Surefire UB3T

One of the newest lights on the market from Tacitcal Lighting mogul Surefire, is the UB3T Invictus.

It offers ten different modes of output; via a selector ring positioned at the base of the head. It has a minimum output of two lumens, and a maximum output of 800 lumens. It also offers an SOS and Strobe outputs, also via the selector ring.

The UB3T utlises one of the latest LED’s on the market, the Cree XM-L. The XM-L is set behind a Total-Internal-Reflection optic and Fresnel lens, creating a strong spot of light.

Operation of the light is via the Max-Blast Tailcap; a newly designed version of the 2-stage pressure switches. With the Max-Blast Tailcap, a light press-and-hold will activate the output level selected on the selector ring. Pushing further and holding will activate the maximum output level or 800 lumens. Similarly, you can twist the tailcap for constant on of the selected output level and twist further for constant on maximum output. This unique tailcap design sets this light apart from any other lights on the market, and is an added bonus to a tactical flashlight.

The UB3T is constructed with aerospace grade aluminum, which is finished in a beautiful black Hard Anodizing. The machining of the flashlight is up to the same high quality Surefire has always offered, and simply feels solid and like a quality product when held.

If you are in the market for a long reaching, high quality flashlight for use in tactical or other demanding situations, the Surefire UB3T is a must. Not only does it offer a blinding 800 lumen high mode, it also has the versatility to be used in lower light situations, where such high output isn’t required.

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