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Thank you SO SO much to everyone who took time out of their day to draw me something or just pop into my inbox and wish me happy birthday! You’re all the best and you really made an otherwise uneventful day something special and I really can’t express my gratitude enough! <3

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Thank you guys SO MUCH <333

Cheap cab ride? You must have missed Uber’s true cost | Evgeny Morozov
When tech giants such as Google and Uber hide their wealth from taxation, they make it harder for us to use technology to improve services
By Evgeny Morozov

To put it bluntly: the reason why Uber has so much cash is because, well, governments no longer do. Instead, this money is parked in the offshore accounts of Silicon Valley and Wall Street firms. Look at Apple, which has recently announced that it sits on $200bn of potentially taxable overseas cash, or Facebook, which has just posted record profits of $3.69bn for 2015.

Compare this with the dire state of affairs in which most governments and city administrations find themselves today. Starved of tax revenue, they often make things worse by committing themselves to the worst of austerity politics, shrinking the budgets dedicated to infrastructure, innovation, or creating alternatives to the rapacious “platform capitalism” of Silicon Valley.

The broader lesson here is that a country’s technology policy is directly dependent on its economic policy; one cannot flourish without the active support of the other. Decades of a rather lax attitude on taxation combined with strict adherence to the austerity agenda have eaten up the public resources available for experimenting with different modes of providing services like transport.

This has left tax-shrinking companies and venture capitalists – who view everyday life as an ideal playing ground for predatory entrepreneurship – as the only viable sources of support for such projects. Not surprisingly, so many of them start like Kutsuplus only to end up like Uber: such are the structural constraints of working with investors who expect exorbitant returns on their investments.

Finding and funding projects that would not have such constraints would not in itself be so hard; what will be hard, especially given the current economic climate, is finding the cash to invest in them.

LOTD #113

1st Look

Hair: TRUTH HAIR - Acadia - Black&Whites / UBER

Bandeau: Naive. Liliana Bandeau Top - Black / AnyBody

Leggings + waist shirt: LAZYBONES - Leggings + waist shirt - Grey / The Chapter Four

Sneakers: Caio - Zen Run Unisex

Pose: DM - Ledge sit

2nd Look

Hair: Moon. Hair // Tennessee - B&W / UBER

Hoodie: [AR] Night Hoodie [GREY] / On9

Jeans: #EVANI - Hillary jeans NAVY 

Headphones: .:E.A.Studio:. Headphone Jk -75 God Is @dj  / On9

Backpack: E-clipse - Owl BackPack Black / On9

Pose : Overlow Poses - Pack 73 (1)

Location: Takeuti Town


Uber drivers in NYC are railing against the latest cuts

Hundreds of drivers were screaming at Uber’s NYC headquarters on Monday morning. They said Uber was “killing” drivers by slashing prices, that what Uber was doing was like “slavery.” One sign said that the “the gig economy = working class depression.” Uber has an explanation why cutting prices is good for everyone, but drivers aren’t buying it.

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160206 Victoria - Uber Chinese New Year Greeting