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Imagine the Viking boys coming to the future and you have to help them cope with life while they try to get back

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You: “Bjorn! Be nice! He can’t help that the machine is broken.”

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Ivar: “who is that?” *reachs for tv while GOT is playing*

You: “it’s called a tv. I’ll explain later.”

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You: “it’s music”

Ubbe: “no it isn’t”

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You: “Hvitserk, don’t stare at people.”

Hvitserk: “that woman is wearing close to nothing. Isn’t she cold?”

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You: “why are you lying on the floor?”

Sigurd: “this air machine is quite cool and this place is dreadfully hot”


Ivar’s eyes watched you as you walked along the waters edge. he barely noticed Ubbe had joined him until Ubbe’s hand went to his shoulder, “i see we have both noticed this habit of hers.” Ubbe stated.

Ivar shrugged, “i enjoy watching her walk.”

“as do i.” Ubbe stated, sitting next to his brother. 

they both watched you a little longer then Hvitserk sat down next to them, “i see im not the only one noticed the pretty little dove.”

Ivar rolled his eyes, “Pretty little dove? how did you come up with that one?”

Hvitserk shrugged, “you have to admit it fits.”

Ivar clenched his jaw. it did. 


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He looks so confused 😂

Sorry, for making you guys wait for so long, but to make it up to you I think this is the longest imagine I have ever written. I hope you’ll enjoy. I also combined two reqests for this one. I hope that’s okay.

Request: Could you write an imagine about Ivar getting wounded in battle and the reader takes care of him? Thank you.

Request: Are you taking requests at all? If so could you do one where the reader takes control in bed and Ivar has to sit back and take it?

Warning: This contains smut and blood, the essentials of the Ivar fandom.


You pulled your sword back and the soldier in front of you dropped to the ground. You turned, looking for your next opponent but no one was there. It took you a moment to realize that there was no one left. The battle was over. The last few survivors of the once large hostile army were fleeing to save their lives. All around you the warriors started to cheer in triumph, you would have joined in but for some reason you didn’t feel joyful at all. You were still panting but the rush of the battle slowly died down. And as the adrenalin left you, the strange feeling that something was wrong only grew bigger. You tried to tell yourself that you were only worried because Ivar wasn’t beside you like usually. He always stayed close to you in battle and you were used to fight side by side with him, often even riding in his chariot with him. But today you had somehow been separated. In the immediate rush of battle you hadn’t thought much about it but now that you were calming down you felt worry sneaking into your heart. You looked around, hoping to spot Ivar somewhere.

You could see Hvitserk with a small group of warriors not far from you. They were still cheering and slapping each other’s shoulders. Ivar was nowhere to be seen, so you went over to his brother.

“Y/N.” He greeted, a wide smile on his face. “Good to see you in one piece.”

You nodded. ”You too. Have you seen Ivar?”

“Not since before the battle. Was he not with you?”

“He was, but we got separated.”

Hvitserk must have noticed your worried tone. “Don’t worry, Y/N. I’m sure he is okay. It takes more than a few Saxons to kill him.”

You gave him a half-hearted smile. “You’re probably right. See you later at the camp.”

With that you turned to look for Ivar again. You climbed up a small hill so that you could overlook the other side of the battlefield that was lying behind it. When you made it to the top you gasped in shock. You could see Ivar’s chariot, the white horse was covered in blood and had started to graze between the fallen warriors but Ivar was nowhere to be seen. You felt your stomach twist with fear. As you hurried towards the empty chariot you heard someone call your name. You turned to see Ubbe running up to you. By the look on his face you could tell that something was wrong.

“Where is Ivar?” You asked him, your voice sounding strange and high pitched.

“He was wounded. We already brought him back to the camp.”

Panic shot through you and you felt your legs start to tremble. “I have to see him.” You said, your voice shaking. Although you weren’t sure you could trust your legs to support you, you started to stride towards camp. As you walked past Ubbe he caught you in his arms.

“Y/N, wait. Calm down. It is not that bad. I’m sure he will be fine.”

“I have to see him.” You repeated stubbornly and tried to wind yourself out of his arms.

Ubbe looked at you with pitying eyes for a moment, but then let go of you. “Alright, I will come with you.”

You stormed into the tent where the wounded were treated and searched the rows of bleeding warriors. When your eyes fell upon Ivar you felt like your heart stopped for a moment. He was lying on his back with his eyes closed. As you got closer you could see that a long cut had gone through his armor. Blood was oozing out of it and running down his side. Cold fear began to rise inside you, but with it came a stubborn determination. You would not lose him.

“Why is no one tending to him?” Your voice was fierce and demanding.

At the sound of your voice Ivar opened his eyes. He looked tired and was a little pale but he smiled at you. You ran to his side and dropped to your knees, clutching to him as if your life depended on it.

He chuckled. “Are you trying to squeeze all the blood out of me, woman?”

You softened your grip around him. “I was so worried. When Ubbe said you had been wounded…”

“Shhh. There’s no need to worry. It’s nothing.”

Seeing all the blood that covered his chest and ran down his side, you weren’t fully convinced by his words.

Ivar’s eyes had followed your gaze. “I said there’s no need to worry. Most of that blood isn’t mine anyways.”

You ignored him and rose to your feet to stop one of the women that were hurrying along the rows of the wounded. Most of the women that did not fight in the shieldwall were assigned to take care of those who were wounded in battle.

“Why is no one tending to him?” You repeated your question from earlier.

“Because his wound isn’t that deep. We have much more serious cases to deal with first, so even a prince will have to wait.” With that she shoved you out of the way and scurried off.

You thought about calling her back when heard Ivar chuckle.

“I told you it is nothing. Do you believe me now?”

“No.” You said stubbornly and turned to Ubbe who was still standing close to the entrance, trying his best not to be in the way. “Can you help me bring him to our tent?”

“Why do want to bring him there?”

“I will take care of his wounds myself. Now come help me.”

You could see a pleased smirk grow on Ivar’s face, he seemed to like the thought of you tending to him instead of some old woman.

It was quite a struggle to get Ivar into your tent with him wounded and only Ubbe to help you, but you finally managed to lay him down on your bed.

You gave Ubbe a thankful smile.

“Do you need any more help?”

“No, thank you.” You said and he left the tent.

You turned back to Ivar and carefully opened the strings that held his armor together. Then you helped him to sit up to get it off him. As the hard leather scraped over his wound, his face twisted with pain but he didn’t make a sound. You took out your knife and simply cut open his tunic in order to spare him from having to move even more. You loudly sucked in a breath at what you saw. The cut went from his left shoulder almost to the middle of his chest. You examined it closely and were relieved to find that the woman had been right, it wasn’t too deep. What worried you was that it hadn’t stopped bleeding yet. It would clearly need stitches.

You rummaged through your things to find what you needed. Ivar hadn’t said a word since you had brought him here. He just kept watching you, seeming quite relaxed, a small smile on his face, almost as if he was enjoying himself.

