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Unexplained Shady Wren Moment: #4

So obviously Wren and Eddie’s relationship was extremely strange. We know Eddie was wary of Wren because he found out Wren was supplying CeCe with visitors passes.

What I don’t understand is…

…if CeCe was already a patient at Radley, why did she need visitors passes in the first place?

Wren tells Spencer CeCe contacted Melissa about helping Mona. He claimed that CeCe offered help because she had been through torment inflicted by Alison (being kicked out of school) and wanted to help Mona recover from her past with Ali. We know this is a lie; CeCe was actually being helped by Mona to learn more about the girls. 

This leads me to believe that the visitors passes issue was not the true reason Eddie disliked Wren; it makes no sense. 

So why did Eddie hate Wren?

In terms of Wren being Uber A, and Wren working against CeCe; Eddie may have been aware of Wren’s hatred for CeCe, his patient 

“… from the minute that guy got here, it wasn’t for the right reasons.”

Was his reason that he needed to keep his enemy close? Maybe Eddie noticed Wren was treating CeCe differently than other patients and was concerned by it. 

Eddie may have noticed Wren and Mona’s strange relationship too. As we know, Mona was helping CeCe, and it seems Wren was working against her. Mona and Wren’s famous conversation implies that Wren was interrogating Mona in order to uncover the truth about Wilden’s murder. His actions in 4x10 caused CeCe to become a person of interest in Wilden’s murder case. Therefore, Eddie’s concern over Wren’s true intentions may have derived from his involvement with Mona. He might have realised Wren’s “therapy” sessions were more like interrogations. 

Eddie’s disappearance may not be irrelevant either. Assuming Wren is definitely working against CeCe and Eddie was interested in why, Eddie may have done some investigating and found out the truth about CeCe. 

Before we knew CeCe was A, Wren theorists believed Eddie found out the truth about Wren being Charles. He made Eddie disappear so he wouldn’t tell anyone and ruin his plans. Maybe this idea still applies, but instead, Eddie found out about CeCe’s past and her being A through Wren. CeCe got rid of Eddie so that her secret wouldn’t be revealed.

Please check out the other unexplained moments I have spoken about and my Wren is Uber A / CeCe’s enemy theory. Thanks!


I loved this hairstyle that came with Dine Out but I can’t believe EA released it with that gaping hole in the back. Le sigh EA, le sigh. Anyway this was just an uber quick mesh edit to fill it in.

**Update** as of the last patch the hair was updated and no longer has the gap by default so no need for the download!
PLL Theory: Wren is Uber A and Bethany Young’s Brother.

As I was an avid Wren is Charles believer, I am more than aware of all of Wren’s potential to be highly significant to this story. Since he had just as many shady moments and clues as CeCe did, he is definitely worthy of being the next big “villain.” 

As Marlene has said, anything left unanswered is still relevant to the story. Well, Wren definitely has a lot of unanswered questions, and he is definitely going to return, so I think this is our first hint that he is still pretty important. 

So, here we go…

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Unexplained Shady Wren Moment: #2

→ Episode 4x10

Since this episode is packed full of suspicious Wren scenes, I thought I would summarise them before discussing what they could mean.

Wren and Mona are in Radley discussing the picture he has drawn of the family on a farm (we can assume he draw it as Mona criticises the artist, which seems to be a dig at him.) They then go on to talk about why Mona killed Wilden; she says it was because she owed the girls and he was bothering them; we know she actually didn’t kill him, so it seems she may have been covering for CeCe. Wren says he doesn’t believe she did anything. She then expresses that she doesn’t trust him because of his loyalties.

Later, Wren is on a break and Hanna finds him. She asks if he will let her in to see Mona, but he says he cannot. She then asks if CeCe had been to visit her, or if he let her in as he had done so previously. Wren looks concerned and says a blond girl had recently tried to see Mona; he assumed it was Hanna but it must have been CeCe. He is worried because she may have been able to see her since they have less staff due to budget cuts. Once Hanna is gone, he phones someone and says “we have a problem, I’ll take care of my end; you take care of yours.”

Next, we see Wren talking with Veronica Hastings, who is a lawyer on Ashley Marin’s defence team. He tells her Mona is planning on turning the tables on them. Veronica had previously mentioned Mona was helping their case by confessing, so this worries her. Veronica visits Mona in Radley which causes her to be kicked off of Ashley’s defence.

The last we see Wren in this episode, and the entire series, shows him colouring in a red coat in the picture of the family. He is on the phone to someone and says he thinks Veronica persuaded Mona to confess and that “you can’t trust anyone.”

To me, this episode actually implies he is working against CeCe. 

Here’s why:

-He is trying to get the truth out of Mona about Wilden. He knows she didn’t kill him, therefore implying he knows CeCe did. If he was working for CeCe, why would he be interrogating Mona about her confession and her covering for CeCe?

-He was worried that CeCe had been allowed to speak with Mona. Obviously he was aware CeCe was a patient, but his mention of them being short staffed implies CeCe would be allowed out of her room easily to speak with Mona. Why does this concern him?

-He implies Veronica made Mona confess, and he also got her kicked off of Ashley’s defence team. If he is working against CeCe, he may have been punishing Veronica for essentially helping Cece; if she had persuaded Mona, she was (unknowingly) helping CeCe get away with Wilden’s murder. Why does this matter to him? Why did he need to get revenge on Veronica? Why did he express how he couldn’t trust Veronica for doing so?

-Alternatively, this scene could be him protecting Mona. By getting Veronica kicked off of Ashley’s defence team, he is making Ashley more vulnerable and more likely to be found guilty, and therefore, helping Mona not be found guilty. Why would he need to help Mona? Is she useful to him?

-Mona’s mention of Wren’s loyalties could imply he is a double agent; he was helping CeCe but also has his own agenda that Mona is aware of.

If Wren is Uber A, this episode is definitely proof of it. Most of his actions are ones which are going against CeCe in some way, and it seems at the moment the next villain is one which is not on CeCe’s side. I am currently working on a Wren is Uber A theory that involves Bethany Young, so please keep your eyes peeled!