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Okay so I recently regained access to some of my old accounts. One of these accounts is home to a UC baby kougra; having most of my own goals, I feel it’s better to adopt her out than to keep her on my person especially since I’d have no intentions of keeping her, and trading is….a pain I don’t wish to deal with rn

But I don’t trust the PC with adoptions no further than i could throw half of its usual participants (hence why im giving the name format instead of name), so instead of adopting out onsite, this is a Neotag UC adoption!


  • This is a Neotag-only adoption, meaning if you’ve found me somehow from Neo and don’t have a tumblr you cannot apply
  •  You must have no more than 1 UC already; I’d like to give others the chance to break into UC trading if they have no intention of keeping
  • With that said, retrading is obviously allowed but keep in mind he’s D/BN, so he may not grab too much attention, but as always trading is subjective; he just might be someone’s dream pet.


  • -Just a short message on discord (if you have it) or even a message here on tumblr to this blog (candycaneprisonshank)
  • -Tell me your plans! Retrading? What for! Character? Tell me about them! Trading for a character? You get the point!
  • -List your accounts; I’d like to check out this kid’s future owner, though the quality of these accounts wont affect things much.

That’s really it! Have fun, and I’d love to see what you do!


Modern 2P!Italy & 2P!Germany Headcanons

Hey my dude my guy would you mind hitting us up on some hc abt modern! hooman! Luci Gucci and bodybuilder schnitzel Lutz gutz thank you v much I would kiss you

((hAH IM TATTOOING THAT what do you mean would lets do it ;)) ;***  im gonnacombine them btw))

((this got pretty gay oops))

⦁ you bet your fucking ass they live together
⦁ you bet your fucking ass luciano tries to move out every month
⦁ lutz once burnt their front door down (nothign els??e) with a blow torch because he wanted to see if the home alone handle thing was true
⦁ lutz once went to the hospital for third degree burns because he lit a doorknob on fire because he is a S T U P I D F UC K ER
⦁ sometimes bodybuilder schnitzel lutz gutz uses luci gucci as a dumbbell and he is Not Impressed
⦁ luciano refuses to wear pants when he’s home not that lutz is complaining
-  this sometimes becomes A Problem when there are people coming over
⦁ whenever flavio comes over he tries to clean their house and it is Not Fun because Lutz is the messiest person ever adn He kNOw S WheRE EVERYTHING I s AN D NOW HE DOESN t,,,???????
⦁ luciano uses All the hot water
⦁ lutz probably has a purse and he carries little bottles of alcohol around in it
⦁ they go to the store every weekend because SOMEONE always eats the ragu out of the jar in the wee hours of the morning and doesn’t have any for the next time they have pasta
⦁ lutz has a motorcycle and luciano thinkns its the hottest thing ever
⦁ luciano has a sports care and lutz thinks it the hottest thing ever
⦁ need a mechanic? don’t call lutz, luciano is actually miraculously better?
⦁ they both get LIT when it’s FIFA time
⦁ aka they watch football religiously
⦁ luciano wants tattoos because lutz has them and he thinks they look really cool but is a weenie
⦁ they bar hop every other weekend with the rest of the axis
⦁ you bet your fucking ass the axis gets into dance and rap battles witht he allies constantly
⦁ in high school lutz was a nerd and luciano was a jock (football)/popular kid
- they totally werent making out under the bleachers between classes
⦁ luciano tried being a goalie but instantly died
⦁ lutz eventually found out he’s really good at american football but didn’t try out because he wanted to be a cheerleader instead
⦁ he also was going to try out for regular football but didn’t because he didn’t want to have to compete with luciano
⦁ flavio was on the cheer team with lutz
⦁ luciano never remembers to do the dishes and lutz ends up having to eat cereal out of his boot with saran wrap
⦁ they are both giant pranksters and are merciless
⦁ sometimes they go to walmart to fuck around with kuro
⦁ the main three axis have all gotten laid in the same hour in the same house
- it was a competition over a classified bet
- kuro won
⦁ luciano tries to teach lutz how to play poker but he can never retain the information
- he’s amazing at blackjack tho
⦁ both are lightweights and will die instantly if you give them half a shot
⦁ once they were flying to the carribbean and some how got stuck in southwest france
- they got kicked out
- of the country
- both men are no longer aloud in f r a n c e
- francois is Not Impressed
⦁ neither of them have ever heard a cow moo in real life until they were really drunk and somehow got inside of a barn across town and were protected by a cow from a duck and cried themselves to sleep in a haystack
⦁ idk man they’re so weird and gay for each other but neither knows

Portal Musical Sentence Starters ( Part One )
  • "I don’t think this should be flashing here."
  • "I’m going to need a way out of here."
  • "It seems all that rest was good for you."
  • "My life has a meaning, I’m not a joke."
  • "A little brain damage is good, I’ve heard."
  • "Let me lay something on you, it's pretty heavy."
  • "Gonna be in space."
  • "I love space."
  • "Oh, Whatever."
  • "The moon is not actually made of cheese, it's made of rocks and yogurt."
  • "It is incorrectly noted that Thomas Edison invented the push up in 1878, Nikola Tesla had came up with the idea three years earlier under the name Teslacise."
  • "You will never go into space."
  • "Y'all heard that right?"
  • "You should have said something, we had no idea!"
  • "Whales are twice as intelligent, and three times as delicious, as humans."
  • "Have you ever noticed that nobody stops what they are doing to listen?"
  • "It's cause we don't care."
  • "I'm not dead!"
  • "Woah, you are... beautiful."
  • "It's always time to compliment a pretty lady, fellas."
  • "Don't leave me here with them!"
  • "This is what the human population thinks is reasonable communication."
  • "I think you picked a bad example, pal."
  • "No one taught him ‘yes’ or ‘no’ instead of ‘space’!"
  • "If it’s not damaged overmuch, just try to use your head."
  • "I ask you, what sort of fact is that?"
  • "You know this place is dangerous, and it will kill you dead."
  • "Oh, you can talk!"
  • "The control group does it backwards, which is absolutely frightening."
  • "You’re regarded as a pest."
  • "That's all folks, you're up to speed."
  • "I don't wanna do it."
  • "Look! Lights! Nailed it!"
  • "What did I just touch?"
  • "I'll just fix it!"
  • "Look, there's a password!"
  • "Stop jumping! That's not helping anyone!"
  • "I am more than memory."
  • "I feed on the fear that’s behind your eyes."
  • "I am destruction, decay and desire."
  • "You won’t leave me behind."
  • "I've been really busy being dead."
  • "You did what?"
  • "You monster."
  • "In fact, we were just leaving."
  • "It's what I live for."
  • "I fortunately know a little science."
  • "The rest all failed and died."
  • "I’m sending her to Hell."

mosstronic  asked:

It also kind of seems like one of bendy's horns are a bit wider at the base and longer then the other? It kind of looks like in the running gif he's holding his head weird? Like its leaned to the right a tad bit, maybe its lopsided because of the horn on that side? Cus its probably heavier then the other? Looks like monster bendys a bit, not well put together d:uc

that’s what I been SAYIN’


but do you listen to vinyl tho