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Vendy’s beam once again KILLING ME. Also a legit 51.2 when she hits all four events is pretty awesome considering her bars are a disaster (but she made UB finals in Doha today VICTORY) and she vaults a tsuk back pike like a toddler. I LOVE HERRRR. 

This was at a test for Euros, btw. She’s a lock, and the other two will probably be Veronika Cenkova and Vendy’s twin, Adela Merkova. Adela missed the test last weekend due to illness, but we DID get to see the return of Aneta Holasova, who injured her knee at junior Euros last year. She’s only back with basic routines on bars and beam, most of her big skills are gone, but apparently she’s only been in the gym for two months so she’s nowhere near competitive at this point…and yet she still had the second-best scores on both of her events because CZE is a mess.

To all the people with the 20/20 hindsight about Bailie Key...

No you didn’t KNOW that she wouldn’t make it. She apparently didn’t put up 3 up-3 count worthy routines at camp compared to the other competitors, but honey child has had a hell of a year… 

-She placed 2nd at Jesolo, her first Senior Meet, beating Aly, Gabby, Maggie, Pan Am Champ Elisabeth Black, and everyone else but Simone. She also placed 2nd in UB finals.
-She placed 4th at Classics, beating both Aly and Mykayla, and placing in the top 3 on bars and floor. 
-She placed 4th at P&Gs, beating Gabby, Mykayla, Madison & Brenna in the all around. She also placed 3rd on UB (beating Gabby/Maggie/Brenna) and 3rd on FX (tying with Mykayla and beating Gabby/Maggie/Brenna). 

At the end of the day, Bailie couldn’t put it together on that particular day to make the team over the other 7. But let’s not sit here and pretend that everyone on the team is SO much better than she is, because that’s a crock of bullshit. She didn’t fit the pieces that they needed on that day.

Bailie is a first year senior, the ONLY first year senior who competed all around at camp, and was relegated to alternate. The girls who made the team are all at least in their 3rd year as seniors and have all traveled to worlds with the exception of Maggie. So all things considered, she did a kick ass job. She didn’t make it this year; that sucks. Maybe she’s peaked, maybe she hasn’t, but if we could stop talking about how Bailie’s routines will NEVER see a world stage because everyone is supposedly SO much better than her, that would be great. 

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