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[140517 PT 1: Gwangju] Bangtan Fansign

Yesterday doesn’t even feel real to me. If I didn’t have the albums and 3000 pictures in my camera to go through this weekend, I’d believe it was all a dream. These fan account is going to be a monster just warning everyone, not only is it two fansigns but I’m going to include some of my friend’s experience as well since she won’t be writing a fan account and a lot of things have to do with both of us. So yes… here goes nothing.

 Originally Daejeon was supposed to be on Saturday evening and Gwangju would’ve been Sunday afternoon the weekend of ?? but it was delayed because of the Sewol tragedy until this weekend. I’m assuming they didn’t have the Gwangju fansign on Sunday because May 18th is the memorial day of the Gwangju Massacre, but having both on the same day definitely made things complicated for us. I came with my friends, Caitlyn and Hana, the night before and we stayed in a guesthouse not far from the bus station which was an adventure in itself haha (we actually say street walkers… I didn’t even know that was a thing in Korea. They were very modestly clothed, but it was super obvious what they were doing). One thing to note about Gwangju is that cab drivers don’t have GPS and don’t really know where anything is besides the bus station/subway stations and probably “downtown”, so to get to our guest house and later, the venue of the fansign they insisted on calling the places for directions… Toto, we’re not in Seoul anymore. The first fansign was randomly assigned numbers and started at 2pm so our plan was to get our KTX tickets before heading to the venue and leaving the fansign around 3 to make the 3:45 train, which would get us to Daejeon a bit before 6pm for the 7:30 fansign (which was first come first serve for order of go… wish it’d been the other way around, but we ended up making things work).

 We got our numbers around 1pm and I lucked out with number 20 somehow (I always get really low numbers when it’s random drawing for seat numbers idk how that happens since I have terrible luck with everything else). My other friends were not so lucky, Hana with 145 and Caitlyn with something in the 100s too, but we managed to switch with people so Hana went really early and Caitlyn was next to me so we had plenty of time to leave by 3. It was kind of a weird theater venue so the angle for pictures was really extreme and the lighting wasn’t great but I think we got some good pictures which I’ll be uploading over the next few weeks J Okay, on to the stuff everyone really cares about… Bangtan time!

The boys came out on time with their light blue cardigan outfits and I wanted to die because they’re my favorite haruman clothes and they looked so amazing ak;ldsfjakljfdak Everyone’s dye jobs looked so vibrant and even Hoseok’s skin was looking bright…I think they benefited from not having schedules where they had to wear a lot of make up for the past couple weeks. They were super bubbly from the beginning. Jimin through his arms around Jeongguk and Taehyung shoulders when they sat down and the atmosphere was just really great! It was just so strange, after barely even seeing them posting online again to having them in the flesh right in front of us. Seriously mental…

 Namjoon was first, and I always forget just how stunning his is in real life. He greeted me with a “Heeyy it’s been a long time” and asked for my name with a grin. When I told him he was like, “Oh right, Kat with a K I remember” Like he does every time lol. I had the brilliant idea that I’d ask him “What’s one question you wish someone would ask you at a fansign or that you’ve never been asked?” and then I’d ask him that question at Daejeon, but maybe that’s a hard question to answer on the spot haha he said “I don’t know maybe just.. why are you so gorgeous??” and flashed one of his flirty smiles at me and I just had to laugh and be like “Okay then why are you so gorgeous then???” and he was just like I dunno man I just am! And in hindsight, I could’ve probably asked a better question OTL. We kept doing weird high five/ hand grabby things lol. Like he put his hand out for a high five and I did the two hand grab where you kinda high five them, but then put your other hand around the other person and your hand? And just… I am an awkward person and hand touching/high fives are awkward at fansign okay?

Second was Jin. He asked me my name and I told him but playfully was like oh you don’t remember me? And he said he did but I’m pretty sure he was just saying that. I reminded him about the camel thing and then he really did remember though haha. He was like “right right! But there’s nothing I can do about it, that’s just how you look to me eheh… I told you I look that way too though!” My question for him was really stupid, I really suck at thinking of good questions and when I actually have good ones they never look at them anyway OTL my life. I asked him “Who’s your favorite Disney Princess” and at first he said he didn’t have one, but then he wrote Snow White. I told him Snow White was a boring answer and he was like “well who do you want me to pick? Who’s your favorite??” and I couldn’t come up with an answer… he was like “who? Mickey Mouse?” And all I could do was shake my head bc the only thing I could think of was Anastasia and that’s not even Disney. So he just smirked and like “See? It’s a lame question.” Oh Jin… I’m sorry I can’t think of questions well. You’re a very handsome alpaca.

 Hoseok greeted me with his cutely prepared English introduction “Hi How are you, I’m fine thank you, I am Jhope what’s your name?” So I told him Kat, and he was all ohh like the animal! and wrote it in Korean and then again in English, but he wrote it as Cat so I told him it was with K so he added a line to make the C a K and apologized (I just felt bad since I forgot my name post-it so it was my fault anyway). My post-it for him was just that I always end up staring at his lip mole because we have the same one and I swear I’m not being creepy! I honestly don’t even know if he’s thought about it before bc he pointed to the wrong side of his face lmao. He didn’t seem weirded out by it though, he puckered his lips at me in a kissy face and laughed cutely.

