uc regents meeting

Destiny Iwuoma. UC Regents Meeting. UCSF. 2014

“what a week…what a year to be Black”

if you like me are wondering what your new year resolution is going to be, consider being a humane person. what a year it is to be black and to have that come to light, not for us, but for the greater society and its both a beautiful and disheartening realization because it took so long. we been living this life. anti-black sentiment is very much a live and when you discredit it you are undermining the magnitude of the problem and thus contributing to its existence. 

when we say #blacklivesmatter it means more than you think.  black lives have always mattered. it means black lives matter to me that black issues matter to me that i am working to understand the genocide of black people, globally. most importantly, that black solidarity and unity is more powerful than anti-capitalism anti-western politics. its a call to all brothers and sisters that “I” am awake and ready to do my part.