“Why are you smiling?” You asked him as you stepped back to the bed.

“I just like to be the center of all your attention.”

“You won’t like it as much anymore once I stick that needle into you.”

He just shrugged and followed your movements with his eyes as started to carefully clean the wound. You were quite consumed with your work when you felt Ivar’s hand slide under your shirt. First you tried to ignore it and kept working but that got more and more difficult as his hand slowly slid up your belly and his fingertips ghosted across your breasts. You ignored the warm feeling that spread through you and fiercely grabbed his arm and pulled it out from under your shirt.

“Ivar, this is really not the right time. Please let me patch you up first.”

He grinned at you, full of mischief but placed his hand back on the bed, while you fumbled with the needle.

“Does it hurt much?” You asked him as you had made the first few stitches.

He shrugged. “I’m used to pain.”

You nodded, unable to stop your eyes from wandering to his legs. If Ivar had noticed, he ignored it. You forced yourself to concentrate on your work.

As you were almost finished you could feel his hand on your hip again, fingers caressing your stomach. He hooked two fingers into the waistband of your pants and let them slide along it until he found the lacing.

“Ivar, this is really not the time, you should rest.” You said as he started to fumble to unlace your pants.

He gave you a dark grin. “You asked me to let you patch me up first. That I did. Now it is my turn.”

“You have lost a lot of blood. You should rest.”

“I can’t. You look to irresistible like this.” He whispered and slid his hand into your pants. First you didn’t know what he meant but then realized that you were still as much covered in blood as he was.

You opened your mouth to protest and tell him that he really needed to rest, but that moment his fingers slid over your folds and the words caught in your throat. Ivar noticed your reaction and smirked, knowing that he had already won that battle. His hand cupped your sex and one his fingers sneaked between your folds stroking up and down. You moaned and couldn’t stop your body from moving against his hand. His skilled fingers found your sweet little knob and he started to circle his thumb around it. You moaned out his name at the exquisite feeling. As he felt your wetness spreading under his fingers, Ivar let out a pleased little groan. Your whole body was trembling as you pressed yourself against his hand. Much too soon for your liking Ivar retrieved his had from your pants. Since he couldn’t use his left arm terribly much he to break contact to slide his right arm around your waist and pull you into the bed. As soon as he had you pressed to his chest, his lips crashed onto yours. Without breaking the kiss his hand sneaked back into your pants. He drew a few more circles around your clit before he pushed one finger inside of you. Your head fell backwards as you let out a pleasured sigh. He started to move in and out of you, his pace slowly increasing. You moaned out loudly and rocked our hips to meet his movements, already feeling the heat building up inside of you. But all of a sudden he stopped. With his head he gestured towards you shirt.

“Take that off.”

You did as he had said and he sighed as your breasts fell free from the fabric. He started to move his hand again and at the same time his mouth found one of your breasts. He was taking turns in sucking at your nipple and letting his tongue swirl around it. Soon he added another finger and thrusted them inside you more forcefully than before. Your moans got louder and louder and you could feel the heat spread from between your legs through your whole body. He let go of your breast and looked at you, a devilish grin on his face. Then he curled his fingers upward while keeping up his pace. Stars exploded in front of your eyes. He was hitting exactly the right spot. You knew you couldn’t take it much longer.

“Ivar.” You panted between your moans. “I… I’m about to…”

“That’s right.” He cooed. “Come for me, Y/N!”

Hearing his words you let go and let yourself become consumed by the pleasure he was giving you. He kept moving his hand until you were coming down form your high. As the trembling of your body subsided he pulled you on top of him. You rested your head on his chest, careful not to bring any pressure on the fresh stitches. You lay like this for a while and he stroked your hair. As you shifted your body to get more comfortable, you felt his erection press against you. You looked up to him almost in surprise.

“After you have lost so much blood?”

He shrugged and gave you a crooked grin. “It’s what you do to me.”

You smirked back at him and moved to open his pants and pull them off his legs. You gave the top of his cock a teasing lick and then moved back up to kiss him again. Very slowly you worked your way back down, trailing kisses along his jaw, his neck and down his chest. Ivar followed each of your movements, looking at you in awe. When you were back down you gave his cock a long lick from base to top and Ivar let out a long sigh. You gave him one last playful smile before you took his member into your mouth and softly started sucking while stroking its base with your hand. Ivar let out low growling noises and tangled his hand into your hair.

You were surprised as he tugged your head upwards after a while.

“Enough.” He said, his voice was thick with lust but it still had a commanding tone. “I need to be inside you.”

You bit your lip and moved back up to straddle him. You positioned yourself over his tip and moved your hips so that your folds were brushing over him making just the tiniest bit of contact.

Ivar narrowed his eyes at you. “Stop the teasing, woman. You know I’m not a patient man.”

He put his hands on your hips, as if he was ready to pull you down on him at any second.

You shook your head at him and pressed his arms back to the bed. “You still have to go easy. You lost a lot of blood today, so relax and let me do the work.”

He gave you frustrated growl and you chuckled. “I think have already suffered enough today.” You decided and slowly began to let yourself sick down on him.

You closed your eyes and relished the feeling of his thickness stretching you out. As your hips met his he filled you completely and you took a moment to adjust before you slowly started to move. You rocked your hips against his and moaned at the feeling of him sliding in and out of you. Ivar’s hands moved up your sides to play with your breasts, while he watched you bounce up and down on top of him. As you started pick up more pace he seemed unable to control himself any longer. His hands closed around your waist and he pushed you to the side in order to get on top of you. You clicked your tongue disapprovingly and shook our head, while you fought to push him back down on his back.

“I said I will do the work, otherwise I will leave and let you rest like you should.”

You knew it was an empty threat, for you wanted this as much as he did, but it seemed to work. He gave you an annoyed growl, but relaxed and looked up to you expectantly. You smiled and nodded, almost in disbelief that he had obeyed you. You placed your hands on his broad chest and started to rock your hips again. Ivar’s hands moved to your hips again but he left you in control. You kept moving your hips against his and leaned down to kiss him. But before your lips touched his he slightly turned his head and licked over your cheek. Then he kissed you deeply and you could taste the blood he had licked off your skin.

“You taste like the goddess of war.” He breathed against your lips.

As you sat back up to pick up a little more pace, Ivar dipped his fingers into the small drops of blood that were still dripping out between the stitches you had made on his chest and drew a line from your throat over one breast down to your navel. Then he repeated his actions on the other side. When he was done he looked at you, seemingly pleased with his work before his hands went to your hips again, steadying your movements. You moved faster and faster while moaning out his name. The heated knot in your stomach was growing fast. Ivar’s grip on your hips became tighter and he roughly thrusted upwards to meet your movements. You could feel yourself tighten around him as you fell over the edge. You whole body spasmed for the second time that night, while Ivar’s strong arms held you in place as he kept pounding into you. You were still riding out your orgasm as he gave one last forceful thrust and then pulled you down on him, burying himself deep inside you while he spilled his seed.

