anything but people can come in and do training for all the sports, and have personal trainers that are experts in the sports and stuff like that as well.”

So you’re both in school. Is it hard to start and run your business while in college?

Natalie: “It’s hard. It really restricts us from expanding because we just want to go all out. Sometimes I just want to drop out of school because I feel like I know that this business could be successful, but then I’m like, you know, I’m already half way there. Let me just stick through it and get it over with but definitely when I graduate I think this is something that I’m going to stick with. I don’t know, I don’t see myself applying for any jobs. I feel like I can make this big.” - NATALIE ROGERS & JACOB SOTO

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UCF soccer coach George O’Leary tabbed as interim athletic director

Up to date JUN 23, 2015 5:26p ET George O’Leary shall be pulling double obligation for UCF for a minimum of the 2015 season. O’Leary, who has been the soccer coach since 2004, will even function the interim athletic director for the remainder of 2015, the varsity introduced Tuesday morning. The addition to his duties […]

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