ubu the king

Ubu Roi

Or Ubu the King, whichever you prefer. I just finished reading it for class. The whole time all I could think was that I want whatever Alfred Jarry was on…which was quite a lot, apparently.

Jarry had meantime discovered the pleasures of alcohol, which he called “my sacred herb” or, when referring to absinthe, the “green goddess”. A story is told that he once painted his face green and rode through town on his bicycle in its honour (and possibly under its influence).

Living in worsening poverty, neglecting his health, and drinking excessively, Jarry went on to write what is often cited as the first cyborg sex novelLe Surmâle (The Supermale), which is partly a satire on the Symbolist ideal of self-transcendence.

Trump is Aesop’s stork king. Also he is King Ubu. He makes more sense if you assume that he respects nothing, no one, and no ideas. He is also Terry Southern’s “Magic Christian.” The border wall is pure Mad King Ludwig. He conducts his affairs like Gargantua. He loves humanity as much as Caligula, Stalin and Idi Amin. He could be the patriarch of another Manson family. He is the Mad Cow Disease of American politics. – Michael Lipsey


Alfred Jarry. Poster for a Performance of Ubu Roi at Théâtre de l'Œuvre, Véritable Portrait de Monsieur Ubu Woodcut, La Critique, Ubu Roi Cover. 1896,1922.

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Showreel of a work of Czech cinematographer and director F. A. Brabec. Contains footages of these films:

Ubu the King (Král Ubu), 1996, dir. F.A. Brabec

Bathory (Bathory: Countess of Blood), 2008, dir. Juraj Jakubisko

May (Máj), 2008, dir. F. A. Brabec

Wild Flowers (Kytice), 2000, dir. F.A. Brabec

Bolero, 2004, dir. F.A. Brabec

Kajínek, 2010, dir. Petr Jákl

Elementary School (Obecná škola), 1991, dir. Jan Svěrák

Acumulator One (Akumulátor 1), 1994, dir. Jan Svěrák

The Ride (Jízda), 1994, dir. Jan Svěrák

The Magical Duvet (V peřině), 2011, dir. F.A. Brabec

The Piper (Krysař), 2003, dir. F.A. Brabec

…and uspecified amount of TV commercials. :))