Totally out of breath you collapsed on top him. You lay like this for a while, both of you panting heavily.

Now I feel like resting.” Ivar rasped as he wrapped his arms around you.


-him seeing you and just knowing he had to have you

-the eldest prince knows how to charm a lady

-those watching eyes

-that handsome smile

-boy brought you flowers and you were hooked

-him asking you to marry him right away just so everyone knows for a fact that you and him are a thing and he’s not going anywhere

-the prettiest wedding

-him just beaming when he sees you in your dress

-he is just so gentle and loving

-he loves holding your hand while you sit on your throne next to his

-and he loves talking with you about strategy

-like, you so smart and he loves it

-sexy sparring

-you two can be way too aggressively sexual with each other

-just the way he looks at you makes people uncomfortable sometimes

-Ivar once tried to stay in the room when you and Ubbe started staring at each other as an act of defiance but even he soon got uncomfortable and had to leave

-he’d pamper you as much as he could

-gets all the furs to keep you warm at night, jewellery, crowns, beautiful horses, anything you want

-people actually really liking you because your kindness

-Ubbe just melts around you

-you act as a mediator between the brothers and try to keep the peace

-his brothers always having had crushes on you though so at the same time you aggravate things

-Ubbe is super protective of you

-like no one would ever lay a hand on you or they would face his wrath

-gentle man who just loves and protects his woman


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Ivar The Boneless x Reader

Request for: @kolvanismirk
Inspired on the tattoo video and her lovely request I made a little something. After Sigurd his dead Ivar never acted the same, power overgrow him and he forgot to love like he used to do. After a victory he had part to thank to you he places a tattoo in which you get an argument. You want to leave … and he tries on convincing you to stay.
Warnings: Angst
Words: 2760

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You always knew Ivar to be the greedy one, the shifty shade constant wanting more. After you married him he left you to join his father to England. It wasn’t a marriage out of love but you got there, just as you got him so far on respecting you. You were well known to be a good fighter, a shield maiden supporting Aslaug from the day she arrived in Kattegat. Your mother always had been her right hand, just as you prove your loyalty when you were of age, being as old as Hvitserk was. Despite you were young then, you were very promising and Aslaug set that marriage just before she died. But things changed, Ivar assembled a great heathen army and you fought for the dead of Ragnar just as anybody else did. That victory was the beginning of his wrath. You remembered him to love you on that day, being almost gentle when he made love to you, praising your skills as a warrior and a wife. And then he killed Sigurd and nothing was the same again. His mind wrapped up in the most bloodiest of thoughts, his anger and frustration even pushing his brothers away. You fell pregnant because of that one night and you never said a thing to him, just as he hardly treated you as a wife. The only point you came together was in bed and most of the time you fell asleep alone and woke up alone, so what was still left?

You were cleaning your sword, looking up to the defenses building their way around what Ivar conquered.
‘Y/n.’ You turned around and looked from Hvitserk to Ubbe. ‘Where is he?’ They both asked. You threw away the piece of fabric and stood up, shoving your sword into your belt.
‘Getting a tattoo.’ You answered. They changed looks with each other, the same way you did when you saw him sitting down aside a man who would kick the marks right into his back.
‘You should talk with him.’ Hvitserk pointed out. You signed, shrugging.
‘Why? He is surrounded by guards, no way I can reach through that, or his stubborn ass to begin with.’
‘He is your husband.’
‘Why does he has bodyguards?’ Ubbe interrupted Hvitserk almost right away. Things didn’t get well between the brothers after the dead of Sigurd. You didn’t wanted to pick sides between your love for Ivar and your friendship with those brothers but he almost didn’t leave you a choice. Ubbe slapped his brother on the chest before they started walking, you followed. When the three of you walked around the corner you saw him sitting. Even with everything going on you still admired those strong arms, the broad build of his shoulders. But that look, the way he rose his blue eyes up from the table towards his brothers … he said something but you didn’t caught it for you tried at holding on to this perfectly good imagine before he would destroy with his words. ‘Why do you need a personal bodyguard huh Ivar?’ Ubbe started, ignoring his words. You looked away from Ivar to the personal man standing there for his safety. That man looked at you for a moment, like you were a slave that needed to be ignored. You hated that feeling, knowing Ivar had a say in it. ‘Do you need protection against us, your brothers?’
‘Offcourse not.’ Ivar answered, the knocking of that hammer in his back shifted your attention back to the conversation.
‘Then why have them?’ Hvitserk asked.
‘I’m a cripple … I need a bodyguard.’ Like it was the most logic thing to say. His eyes shifted to you, holding on to it for a moment while he breathed through the pain.
‘Y/n could protect you better than any of those men.’ Hvitserk nodded with his cup to the guards.
‘Why?’ Ivar laughed.
‘Because I would die for you more than they would.’ You answered, leaning against the wall, arms crossed.
‘I don’t want you dead my love.’
‘Surly I seemed like that recently.’ You muttered, trying on walking away when your name hissed over his lips. You slowly turned around to him. He had stopped that man from working further on his back to point all his attention to you.
‘Do I don’t give you enough?’ He asks sharply. ‘Don’t you have the chance of fighting alongside of me, to conquer these lands, care after my wounds?’ He asked, pushing his muscular arms back against the table, nodding over his shoulder to the man to get going. His expressions squeezed a little when the man started again, but other than that he kept radiating that cold.
‘What do I get Ivar? Other than to tend those wounds and fight those battles.’
‘You get to be my wife.’ He stated. You slowly walked over to the table, placing your hands aside his while lowering your head to look him right in the eyes. He always said how much influence you could have with your eyes, you did it now.
‘I don’t want to be the wife of a man that doesn’t care. Who only puts his interests first. Get yourself another wife.’ You whispered slowly. How hard those words sounded, they were out. It broke your heart but you pushed away from the table, giving him one last look before turning around, knowing he couldn’t follow you, knowing he probably wouldn’t anyway.

