uber sombra


Another Uberization commission! @hopefuldreemurr‘s Shining Star wanted to put on the BEST PLAY EVER to impress his lady love and win her back. So dabbling with Sombra’s dark magic to put on the story of the Fall of the Crystal Empire is a great idea, right? Definitely won’t have any consequences, right??? Like taking the role a LITTLE TOO LITERALLY and slowly TRANSFORMING INTO SOMBRA HIMSELF, RIGHT???

This is taking method acting a liiiittle too far.

hello all u smexy people

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“Haven’t seen a sky-show THIS big since alla that uber-crazy Sombra stuff in the Crystal Empire. Reminds me of a pal who used ta live there. Wonder what she’d think o' THESE fireworks…”

The Shot Seen ‘Round the World”: a moment so monumental that ponies are even comin’ outta hiatuses ta pay tribute. An’ why NOT join the bandwagon? This event is entirely deserving of a traveling fanfare. Since 2012, @ask-king-sombra has offered lovable characters, gut-busting laughs, and strong storyline that always had us waiting for the next installment. Though we never waited long; its mod managed to keep consistent update schedules for over THREE YEARS. All that and more are why this is one of the greatest pony projects to ever grace tumblr. Which makes it bittersweet seeing such a fantastic tale come to a close. Still, we know there’s a little bit left to see before the end, and the artist has confirmed a new pony blog to come after the conclusion. That being said, it’s incredibly exciting to think of what they have in store for us with the rest of this and future Equestrian endeavors.

Thank you, @ask-wiggles, for the amazing world you’ve given us. We hope you’ll continue to provide quality entertainment for years to come. 


uber that’s not a crown that is an amulet clearly you are confused