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Dating Akaashi Keiji

  • melts a bit of happiness whenever u hug him out of the blue
  • King of Kisses 
  • cuddles in the morning with him is on point and he does that sweet whispering in your ear 
  • u swoon. like stop my heart is going off track… but also don’t stop 
  • you love it when he rests his head on your lap. then u can have full access to his silky af hair 
  • when u first started dating he made sure to be a gentleman and open doors for you. and now it’s a habit 
  • u think it’s adorable but also hilarious bc u can open doors just fine?? no need to always do it keiji
  • u know eXACTLY what makes him laugh, no matter the situation. Seeing him snorting and laughing so much with tears in his eyes are The Best
  • likes trailing kisses on your shoulders 
  • also asks for permission if it’s ok to kiss u
  • can actually be a bit of a mischievous tease..
  • also nice pranks
  • slips notes into your jacket pocket. compliments, cheer-u-up’s-love declarations, remember to eat or smth in that style


  • they didn’t even realize they liked eachother for y e a r s, bc theyre both incredibly bad at feelings. kunimi more so than kindaichi. feelings are….so tiring….why cant they trade them for like. money. or candy. 
  • they originally bonded over being the children of overworked mothers; kindaichi having a single mother, and kunimi having a very busy father who they almost never see.
  • do you know how goddamn proud kindaichi is that hes one of the few people who can make kunimi smile? and not just their sarcastic smile, their real, genuine smile. he is so fuckin’ proud of himself.
  • you’d never believe it if kindaichi told you, but kunimi has the cutest dimples when they actually smile. 
  • “i have two long, fluffy creatures living in my house: my cat, and kunimi” - kindaichi, at some point 
  • kunimi intiates all kisses at first, bc kindaichi is too shy, but ucan bet ur hat that he takes charge once they get flustered. 
  • kunimi gets terrible nightmares, which is one of the reasons they’re so tired all the time. at least twice a night, if theyre alone, they wake up in a panic, kicking away their blankets and yelling to the high heavens. but if theyre with kindaichi, all they will really do is fuss and fidget in their sleep, and if they wake up scared, kindaichi will kiss all over their face and whisper sweet things to make them relax and fall back asleep in his arms. 
  • their favorite kisses are the kinds that start very soft, nothing but a peck, but end up with one of them pressed up against the wall panting (its kindaichi more often than you would expect) 
  • every time someone says kindaichi should wear his hair down more, kunimi gets a strike of fear, bc if he had his hair down all the time, kunimi would not be able to focus on ANYTHING, ever. hes too cute and too powerful, save them
  • kindaichi: what does my bedhead even look like? / kunimi, internally: really cute and fluffy and wavy and adorable and VERY distracting also i love you / kunimi, externally: you like a fuckin’ wreck go fix it / kunimi, internally: GODDAMMIT AKIRA, AGAIN?!
  • kindaichi’s thirteen year old little sister, hoshimi, and his mom both rlly like kunimi. hoshimi bc theyre really pretty and let her play with their hair/do their makeup and have a surprisingly good fashion sense, and his mom bc theyre incredibly polite and just being in their presence makes her son happy, which is just what she wants.
  • she had a not-so secret bet with her daughter on when they would finally get together. hoshimi won. 
  • “you know, kunimi, you look rlly nice with lipstick on, can i do your makeup again?” aka “im going to make my brother VERY frustrated, wanna help?" 
  • kunimi has never once said no to that offer. kindaichi is in hell 
  • kunimi basically lives with kindaichi from about halfway through the first year of high school onwards, when their parents get divorced and their mom becomes increasingly withdrawn and violent. they just guessed kindaichi’s house is safer, and it is. 
  • on the days they HAVE to stay at their house, they stay locked in their room, texting kindaichi almost all day so they arent as scared. 
  • kunimi gets incredibly babble-y and shaky and jumpy when theyre feeling anxious. their babbles are hardly intelligible, but usually theyre about whats wrong. kindaichi is semi-skilled at translating them. 
  • they both know sign language, for when kunimi goes nonverbal, which only really happens when they get incredibly upset or angry or nervous. 
  • kunimi both draws and takes photos of kindaichi a lot. their personal favorite is one they caught in the summer, when he was laying out on the floor, on his back with a fan pointing at him. his hair is down and hes shirtless and kunimi keeps that picture as their home screen, to the surprise of absolutely no one. 
  • kunimi is cold all the time, to the point that they often get the shivers with the slightest wind. kindaichi is a human furnace, however, so kunimi spends a lot of time just…hugging him intensely.
  • “we all know im dating kindaichi for his warmth and the fact that he spoils the hell out of me” - kunimi 
  • off topic but theres a rumor on the team that kunimi isnt actually alive bc theyre so cold and emotionless. kindaichi knows this is incorrect, but never argues. bc sometimes kunimi does look a little dead.
  • kindaichi likes wearing skirts at times, but you know what he likes even more? kunimi wearing skirts. 
  • kunimi may not be that light, but that will never stop kindaichi from carrying them. hes very strong, kunimi is swooning internally (even when they laugh at him for trying to lift them up)
  • kunimi doesnt care if you make fun of them, to an extent, but the minute you say a rude word about kindaichi, you’ll have bruises. 
  • this is probably my worst headcanon but kunimi gets into fights every so often, simply because theyre too protective of kindaichi and will gladly kick the ass of anyone who picks on him. also, fighting is fun and gives them an excuse to be tired, win/win. cue kindaichi patching them up and covering their bruises with makeup so neither of their mothers ask too many questions, warning them not to do it again, knowing they wont listen.
  • *inhales sharply* i love kinkuni thank u for listening 
Yoongi; Savior (M)

✉in which you’re saving Yoongi, not the other way around. 
request: Gangster!Yoongi
❝aite, this is actually somewhere towards the end of the request list but since i had the inspiration running, i’ve decided to take it up!
►2750+ words | scenario, gangster!au

rated m for lots and lots of cursing along with violence. (i should’ve put this earlier /.\)

“Aw, how is it that things end up like this?” A man coos, deep and hoarse but when he tries to sound playful, Yoongi thinks it’s fucking disgusting. The man flicks Yoongi’s chin up with the nozzle, and Yoongi’s eyes can see that the gun is loaded and he decides to be spiteful, “Why don’t you fucking kill me now instead?”

The man tuts, lowering the gun down before he raises it up and lands a smack against Yoongi’s jaw, the pale skin of his turning red and forming a purplish mark when Yoongi is smart enough to know that the man uses the heel of the grip because it hurts like a bitch. “Now, that won’t be fun, will it?”

“You fuckers won’t get away with this,” Yoongi spits, literally when there’s blood coming out in a lump and he makes sure it lands on the man’s shoes but he decides, it’s enough tormenting for now, at least, “How spiteful for someone in the hands of others—I’ll make sure your death is painful and slow,”

“Try me, asshole,”

“We’ll see,”

“Boys, wire him up,”

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anonymous asked:

May I ask if you've tried The Walk? Same creators as Zombies Run, focused on walking more than running so yo ucan listen to the acting whenever. It's more of a near-future 'is this the apocalypse or can we still stop this' thing.

I hadn’t heard of The Walk, but the issue of “I don’t want stuff messing with my playlist” still exists, unfortunately – the majority of my time is spent running, but my walking is also timed by the music, so I don’t want it interrupted either. Thanks for the suggestion though! 

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