You laid on your back that night, fingers softly stroking over your nightdress, whispering to a child that probably wouldn’t hear you. You didn’t wanted a child to grew up in this, with a father that wouldn’t care, a father that was as ruthless as Ivar was. You couldn’t let it happen. You turned on your side, gazing into the darkness trying to prepare yourself from doing the hardest thing ever … leaving. The village Aslaug and your mother came from would welcome a shield maiden like you, you could build up your life there. But just as soon as that imagine set in your thoughts the dragging of his body interrupted those thoughts. With both your hands under your head you tried not to care about it, you tried not to move while you heard him unbuckle the belt that kept his legs together. You closed your eyes, begging that he would only sleep, like he did for quite some time. He hissed, probably against the pain shifting through his back from the tattoo. And then you felt his weight aside you. You felt his fingers sneak under your arm, crossing over your chest before they wrapped themselves in your hand. You squeezed your eyes together, feeling how much he broke already you were on the verge of crying. You felt his chest contacting with your back before his lips contacted with your color bone. You squeezed his hand and his lips lifted themselves from your skin.
‘Y/n.’ His voice sounded soft, calm almost.
‘I’m leaving tomorrow.’ You announced, not giving him the chance to say anything else. ‘I’m going to sail back and then go home, were I belong.’ You followed. It was quiet for a very long time, you could feel his breath hitching against your neck as he seemed to need some time to progress that. His hand sneaked away from between yours and he pushed your shoulder down so you laid with your back in the bed. His blue eyes radiate nothing else but his anger.
‘Why?’ He asked, neutral voiced, teeth clenched together of he held his emotions in.
‘You even have to ask? I’m pregnant Ivar, since you killed Sigurd.’ You announced, looking up in the dark to his features. His jaw dropped open, while the anger in his eyes made place for shock. ‘I’m leaving, I don’t want a child to grow up with a father like you. There is nothing for me to stay anyway.’
‘You’re my wife!’
‘Yes and do you treat me like one?’ You asked back. He looked away from you and after all that time you finally saw it, him cracking under all of it. His eyes got weaker, his fingers shook a little when he laid his fingers softly against your jaw. You closed your eyes, feeling a single tear leaving the corner of your eyes. ‘I never felt as lonely as I did now, lost in a world I thought to know.’ You whispered, turning your head away from his fingers that traveled away, lost themselves.
‘Ivar please, I let you go so you can be the king you want be without you having to look over your shoulder to me. All I am is a distraction of your mind, an object between you and your victories. Let us go.’ You weren’t begging him but your shaky voice almost let it sound like that. He squeezed your throat lightly, placing his forehead against your cheek, his breath scouring your neck as you tried on ignoring the silent tears running down your cheeks.
‘Don’t leave.’ He whispered.
‘Why? So you can treat me like you did past weeks? So you have somebody to bark to?’
‘I thought you hated me!’ He hissed, pulling his head away to look at you. His eyes were blurry red, his white teeth clenched together. ‘Like everybody else, for what I did to my brother.’ He explained. He breathed shaky out, like he just relieved himself from the worst secret ever. Ivar never talked much, not about himself at least, that was something you learn to respect and for that he always had thanked you. This had to be one of those rare times. ‘You didn’t talked to me, you left me alone.’
‘Because I thought that you needed the space.’
‘I needed you!’ He said between clenched teeth. You closed your eyes, bringing your fingers up to touch his face.
‘And I need you now.’ You whispered. He pushed his head into your fingers before he dropped it back down against your cheek, kissing away your tears. Your fingers grabbed into his hair, smelling his sweat, the blood probably still covering his back from the tattoo. It felt good, having him this close, having him surrender to his own emotions.
‘Don’t go.’ He never had begged before but he did it you. You released his hair and he lifted his head again, looking from your lips up to your eyes. ‘I can change, for you, for,’ his voice hitched and his eyes looked down towards your stomach, knowing there was a child growing there.
‘Please Y/n, I need you. I may not show it but you are constantly on my mind.’ He said, stroking his two fingers slowly over your face, resting against your lips.
‘The next time I will leave you won’t be able to stop me.’ You gave in to it, giving him that one last chance to set things right.
‘I need you, I’m sorry.’ He said before placing his lips against yours. Not in the way like he handled you after a victorious battle, but just the soft hesitating pressure of them. You hesitated of your own before returning that kiss in what supposed to be you and him. His fingers scour your cheek as he kissed you so slowly, so intense. It didn’t restored your confident but at least you felt loved again. He pulled back out of that kiss, pressing his lips against your cheek. ‘You’re pregnant?’ It wasn’t an ask coming over his lips, more still him not believing it.
‘Yes, I am.’ You pushed your nose into his hair as he kissed you neck. He shifted his hand, resting it down on your belly, wanting to feel the life that still needed growing before it could be felt. There weren’t any words, his head laid in the crook of your neck while his fingers rested on your belly and your fingers held on in his hair. Until both your breaths became steady and you fell asleep in the thoughts of loving each other.

You woke up under the noise going through the room. You slowly opened your eyes and looked over to his back. He sat up on the edge of the bed, his tattoo glorious but still covered under blood while he buckled his legs together.
‘Does that needs tending.’ Your voice was still raspy a little and he froze. He slowly turned around, looking to your face before he looked down over your body. When his gaze return he looked unsteady so you pushed a morning smile on your lips and he relaxed a little.
‘Everything on me needs tending.’ He said with a weak voice. You knew that once you would step out of that door he would change into that ruthless leader again so you enjoyed it for as long as it last. He looked back before him and your rose your hand up, fingers touching the tattoo on his back. He took in a sharp breath before he looked to his one shoulder, over to you while you scouted his tattoo.
‘I like it.’
‘You do?’ He asked. You pushed up and sat a little behind him, looking to the black dots marking his skin. It was still sour, and blood laid dry on it but it was typical a sight of Ivar … covered in blood. You placed your lips against his shoulder blade and he signed.
‘Every battle won should have a mark on your body.’ You muttered against his skin.
‘I woke thinking you would be away.’ He changed the subject to your surprise. You frowned your eyebrows and rested your chin on his shoulder, studying his eyes.
‘I told you I wouldn’t.’ You whispered.
‘Maybe I didn’t believe you.’ He murmured, looking in front of him. You kissed his shoulder before getting up and dressed, in all that time he followed your movements around until you were fully dressed and ready.
‘Let’s go remove that blood so everybody sees how great a warrior you are.’ You nodded to his back.
‘You gonna let me crawl around bare chested all day?’ You were just planning on stepping outside but the slight playfulness in his voice stopped you. You turned around, smiling before shaking your head and returning to him. He grabbed you behind your knees and forced you down in his lap. You chuckled, wrapping a hand around his neck before kissing him passionate. He groaned and you knew on that exact moment he was back to his old self.
‘Only I get to see you naked.’ You muttered.
‘I agree.’ He smiled devilish against your lips. You kissed him one last time before going outside to clean his back. Ivar host himself onto a stool while you dragged a bucket over and pushed a cloth under the cold water. Ivar hissed when it contacted with his skin and you looked up to Hvitserk and Ubbe walking over. Hvitserk gave you a thorough look before his eyes shifted towards Ivar.
‘We have a problem.’
‘Does it involve fighting?’ Ivar asked rather short.
‘Probably.’ Hvitserk shrugged. You looked away from Ivar his back to his both brothers.
‘Ready my chariot.’ Ivar commanded the one slave that stood around. The girl ran of and you threw the cloth away when he reached for his tunic. ‘What are you both still standing around?’ He asked his brothers patience. Hvitserk hide the blunt smile and started walking away.
‘You joining us Y/n?’ Ubbe asked.
‘No she isn’t.’ Ivar answered before you had a change. You slowly turned around to face him, already doubting every word you said yesterday to him. ‘She is pregnant, she isn’t going anywhere near battles from now on.’ He followed smoothly, raising his eyes browns like he wanted you to protest to it. But you could only smile a little.
‘Where do I stay then?’ You asked calmly.
‘At my side.’
‘As your bodyguard?’ You asked directly, handing him his armor.
‘As my wife.’ He replied, squeezing your hip as you helped him in his armor. You looked down to him and he looked up to you. The devotion was all there and you smiled, biting your lip while looking down to his armor. This was a happy feeling, a feeling you didn’t felt in a very long time. You hold on to it, knowing Ivar his mood shifted easily. But for now, it was the best feeling there was, him kissing your belly before you rode your own horse aside his chariot, powerful … together … as one.

