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#HappyYoongiDay 🎂🎉

Happy Birthday to my precious boy and one of the most beautiful souls I know. Happy Birthday to one of the biggest inspirations in my life.

I never thought it was possible to let someone influence you so much but when I think about him and see how much having him in my life helped me (and still does), I’m just really thankful to the life that he exists. I’m thankful because I can see evolve someone like him every day. Someone who love music with all his soul and body, someone who can make you feel all the emotions possible while listen to him.
It’s easy to be good at something, but I believe that only some of us have the chance to live with a talent and a charisma like Min Yoongi. He won my heart in a beat and he’ll always come first for me. I’ll always be transported by his voice, his rap, his lyrics and his compositions. I’ll always cry and smile while listen to him and be submerged by so many emotions. I think that all the words in this world will never be enough to explain how much I care about him. How much I love and respect him. Thank you for being all the beautiful versions of you Min Yoongi, Suga, Agust D and many more.