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U-KISS is a great band with a lot of great music spanning several years and genres. It can be hard to get everything together in one place, so I made this handy list! 

Youtube playlist (in order by date)

I grouped these by which members were in them, and then by date. I also put a letter at the end to describe the kind of feel the song had, in case you want to skip around to your favorite sounds. :)
     upbeat pop
     softer pop
     intense rock
     laid back kind of sound

Below I linked to the Youtube MV’s, but with the Japanese MV’s you can usually find better versions on Dailymotion. (Try Google search if the Dailymotion search doesn’t turn anything up because Google works way better.)


Not Young (Sep 2008 - Kor)  S

I Like You (Feb 2009 - Kor)  P


Man Man Ha Ni (Nov 2009 - Kor) R

Bingeul Bingeul (Feb 2010 - Kor)  P

Shut Up (Oct 2010 - Kor)  R


0330 (Mar 2011 - Kor)  L

Neverland (Aug 2011 - Kor)  P

Tick Tack (Nov 2011 - Jap)  R

Forbidden Love (Feb 2012 - Jap)  R

A Shared Dream (Feb 2012 - Jap)  B

Doradora (Apr 2012 - Kor)  P

Believe (Jun 2012 - Kor)  P

Dear My Friend (Jul 2012 - Jap)  S

One of You (Aug 2012 - Jap)  P

Inside of Me (Jul 2013 - Jap)  R

Only You (2013 - Kor)  S


Stop Girl (Sep 2012 - Kor)  L  

Distance (Nov 2012 - Jap)  B

Standing Still (Mar 2013 - Kor)  R

Alone (Feb 2013 - Jap)  R

uBEAT - AJ/Eli/Kevin 

Should Have Treated You Better (Apr 2013 - Kor) 


She’s Mine (Oct 2013 - Kor)  P

Fall in Love (Nov 2013 - Jap)  L


Break Up (Jan 2014 - Jap)  R


Quit Playing (Jun 2014 - Kor)  L

Love on U (Jul 2014 - Jap)  S

Sweetie (Nov 2014 - Jap)  B

Playground (Jan 2015 - Kor)  B

Action (Feb 2015 - Jap)  S


Kimi Dake Wo (Jul 2015 - Jap)  B


One Shot One Kill (Mar 2016 - Jap)  P

Kissing to Feel (Mar 2016 - Jap)  R

Stalker (Jun 2016 - Kor) R

You know what fandom I really like?

The UKISS fandom (Kiss Me).
Mannn .. UKISS has gone through so much and Kiss Mes have stuck through and supported them through it all.
Even though they haven’t won a #1 on a music show, Kiss Mes know UKISS’ worth and how successful they really are.

Underrated group and fandom with really big hearts.