dating ragnarsson would include
Ubbe :

- watching you in the eyes all the time
- him saying how beautiful you are in a whisper 
- race on a horse 
- having a lot of children 
- give you the most beautiful dresses

- go for a swim in the sea
- watching you with a cocky smile
- lay down and watch the sky
- sex everywhere and every time
- support you with all his heart

- spending day in the forest 
- laughing so much you can cry
- him taking your head when kissing you
- poetry 
- very protective

Ivar :
- acting like children at dinner
- cuddles in spoon
- being so proud of you in front of Aslaug
- being jealous of other man
- get tattoos together

Vikings Preference "How they react when they get jealous"

(WOOOOO first Vikings preference :3 Yay for our faves being jelly XD hope it is as requested and you all like it :D PS. I meant Porunn not Torvi XD my bad Gifs not mine/found them on google/credits to the original owners.)

Ragnar-Whenever he gets jealous, he’d put on an act, pretending to be fine to see you around other men but from his sarcastic tone and smile as well as his exaggerated actions, you could always tell who is bothering him, making you just want to walk over to him to reassure him.

Rollo-Whenever he gets jealous, he’d clench his jaw and fists as he keeps his eyes on you and whoever is flirting with you. He’d just try his best to maintain his composure until he can’t anymore and finally goes over to whoever it is to back the hell up.

Floki-Whenever he gets jealous, he’d be his usual giddy and excited self but he’d stop once in a while just to glare at whoever is flirting with you and bring them down with a rather mean remark. He’d just want them to leave you alone, making him have his fun with the insults.

Athelstan-Whenever he gets jealous, he’d try to deny he ever felt that way and pretend that everything is alright. He’d avoid your knowing gaze and give you a curt nod or a smile to reassure you that he is indeed alright, only to sigh rather loudly, making you walk over to him.

Bjorn-Whenever he gets jealous, he’d glare at whoever is flirting with you and just stare back at you to hint at you that he isn’t happy about this. He’d find his way to get closer to you and make it clear by holding your hand that you’re his, before walking away with you.

Ubbe-Whenever he gets jealous, he’d want to deny he felt that way and do his best to keep his serious and be “mad” at whoever is flirting with you but as you could always tell with the way you would look at him, he’d end up just calming himself before walking over to take you away with a playful smile.

Hvitserk-Whenever he gets jealous, he’d get cocky and be overconfident about anything. He’d want to prove himself to you as well as to whoever is flirting with you, that apart from himself no one is better suited for you, resulting in him just making you laugh.

Sigurd-Whenever he gets jealous, he’d pout and act as if you weren’t around to avoid your gaze, only to steal glances at you and whoever is flirting with you, making him get closer and closer. He’d want them to know your his, so he’d just end up intruding in the conversation.

Ivar-Whenever he gets jealous, he’d have a hard time hiding it as it would show in his eyes and his actions a little too much. He’d do anything he can to bother you to get your attention, before smirking at you and giving you a warning look about what is about to come for you and whoever is flirting with you.

Halfdan-Whenever he gets jealous, he’d try to ignore you and whoever is around flirting with you, only to end up not being able to and get up to pull you away to keep you for himself. He’d put his trust in you but with his brother’s constant teasing, he wouldn’t be able to stop himself from walking over to you.

Harald-Whenever he gets jealous, he’d talk shit about whoever is flirting with you to his brother and try to compose himself before occasionally losing it. As he wouldn’t be able to take it anymore, he’d walk over to you to pull you to keep you behind him before starting a fight with the other person, sometimes resulting in their death.

Aethelwulf-Whenever he gets jealous, he’d usually sulk on his own and wait for your to return to him before saying anything. He’d just want to hear it from you that whoever was flirting with you didn’t mean a thing and want you to prove yourself to him, making you kiss him in the moment.

King Ecbert-Whenever he gets jealous, he’d just laugh it off and act indifferent about whoever was flirting with you, only to tease you about making him feel that way once you are both alone. He’d tell you about how he felt and all before getting closer to whisper that he’ll “punish” you for that.

Lagertha-Whenever she gets jealous, she’d act like she was confident about herself and just laugh and smile at you whenever you would lock eyes. She’d find herself someone who would flirt with her as well before leading them closer to you and whoever was with you, just to get “back” at you.

Aslaug-Whenever she gets jealous, she’d deny and tell herself and you that she has no reason to feel that way. However, from her gaze and the way she would handle herself it would all be the opposite, but still she wouldn’t ever recognize it.

Porunn-Whenever she gets jealous, she’d try to distract herself from looking over at you, only to end up doing the exact opposite. It wouldn’t matter as to what she is doing, she’d keep her gaze and an ear to you and you conversation, making sure that the other person isn’t crossing any lines.


“we are brothers.”

“of course we are. i am very aware of that fact.” Ivar stated.

“and why’s that?” Ubbe asked.

“because if you weren’t i would have killed you by now for having the guts to fight me for Y/N.” Ivar shrugged.

“being your brother didnt help Sigurd.” Hvitserk said.

Ivar glared at him, “that was different.”



Hey hey heyyyy I saw you were looking for a request, if that offer still stands I’d love an imagine with ivar from Vikings were he’s just completely and utterly in love with the reader. Do with that what you will! Thought it’d be a cute idea xx

A/N: I hope this is what you wanted. I kinda took off with it lol.


Ivar crawled through Kattegat, looking for his brother Ubbe when he saw you. He felt his heart flutter in his chest. A smile graced his face. He had met you many years ago after he had put an axe in a little boy’s head when he was younger. You weren’t afraid of him, you didn’t care that he was cripple. You like him for who he was, which was all he had ever asked for.

“Y/N!” He shouted, crawling over. You looked up from your market stand, and gave him a smile. That smile could make him melt.

“Ivar,” you said, running over to him. You laid on your stomach in front of him, noses almost touching. You caressed his cheek. “How are you, Ragnarsson?”

He leaned into your hand. “Absolutely magnificent now,” he said with a quiet voice. “Have you seen Ubbe?”

“Not for a while. Why? Are you training again today? My goodness, you’ll run yourself to death.”

“Anything to protect you, Y/N dear.”

“You’ve been able to defend yourself since you were six, Ivar.”

“Y/N,” he said, looking around at the people who were staring. “Why are you laying in the dirt?”

You glanced around, the stares not phasing. “I want to see how it feels to be the great Ivar the Boneless. Are enemies dropping at my feet yet?”

He gave you a laugh. “I know I have.”

You smiled at him. You had always been so fond of Ivar, and unbeknownst to you, he felt the same about you. “You know, Y/N, you’re a beautiful woman.”

Your heart raced. Feeling yourself becoming embarrassed, you looked away. He brought a hand to your face, making you look at at him. You smiled at him.

“Thank you, Ivar.

“Come with me!”

“Come with you?”

“Yes,” he laughed. “Get out of the dirt and follow me.”

Minutes later, he was now on his crutches taking you to the forest. He leaned back, giving you his crutches, and sitting on the ground. “Do you see that spot over there?”

“Yes,” you laid his crutches beside you.

“That’s where my father laid me after I was born to be fed to the wolves. He didn’t want me because I was a cripple. He wanted to put me out of my misery since he thought I would be considered worthless.”

His story broke your heart. “You’re not useless, Ivar. You’re the toughest Viking out there.”

He smiled at you then it quickly faded. “I cannot bare children. I cannot pleasure a woman the way my brothers can. I cannot go a single day without fighting with Sigurd. I’m always so angry, so testy, but somehow I feel peace when I am with you, Y/N. I feel love.”

“How easy it is to have a child and pleasure a woman. How easy it is to fight with your brother. It’s hard to be feared, it’s hard to love someone and admit to them that you do,” you whispered, blushing.

“I did not say that I loved you, Y/N.” Ivar said, looking at the water. You noticed the tears in his eyes. He didn’t want to love anyone in fear that they might not love him back.

“But do you?”

He looked at you, hopeful and scared. He placed his hand to your cheek, which you leaned into. He ran his thumb over your lips. You closed your eyes, wanting to take every feeling that he was giving you.

“I don’t,” he whispered.

“Well, I love you, Ivar. I loved you from the minute you saved me from Hvitserk trying to throw me in the water as kids. If you do love me but do not admit it, it’s okay. You will always know that I love you and will do anything for you.” You leaned in and kissed his cheek.

He fluttered his eyes closed, a tear streaming down his face. “Please, go.”

Why couldn’t he admit it that he loved her too? Was he really that cold hearted?

It was nightfall by the time Ivar came to your house. His crutches felt impossibly to move beneath him. He was tired; unable to sleep. He knocked on your door.

It swung open. “Ivar?”

“Listen to me, I want to apologize for telling you to leave earlier-”


“I asked you to listen. I’ve never been a man of admittance. I’ve never told anyone the way I feel about them. Y/N, I have been completely and utterly in love with you since I saw you. I know I’m a cripple, I know I’m mean, and angry. I can be impossible to love but somehow you do. You see past my anger, past me being cripple, past my hateful demeanor and you love me anyways. You’ve seen the terrible things I’ve done. If you would, I’d like to have you. I want you to be mine.”

He paused.

“If you would have me.”

You didn’t speak. How could you? The man you have always loved is telling you he loves you. Say something?

“Y/N?” He said quietly.

“Come here, Ivar. Give me your crutches.”

He did so, confused. He fell forward, your body trapped between you and the wall. You grabbed his hips, holding him up. He held onto the door frame to steady himself.

Ivar looked down at you, noticing how close he was to your face. “You were always so peculiar, Ivar Ragnarsson. Always. Why didn’t you tell me at the river?”

“No one has ever loved me back, love. I am who I am and that’s not enough for people.”

“You’re a cripple,” you said, seeing his face fall. “You’re a Viking. You are the most feared and sometimes hated man in the entire world. Yet, somehow I still love you. You may not be able to bare children, or pleasure other women, but there has not been a day that I seen that I have not been pleased with the way you are. I couldn’t ask for a better you, Ivar. You’re enough for me.”

Suddenly, his lips were on yours, taking your lips in a passionate kiss. You held his hips, making sure he wouldn’t fall. His hand still pushed against the wall, the other to the back of your head, holding you to him.

You pulled away, breathless. His face was pink.



“I shall love you until the gods take me from you.”


IMAGINE: Ubbe regretting breaking up with you.

Ubbe felt bad for telling you that he wanted to see other people but he really couldn’t see himself being tied down so early in life. As the only son of Ragnar that looked the most like him, he had many women at his feet. Whenever he bedded women in the towns your Armies raided, he always knew you were all alone nearby. Most likely in your tent sharpening blades for the next battle. Despite being heartbroken and hurt, you did your best to focus on the battles and staying alive. The weeks turned into months before he started to gaze at you longer than normal.

Hvitserk, who was very close to Ubbe, commented one day that if he didn’t keep his eyes off you, he would die in battle. Aware of this fact, Ubbe focused as best he could during the fighting but always searched you out from a distance to make sure you were okay. He always sighed in relief when he spotted you and knew you had survived the latest skirmish.

Upon returning to Kattegat, you tried to get back to a normal life as the Lothbrok Princes plotted the next course of action for your people. A lovesick Ubbe would become distracted as he sat in the strategy meetings with Harald, Halfdan and his brothers. It became so obvious that all of them started to comment on it. Especially Ivar, who always had snide things to say. “Do not mind my brother, dear allies. He pines for a woman that he threw away. It is comical to say the least.” A smug Ivar remarked with satisfaction. Ubbe stared him down but said nothing.

Finding you at the waters edge one day, dangling your feet in its coolness, Ubbe and Hvitserk approached. They looked at one another before Ubbe prodded Hvisterk to speak to you on his behalf. “Hello Y/N, do you mind if I sit with you a moment?” The younger Lothbrok asked. You shrugged as Hvitserk took a seat next to you with Ubbe watching you both. Hvitserk tried his best to go to bat for his older brother. “He loves you and misses you dearly. You have to believe me.” He said with sincerity. But you couldn’t help scoffing at his words. “Really? Is that before, during or after you two share women?” You asked with a great deal of sarcasm. Hvitserk grimaced but continued on. “He cares about you. As do I. I want to see you both happy.” You stood up and giggled while dusting off your skirts. “Really? Perhaps you would like to share me as you do with Margrethe.” You added with contempt before you turned and walked away. Hvitserk’s eyes perked up at the idea. Before he could say anything, Ubbe frowned. He couldn’t believe that his brother would even entertain the thought. He promptly told Hvitserk to “Shut up!”

Realizing that sending people to speak on his behalf would not work, Ubbe began conversing with you during festivals. Well at least he tried. You wouldn’t ignore him but you had allot of smart-ass remarks for everything he said. “Y/N, I want to talk to you alone. Now!” He demanded at one festival quite tired of your backtalk. You rolled your eyes and smiled at him. “Do you? For what purpose? Is Ivar waiting for us in your bed? Perhaps Sigurd? You know, maybe there is something to sharing one’s body often. I may just find two men tonight and see what all the fuss is about.” With that, you left as he watched you with rage and jealousy boiling in his veins.

Knowing how you liked to swim early in the mornings, Ubbe waited patiently one day. He watched you undress and realized how beautiful you were and how much he had not appreciated what he had. He studied every curve and memorized each mole and scar. He knew you had rejected him numerous times, however, he was determined to win your heart again. As you swam happily, Ubbe watched from his hidden position. He drank mead while eyeing you as a hungry wolf would eye his prey.

