New character time!
When I reboot my series there’s going to be some changes and some new characters, this is just one of them.
This is January, (comic character) Andrew’s twin sister. She’s bubbly and cheerful but often scatterbrained. She always means well but sometimes causes more harm than good. She always has her brothers back and helps him out of any jam, even if she got him into it.

New character time!
Ami Steelstrom is daughter of Mr. Steelstrom, CEO of Stuff & Such. Even though she’s incredibly rich she doesn’t let it go to her head. Where her father is cruel and colder than ice she’s very generous and kind. She’s Andrea’s (Andrew’s older sister and caretaker) best friend and acts as an aunt or older sister to Andrew, who she’s convinced is transgender.

More new characters!
Angus and Ealga are Sherry’s grandparents on her fathers side.
Angus is a hot tempered old man who still has some kick left in him. He values being a man above all else. 
Ealga is a sweet old woman who always has some kind treat with her. She always worries for her son who raises his girls all by himself.