Car 119 #Volvo #122 at #shell4000 . One of the greatest rallies in North America that ran coast to coast in #Canada Norm and Bill from #ubcscc’s team #Ecuriesnoopy ran this rally in two cars. Starting in an Alfa Romeo Giulia Super and finishing in the Volvo. Many stories of that famous Alfa Romeo. I had a guy call me a few years back who bought Normans Alfa. I lost his number, but it was good to hear that the car is still around somewhere.


So I got out to my first event of the year with the UBC Sports Car club. The course was pretty challenging but still lots of fun. My best time of the day was a 62.89, which was about where I expected it would be. I even got a ride-along with the Hayabusa shown above it was amazing. The full results should be up later tomorrow with the after PAX times.

Another one bites the dust

Why, why why?!!! Do people have to drive stupid? Do people have to be idiots behind the wheel. Trying to impress how fast they can drive in a fast car? People like that who do that on public roads should be condemned to hell, especially if they take another life other than their own. My friend Joanne was killed in a car crash, against a tree similar to the recent death of Paul Walker from the Fast n Furious movie franchise. You’re in a car with someone who is trying to impress their passenger and just drive like an idiot.

Okay, yes I drive fast, but not in the street and never would I put a car past it’s limits to hit a tree or anything for that matter. If I’m going to hit a tree, it’s going to be in a competitive event like a stage rally where you have safety precautions. And to tell you the truth, I don’t think I’ve ever driven that fast to lose so much control like that.

Here’s another thing that really irks me.
I drive a production class Toyota Yaris. Yeah it’s slow, it’s not fancy, but there is a point to why I rally this car. It’s underpowered and it’s not a Subaru and not all wheel drive. It’s affordable and it can be a fun car to rally and it’s impact on the environment is less than those open class cars.
Ok yes I’m ranting here because I don’t have anything cool to show off. But what I’m trying to say here is that rallying can be affordably fun, use less fuel, still have balls of fun and shits and giggles. And the most important message is to keep the speeding and racing OFF the streets.

So if your going to be a goon, put your money where your mouth or right foot is and take yourself to the next level and learn to compete where the real men and women drive.

If you speed/race uncontrollably on the streets you should get a go direct to jail sentence if you haven’t already killed yourself yet.

Resist the race and drive responsibly.

I think CARs rally and all the motorsports clubs and organizations should follow my lead and spread the word about driving safely and responsibly.

I don’t want my friend Joanne’s death to be for nothing. She’d still be with us if idiots would just stop driving like idiots.
And maybe Paul Walker would be able to do another movie, hopefully with a better message than street racing.

I loved Jojo very much and there doesn’t go a day that I miss her. It would’ve been a few days from now where I had hoped to be having coffee with her and chatting about the things we loved. And give her a birthday cake with lit candles for her to blow out.
Sorry for any typos in this rare rant.