Being a troublemaker, Ivar was was more than happy to inform Ubbe about some news he’d heard. You had a secret suitor. “I can confirm he’s a merchant and plans to ask her to marry him. Soon in fact.” Ivar chuckled as he chewed meat. The news hit Ubbe like a ton of bricks. He turned and looked at Ivar with a shocked expression.

A week later, as you finished getting ready in your modest homestead for the first festival of Summer, Ubbe forced his way in. He pushed past two male thralls despite their pleas. He had had just finished beating your suitor nearly to death, leaving the poor man a bloody mess on the floor of his own shop. Despite the protests of your slaves, he marched to your bed chamber and entered. You turned to look at him, utterly fed-up with his constant stalking and sneered. “And what, pray tell, do you want Ubbe? As you can see, I am busy and have places to go.” Still covered in blood, Ubbe stared at you like he had lost his mind. As he walked closer, he kept his blue eyes trained upon you. “I came for what’s mine. You will marry me so that I will have you for good. That is final!”

Vikings Preference "How they go down on you" (NSFW)

(Woo first nasty Vikings preference XD Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gifs not mine/found them on google/credits to the original owners.)

Ragnar-When he would go down on you, he’d make you feel like weak and for you to realize that you belonged to him. He’d go in rough and pull all the stops to make you scream his name in the night, over and over.

Rollo-When he would go down on you, he’d usually be cocky and start off pretty strong making you beg him to stop, only to slow down and get more passionate. He’d want you to make you feel all of him and just show you how much he loves you.

Floki-When he would go down on you, he’d be a huge tease and flirt. He’d talk in between the attention he would give you, smirk and chuckle to feel you shiver and jump at his sudden flicks, making you just beg him to stop and for him to have it his way.

Athelstan-When he would go down on you, he’d usually be shy about it and would avoid it as he feels insecure about his abilities. However, whenever he would just have the urge to show you how much he loves you, that’s when he makes you weak.

Bjorn-When he would go down on you, he’d tease you slowly and keep his eyes on you the whole time, enjoying to see you slowly lose control. He’d hold your hands tightly to feel you shiver even more and just have his fun with making you whimper.

Ubbe-When he would go down on you, he’d have his fun with you and just do whatever he knows you happen to like. He’d just enjoy to see you in such pleasure and the fact that he was the one making you so happy, it only made him want to give you exactly what you want.

Hvitserk-When he would go down on you, he’d just be so confident that it would make you smile and laugh to see him that way. He’d have a playful talk about how you’re his and his only before planting soft kisses that gradually turn into long and heated ones that would turn you on even more.

Sigurd-When he would go down on you, he’d usually be in a jealous mood, from seeing how others flirt with you and just have the urge to remind you who you belonged to. He’d go on you hard, giving you so much pleasure you’d have to grip onto the sheets to control yourself.

Ivar-When he would go down on you, he’d make you realize that no one else could make you feel this good. He’d make you beg for him with the way his tongue would work on you and instantly his smirk and laughter would fill the room the instant he hears you scream for him.

Halfdan-When he would go down on you, he’d be surprisingly shy about it, only to gradually get into it. He’d only come to realize how intimate the act was when it would come to you, making him treat you rather kindly with light kisses before it turns around, with how much you’d begged.

Harald-When he would go down on you, he’d put all his efforts into making you scream and making sure the only thing that comes to your mind was his name. He’d be relentless with the teasing and the fingering, making you just grip onto his hair to hold yourself as his wishes come true.

Aethelwulf-When he would go down on you, he’d put your pleasure first and foremost. He’d kiss you there gently and quietly ask you as to what you’d wish for him to do. He’d try his best to give you exactly what you want before slowly changing to see you enjoying so much, making him want to release you.

King Ecbert-When he would go down on you, from the start of it, he’d have you in sheer pleasure and gripping onto anything to keep you from coming so fast. He’d be relentless with the teasing and just taunt you with his words, turning you on even more.

Lagertha-When she would go down on you, she’d have complete control over you and make you scream when she wants or needs you to. She’d take her own pleasure out of pleasing you so much, that to hear you repeating her name was enough to make her so happy.

Aslaug-When she would go down on you, she’d give you exactly what she would want from you. Making you squirm and beg, only to then remind you that you’ll have to pay her back for the pleasure she had just given you.

Porunn-When she would go down on you, she’d want to flirt with you as much as she can but slowly have a hard time when she starts to hear you begging for her. She’d find it so lovely that she’d just give you what you need and release you before feverishly kissing your lips.

Helga-When she would go down on you, she’d remind you of how much you mean to her and make you feel so loved. She’d pay attention to every and each corner she knows makes you sigh and close your eyes just to feel her.


the boys argued about you for well over an hour and who should be the first to ask for your hand in marriage. and at the end of it they turned to Ivar, who sat at the head of the table eating. “what do you think brother? who is best suited for Y/N.”

“none of you.” Ivar stated, “she is my best friend and i know you all well enough to see none of you are good for her.”


hehe 😜😏

Imagine Ubbe telling Ivar he thinks you like him

Originally posted by rekdreams247

“It’s true,” said Ubbe gravely.

“Never…” said Ivar, darkly confused but unable to stop his heart racing with hope. His eyebrows furrowed but his chest felt light in an unfamiliar way.

Ubbe sighed heavily. “In the market today, y/n mentioned you.” Ivar squirmed in his seat but said nothing, for once not interrupting his brother to argue.

“Hvitserk and I were…”

“Flirting-” Ivar snapped with a stab of rage he suddenly couldn’t contain. “-Slobbering after her like hungry wretched wolves.”

Ubbe bit his tongue and took a deep breath in through his nose. Now Ivar faultered uncharactieristically. “I …did not mean to stop the story….” Ivar hesitated, desperate to hear the details. He waved his hand for his brother to continue.

Sucking his teeth Ubbe weighed it up, looking into Ivars vulnerable blue eyes he felt a heaviness in his chest like stone. Remembering why he started this in the first place. “As I was saying. Hvitserk and I were with with y/n in the market, just fooling around tossing apples. She laughed. It was a nice sound. But she spoiled it quite soon after by mentioning your name… saying she wished you liked fun. Like we do.”

Ivars eyes dropped to the floor, moving wildly as he frantically began to rethink everything.

“-and then Hvitserk-“

“-shouted that I was just jealous.”

Ubbe nodded, inwardly noting that Ivar had indeed heard that at least, as he suspected.

Ivar grabbed Ubbes forearm and shook it. “Yes I know that- but- what then?”

Ubbe stared at Ivars hand clenched over the fabric on his arm until he reluctantly removed it. “She seemed …taken aback. She thought she had done something to offend you; or that her very presence turned your stomach to hate.”

Ivar rubbed his mouth with the back of his hand. “…she said that?”

