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I don't get why everyone loves Yao Jinnan. like........what's so special about her?

Oh boy.  If this don’t blow ya mind, I don’t know what will:

But as for what’s so special?  Welp, I mean, I’m not a die-hard Yinnan fan, but I think her 2014 Worlds UB EF routine def has a tonnn of special in it.  The Chinese team is bomb at pirouetting, but that set was like….geez.  And even though this is from a diff year and not even nearly as good as those done in 2014, it still a gif that shows all THREE (and a half) of them:

And she’s just one of those girls who makes seriously hard stuff look seamlessly easy:

And, on a Chinese team, where vault is their notoriously weak event, she’s like, I’m gonna be a bamf and have a basically perf DTY:

But, you don’t hafta like her.  This is your opinion and feels and preferences, and it’s okay to not “get it”.  We all have very different interests.  These are just all the things I admire about her gymnastics.


Natalia Kapitonova from Russian Nationals UB final. 

She’s coming back from injury/growth spurt, but this is seriously gorgeous. I think I need to start really liking her, at least on bars. Beautiful swing, beautiful rhythm, beautiful lines, beautiful handstands, beautiful feet… I feel like her growth spurt actually works in her advantage here, and once she gets the tiny errors and the front giant (I wish she would finally learn an actual elite front skill) fixed, this is going to be world class.

I still can’t believe the 4th best bar worker in 2015, Madison Kocian, was given a gold medal for showing up to the UB final in Glasgow lol.

hc: hunting ub


after Lillie leaves for Kanto a team has been put together to fight the threat of UBs in Alola. Interpol’s Anabel and Looker are in charge, and serve as both teachers to the younger team members and also as informants. Gladion is here partly because Aether Foundation is also working with Interpol on this issue (because otherwise y’all are going to jail) but also because he and Silvally are ideal for dealing with UBs. The final member of the team, Moon/Selene/Luna, is in this because she’s a Faller, and a trainer strong enough to protect herself. Due to the nature of their roles, Gladion and Selene are the ‘field agents’ of this team, so to speak.  

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Why Gabby’s Inclusion On This Team Is Not Simply Due To Her Fame: An Op-Ed

In the course of building this team, the selection committee likely had a few main goals in mind (no particular order):

  1. Build a team that can win TF with as high a score as is practical in light of the other stipulations
  2. Build a balanced team that will have strong lineups on all events in both QF and TF
  3. Structure the team in a way that no one gymnast has to “carry” the team by performing on all four events in the team final
  4. Have backup within the team in case of injury
  5. (lowest priority) Maximize individual final and medal potential.

After all the competition finished tonight, the girls who were really on the radar for selection were (in order of all-around finish): Biles, Hernandez, Raisman, Skinner, Smith, Nichols, Douglas, Kocian, