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Launchpad x 2 / iPad / UC33e
Ableton / mlrV / TouchOSC

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O Superman - Laurie Anderson
Main Theme (from the Eternal Sunshine of a spotless mind OST) - Jon Brion

Extending Itch - Midi control and Samples

I really love my VCI-300, and since getting a macbook pro have found it to be far more stable, and something I will continue to use. There are a few drawbacks of the Itch platform; firstly it’s 1 to 1 architecture, the inability to map functions that have no equivalent button on the controller to another midi controller, no sample library, and inability to use effects without the VFX-1… Some of these have workarounds… others no so much.

My goal is to get my launchpad triggering samples, as well as being able to trigger certain functions that don’t have corresponding buttons on the vci-300. And get my UC33e to adjust the effects and sample volume levels in Ableton. I’d love to get the two programs midi synchronized so that time based effects work, but I don’t think this is going to be possible.

Firstly I’ve downloaded the latest drivers or my lauchpad, as well as automap, my uc33e works without any extra drivers.

Everything in itch is designed to have one control, for each function. There are a number of built in functions that itch supports which do not have controls for them natively on the VCI-300, that would be nice to map, like nudge, and search. I’ve used the techniques described in DJ TechTools blog for mapping. It’s straight forward, and works very well. The technique basically allows your midi device control signals to be inturpreted, and turned into keyboard strokes, which Itch picks up.

For triggering samples I’ve then followed instructions from the pro dj forums to use Ableton as a sample bank. Using core audio on the mac I’ve got ableton running sweetly on an external monitor, pumping audio out the 4x4 soundcard in the VCI-300.

Everything is running beautifully, but lacking actual connectivity between the programs, which is frustrating. I really hope in the future I’ll be able to midi sync, and route the audio signal thru other effects processors…. For now on the effect side it’s looking like I’ll have to end up purchasing the VFX-1.