Utolsó utam MOn az #uber -rel. Dolgozói kizsákmányolás ide, adóelkerülés oda - imádtam. Hiányozni fog. A sofőrök is. (helyszín: Vlll. kerület Józsefváros)

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If you need a ride to go somewhere or you’ve just had one too many to drink and can’t drive, download Uber on your phone right now, and use the code: UBER20TUMBLR for a FREE ride credit for when you can’t drive.

Or just use this link to sign up for your free ride credit: https://www.uber.com/invite/UBER20TUMBLR

You can also use Lyft. Use the code TUMBLRLYFT or just use this link to sign up for your free ride: https://www.lyft.com/invited/TUMBLRLYFT

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if you’re ever drunk, broke, unable to drive, or in need of a ride for any other reason:

download the uber app and use the code corianders

it will provide you with a free ride worth up to $20
(also, the code doesn’t expire so you could even enter it now and use it next year)

stay safe, y’all 

Robert Samuel, founder of Same Ole Line Dudes, makes up to $1,000 a week to stand in line. He waits in line for Broadway shows, sample sales, tech releases and even brunch waitlists.

Samuel recently spent 48 hours outside the Apple store in the Meatpacking District waiting for the iPhone 6s. He was the first in line, slept in a fold-up cot for two nights, had pizza delivered to his spot and snagged $1000 for the gig.

Watch professional “waiters” stand in line for clients whose time is worth more


New Video: My Homophobic Uber Driver | Story Time

This story is both funny, strange and awkward but I hope you enjoy it ha

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