#DCM16 Rules
  1. Hydrate.
  2. You MUST find time to shower, change clothes, and sleep. If you’re smart, you’ll find a way to do all three at the same time.
  3. It’s impossible to see everything. Pick out a few shows you don’t want to miss and then keep an open mind about the rest.
  4. Speaking of: See out-of-town groups and don’t judge an entire city of improvisers based on one group’s show. Rarely does the “Best Show of All Time” happen at DCM. (Except for Baby Wants Candy in 2005. HOLY SHIT.)
  5. See No Posers.
  6. Be cool to other performers. They love improv as much as you do, so don’t be a snob!
  7. Be warm to the volunteers and staff. They are doing literally the most thankless jobs of the Marathon.
  8. Tip.
  9. It is not necessary to use drugs or alcohol to enjoy DCM.
  10. It does not hurt to (responsibly) use drugs or alcohol to enjoy DCM.
  11. Make your life easier: Download the DCM16 app. Follow @DCM_lines on Twitter.
  12. If you are a performer, don’t put any pressure on yourself to have the “Best Show of All Time.” Improv isn’t about dwelling — it’s about being in the moment and enjoying what other people do. Do your shows, have fun, be nice. Repeat.
  13. Shower.
  14. Shower.
  15. Shower.

My #wcw: The ridiculously talented @maryhollandaise ❤️❤️❤️ Check out her awesome show #thisshowisnotfunny every month @ucbtla ❄️🐒”

❗️❕❗️❕Tat just posted my photo and tagged me! AND this is after she liked my photo, retweeted my tweet, followed me on Instagram and DMed me! I love her! 😵😻💞


Broad City on Smart Girls at the Party with Amy P!

Nervous to post this. I haven't openly spoken about some things yet...#FarewellOrphanBlack

Having to drop out of school to be a caregiver for my mom, completely changed my life. I felt like I lost who I was/am. I dropped my plans and life for my mom, which of course I would do, she’s my mom, but I got really depressed and things were really bad. I didn’t realize how bad they were for a while and by then I had already completely lost myself. Slowly I started to work on myself and I found things that brought back happiness, like Parks and Recreation and improv (esp. Search History) at UCB theatre. When I started to feel like myself again, I realized I didn’t know who I was. So much of my time was making sure my mom was okay that I neglected myself. That happen to be when I started watching Orphan Black. Before dropping out of school, the major I was leaning towards was psychology. I was always fascinated by the way the mind works, so the study of people and nature v nurture in OB attracted me. I immediately connected with Cosima. I think she is just the coolest. I love how comfortable/confident she is with herself and that’s something I’ve always wanted for myself. She is so smart, hot, funny, cute, etc. Then Delphine appeared and again I had an instant connection. She is so focus and conflicted, intelligent and gorgeous. When Cophine started to happen, I loved it. I think they are the most devoted, cutest, loving relationship. I, like Delphine, never thought of bisexuality for myself, but as soon as she said it some things started to make sense for me. I’ve always been okay with thinking “oh that woman is attractive” but never thought I could be attracted TO her. This wasn’t an instant realization, but it dawned on me and now I’m one step closer to finding who I am, thanks to OB. Thank you Orphan Black for the realization of Pansexuality, thank you Tatiana for portraying Cosima (who is queer, sure, but truly is only one part of her amazing self) who helped me realize who I am, thank you Évelyne for portraying Delphine who allowed me to follow her journey through figuring her sexually and help with my journey, thank you for Clone Club who have been so wonderful and I’ve made friends from, for the strong females characters/role models, for showing me to love myself more, for opening my eyes about issues and to be more aware, for the representation of the LGBTQ community, for the love, for the action, for the drama, for the humor, for the music, for the stories you told, for the great edge of your seat programming, for bring up issues that we face everyday, for binge and multiple rewatch worthy television, for the confidence to take my first solo trip to New York/Toronto for OB events, thank you for all that and more! I can’t thank you enough. I love you so much and will miss you dearly. 😻😭🙌👏✊️💞