OKAY! I just saw youdernsuredumb post her reverse-road-to-E3 pics and that reminded me! i also did a Creature-Themed Roadtrip! I never posted the pics bc i forgot to till now. I went from Texas through Oklahoma and Kansas to get to Colorado, so the only stops i went to that were in the Road To E3 vids were in Colorado, though I did have stops in the other states (All from RoadSideAmerica, great fucking site, idk which one of the Creatures found that shit). so there ye go. submit4nova danznewz

Side Note: Colorado was absolutely stunning! since my trip, ive decided im going to move there & go to college there (hopefully UC in Boulder).

guys please dont meddle with james’ personal life, he doesnt share some stuff for a reason! and please don’t disrespectfully spam kylie or james with messages asking about their relationship. It shouldn’t matter to you nor will it make a difference to how james is as a person – a funny individual who can be an asshole at times