 Jeongguk is usually really sweet but kind of reserved when I talk to him and this time was mostly the same. I asked him what the most played songs on his MP3 player were these days and first he was confused by the way I phrased it, so I told him to just tell me a song he really likes right now. I ended up getting distracted though by Caitlyn who was talking to Jhope at that point…

 In our spare time we like to imagine what their English names are/should be, and before we found out his dog’s name we actually thought Hoseok would make a really cute Mickey, so for her post-it, she asked him what his English name actually was so when he was answering her, she tapped me when she was explaining to him we thought he’d make a cute Mickey before knew about his puppy and he was like “oh Mickey’s my dogs name!” and then in english “puppy, puppy!” to us. His English name is Tony by the way, he even signed her album that way:

… when I looked back Kookie had written G-dragon Sunbaenim on the post-it. I felt kind of bad that I was distracted by Hoseok but… oh well, Daejeon made up for it.

My Korean, a long with my mental capacity usually begins to deplete right around the 4th person in a fansign, and as that person was Jimin I was pretty much a goner… I greeted him with a really stupidly squeaky Korean “It’s been a long time!” and he mimicked my stupid tone and said it back to me and when I was like OTL on the table he just laughed, he asked me name and I was like aww you don’t remember? It’s an animal… but he wasn’t going to guess it so I said “it’s like cat in Korean (goyangi) it’s Kat” but I couldn’t stop speaking in stupid aegyo so it came out really high and he copied me again like “goyangiiiii” and actually wrote to “goyangi” in my album. My question for him was “Besides Bangtan, which group’s choreography do you really like?” he read it and totally straight-faced, wrote “Bangtan,” looked me in the eye, and said “bangtan is jjang”…. Okay jimin. So I was like, “Yes bangtan is obviously great, but who do you think is good BESIDES bangtan??” and he was like “No just bangtan! Bangtan is the best!” and I just kinda spluttered wordlessly at him like “what kind of answer… what? Jimin pls…”:

When Caitlyn talked to Jimin, she asked him what color hair he wanted to try in the future and he said “I like black, I think black is the best.” She asked if he didn’t want to try a dark red or something and he was like… “ mmm maybe, but black is best, don’t you think?”

 By the time I got to Taehyung my face was starting it’s stupid nervous twitch and I guess I was really flushed because V asked me if I was really hot OTL… my question for him was about Jimin’s lyric writing. I asked him if he’d seen them and to tell me truthfully how they were. He got this really pained look on his face as if he was recalling a truly scarring experience and wrote in Korean “they’re a little…” I asked him if they were really that bad and he glanced at Jimin before scrunching up his face giving me a conspiratorial squint and shaking his head. I guess Yoongi wasn’t exaggerating; they must be really bad hahaha.


I think he was really thrown by me and Caitlyn, when we moved over he looked at her with a really concerned little face, slowly looked over at me, and then back at her like he only just realized we were different people, or maybe he was crazy (we have the sneaking suspicion bangtan might think we’re the same person since we look fairly similar and she’s never been to a fansign, yet we both come to a lot of things. We also have ended up dressing in really similar clothes before). He told her we looked really similar before they had their conversation too.

 A lot of my friends say they like having Suga first or last because he’s really attentive and has a kind of calming effect. He’s always ready to listen and tries to answer really thoughtfully, I just really struggle with the first and last member. I think I get more nervous as I go through and my brain is too fried by the end and yet I’m not really warmed up in the beginning, so I feel like the first and last person are always the most unsatisfactory. After a month of not seeing them I was kind of an unintelligible blushing mess by the time I got to Yoongi. He greeted me sweetly, wrote my name in Korean and read my question, which was about different types of photography. I asked him if he’d tried 35mm film photography before and he said yes, and talked about developing in the darkroom and I asked if he was interested in lomography and such. Didn’t really think my question through though since I don’t actually know technical photography terms in Korean so I didn’t really know what he was saying OTL… he seemed really excited about it though. He asked me why I was asking and I mumbled that I was just curious and I think I tried to say that I wanted to buy him a film camera if he was interested. Caitlyn also asked him about photography. She wanted to know what he enjoyed taking pictures of the most and he told her Bangtan haha. When she asked if he liked taking pics of anything else, he said sadly that he doesn’t really have time to take pictures of anything else. When he said goodbye he asked me if I was coming to Daejeon and I told him I was so he told me he’d see me later and that was that.

We stayed until 3 and then made our way to the station to hop on the train to Daejeon for round two. I don’t know how the fansites who left after us got there in time because we barely made it. Apparently there was a baseball game which created traffic and it was just a really far drive. Our cab driver ended up running some red lights for us and we got to the station literally 4 minutes before our train was departing. It’s a miracle we made it on that train I’m still shocked we did… I spent most of the train ride looking through my pictures and trying to think of new questions but before we knew it we were in Daejeon for our second and last fansign of the day…



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