uber edition

When you like someone, your emotions will win over your reason, Ed.

will we ever address the issue that surfaces with muses who love to provoke other muses but that have muns who will never ever let them have consequences for it?

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(Wet Hot Austin Tumblr UP)

Dan @macencheeze and I have thrown a date on the wall and we’re doing this thing.

08 September, 2017

We have the hotel working numbers and have a spot picked out to eat and drink (to start). Both are on 6th street in Austin, TX so nobody should need to drive anywhere or require a taxi.

The only thing we need now are numbers on who’s interested in a solid weekend in Austin.

Edit: apparently Uber and Lyft are back in Austin. I’m a little behind.

Edit edit: I’m also available for local pickups if anyone needs some help getting around.


sceniclightspeed  asked:

Help, I can't decide if 'Crazy Taxi Idle Clicker: #Fuck Uber Edition" is the best or worst thing

It’s weird! I kinda feel like it’s broken in a way that trivializes the progression and it’s an insane battery hog, but it’s also kind of great? You’d think that a mobile game based on Crazy Taxi would be hot trash, but it’s actually neat!

The writing really helps.