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a question: could we ever be enough? -uc

But what does enough mean?

Enough means reaching the passing grade on an exam that we spent the entire week studying for. Enough means almost two decades of education to get us the life that we dreamt of. Enough means a degree or two. Enough means reaching the age of eighteen so you won’t be questioned why you’re still in the streets at 2am. Enough means being employed and having the ability to feed yourself and give back to the ones who raised you. Enough means having a title to put beside your name so people will think highly of you.

We wear enough around our neck as a sign of honor. We put enough in a frame as an evidence of what we have gone through. We show enough to the authorities when they ask us about our profession. We take pictures of enough and post them on our social media to show people that we are living the dream.

Yet, we never mention the struggles of being enough. How it means not getting a wink of sleep just to finish a hundred-page research. How some people spend hours in the gym just so they could be considered as fit enough. How others watch tons of makeup tutorials just so they could come out and be confident to call themselves pretty enough. How there are those who don’t eat their lunch for two to three days just so they could buy an overpriced drink and post it on their Instagram and be labeled as posh enough.

We keep on altering ourselves just so we could be accepted as enough.

However, there are still instances when we watch a lover walk away to replace us with someone who is better in all aspects. We observe our old colleagues roaming around and getting whatever they want while we are still in the same position as we were before. We feel the world evolving underneath our feet yet we are still stuck here.

So maybe, maybe enough means trying. Enough means braving all the harmful thoughts at night and still getting up the morning after. Enough means overcoming the hurdles that life throw at us. Enough means enduring all the pain and hardships of unavoidable situations. Enough means facing the storm and refusing to drown in it. Enough means surviving.

The world may give us misery when we can’t adhere to its standards of being enough. Some people may set us aside as we can’t become what they wanted. We may hate ourselves from time to time as we fail to reach the goal that we’re aiming for.

But you should know that as long as you’re still here, as long as you’re still taking another chance, as long as you’re still attempting to get better, you are enough.

if you actually think people who have ostomy bags/colostomy bags/literally any kind of medical device in them/on them shouldnt show off their body in public because its “inappropriate” or “gross” you seriously need to fuck off.

there is nothing, NOTHING, gross about the human body, disabled or not.


video games + colours:  uncharted 4: a thief’s end

yeah, well, you know, as thrilling as the next adventure might be, in the end… you’re always left with that same feeling. sometimes you gotta… choose what you’re gonna keep and… and what you’re gonna let go.