Ubbe ignored the question, “But then- she seemed to come alive at this new thought that maybe… just maybe… you were indeed jealous as Hvitserk suggested.”

Hvitserk himself would not have mentioned it if he thought she would have reacted that way, and both men were able to piece that together. “So be clear brother. Hvitserk would not like me telling you this, but it was the right thing to do.”

Ivar smiled to himself.

His heart lifted to his throat even though he tried to force it down. Warmth spread across his stomach.

“But why?”

Ubbe rose from his chair and began to move towards the door. “Because if I win her heart I would always wonder if she might, just might, have chosen differently, had the truth been known. I cannot dwell in a house of doubt. This way… if I win her I will know it is because I am the only one she truly wants.”

He walked from the room leaving Ivar alone; contemplating the new sensation that his chest felt like it was full of birds about to take flight.

Vikings Preference "When they realize that they're in love with you"

(Woooo more Vikings preference :3 Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

Ragnar-He’d realize he was in love with you after you had saved his life from a near death experience and even more as you’d personally take care of him and his injuries. Having you by his side so much, he’d understand how much he meant to you and he himself realize needs you in his life.

Rollo-He’d realize he was in love with you after you’d take it upon yourself to teach him something he isn’t familiar with. He’d come to realize how much it means for you to help him and how you would be so caring of him that it all just made him fall for you even more, and have a hard time keeping it to himself.

Floki-He’d realize he was in love with you as you’d constantly offer him help to build the boats. Seeing how adamant you are, no matter the weather or how busy your day would’ve been, it would all only make him feel so grateful to have someone who could share his passion and admit to you how much he loves you.

Athelstan-He’d realize he was in love with you as he’d come to enjoy seeing all your efforts into learning about Christianity. His faith meant the world to him, so seeing you truly putting your all into it would make himself feel special to you and would come to love each moment you are both alone and away from others as you both study the Bible.

Bjorn-He’d realize he was in love with you as each time you’d come around to visit him in his camp during raids, he’d feel better about the situation. It wouldn’t matter how badly injured he was, seeing you walk towards him, coming over to spend your time with him, would make it all better and for him to know that he was in love.

Ubbe-He’d realize he was in love with you as he wouldn’t come to enjoy seeing you working as a slave. As he’d keep his mind on you constantly and try to help you with your work, he’d come to understand that he felt that way because he was falling in love with you, making him offering you a marriage to save you from your labor.

Hvitserk-He’d realize he was in love with you as he’d get shy and nervous around you, especially when you would laugh and joke around with him. Although, he would usually be confident and flirty around girls, when it came to you, it would all seem to go away and he would only hope that you’d make him smile all again.

Sigurd-He’d realize he was in love with you as he’d come to enjoy playing music with you and being alone together. Seeing how good you got at playing your instrument thanks to him and that you both make beautiful music together, it would only make him fall in love with you even more.

Ivar-He’d realize he was in love with you as he’d come to realize you were the only to truly care and understand his feelings. Having you around him, spending your time just listening to him and talk to him as well as being the few to make him laugh and feel more comfortable would make him fall for you each day.

Halfdan-He’d realize he was in love with you the moment he laid his eyes you. It was the first time he had ever seen you within the camp and the instant you approached to greet him with a smile and hand him a bowl of water to clean himself, that’s when he’d feel his heart beat faster and himself growing warm from all of it.

Harald-He’d realize he was in love with you as he’d notice all your efforts into making him happier day by day. It wouldn’t seem to matter how bad or angry he was, having close to him and cheering him up the many ways you would, would all make him feel better and understand how he can’t be without you.

Aethelwulf-He’d realize he was in love with you as he wouldn’t be able to handle seeing you involved with his father. Knowing how his father has an interest for you and from seeing the way he would show it, would all serve to make him irritated around the both of you and soon to understand that he was falling for you.

King Ecbert-He’d realize he was in love with you as he wouldn’t want you to leave his side and go back to Kattegat. He knew he was interested in you the instant he met you but as your stay would come to an end, he’d get irritated and would do anything to convince you to stay, only to understand himself.

Arne-He’d realize he was in love with you as he wouldn’t want anyone else to take care of his injuries but you. From the first time you did it, he felt so comfortable and at ease, he knew he didn’t want anyone else to be there for him but you and surely made you understand that feeling.

Lagertha-She’d realize she was in love with you as she’d end up putting her trust in you and no one else. Among the people around her, she’d feel that you were the only one she could trust so much and would end up telling you all her worries and so, making her understand she was in love with you.

Aslaug-She’d realize she was in love with you as you’d seem to be the only one to see her as a strong and capable woman rather than just being a beautiful face. She’d find it interesting to speak with you about her hopes and goals so much that she’d come to understand her feelings for you.

Thorunn-She’d realize she was in love with you as you’d keep looking for her and make her understand that her scar truly isn’t anything serious. Listening to you and feeling your touch would all make her heart skip a beat and understand her feelings for you.

Helga-She’d realize she was in love with you as you’d understand her feelings of wanting to be a mother. She’d just come to enjoy how you’d try to help her get that feeling again and soon would realize herself.


everyone had warned them at the beginning of their infatuations. when the fighting began, Bjorn and Hvitserk had attempted to step in, to make Ivar and Ubbe realize that brotherhood was more important than the love of a woman.

but of course, neither listened. 

everyone had given up with trying to stop the fighting. they just stood by, during the arguing, the yelling, the semi-regular drink throwing. 

there were even bets on who you would choose. 

you were with Hvitserk when you heard a yell and saw Ivar throw his cup of mead in Ubbe’s face, “woah, what are they fighting about?” you asked.

“you.” Hvitserk said. as soon as the word left his mouth he realized his mistake. you were not supposed to know about the fight. 

“me? what do you mean?”

the cat was out of the bag and Hvitserk sighed, “they’re both in love with you.”


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The hunt.

Dark!Alpha!Ubbe x Omega!Reader.

I’m just gonna leave this here and we’re never going to talk about it ever again. Dark!Ubbe is really fucking hot though, can we agree? 


fucking kill me

Warning: A/B/O au!, smut, filth, probably non-con because i’m disgusting garbage, dark!ubbe is really hot, oral(giving/receiving), exhibition, unprotected sex(wrap it before you tap it kiddos), slapping, choking, name calling, spanking, hair pulling, dub/sub, some spitting, breeding kink, vaginal fingering, dirty talk, probably some anal fingering too, biting, scratching, infliction of pain, probably abusive content, cream pies, and this basically just starts out as a rape scene and just… i’m really sorry. 

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You had tried so hard. 

Gods know how much you had tried to escape the natural desire that ached deep in your abdomen, like a fire threatening to burn down your walls, but as you continued to trek on with legs like steel, not even the cold air that howled like the beast on your trail could extinguish you. Perhaps it was your pride that forced you to flee, only making this a game for the hunter behind you, adding to his twisted arousal. It was folly, your intense denial, thinking that you could out-run nature in it’s course  — thinking you could out-run Ubbe Ragnarsson

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