uboat war

UB-110 was a Type III U-boat. It was sank on July 19th 1918, was probably the last u-boat sank during world war one. Twenty three of her thirty one crew died during her destruction. On October 4th 1918 she was raised from her watery grave and sold for scrap metal. 

These pictures were taken just prior to her being broken up for scrap. They show the cramped conditions on board that the crew had endured. 

10 December 1915 - SM UB-18 was a German Type UB II U-boat in the German Imperial Navy. She was commissioned on 11 December 1915 as SM UB-18.The submarine sank 126 ships in 31 patrols for a total of 129,782 gross register tons (GRT) making her the 13th most successful U-boat in both world wars. UB-18 was rammed by the trawler Ben Lawer and sunk in the English Channel at 49°17′N 5°47′WCoordinates: 49°17′N 5°47′W on 9 December 1917.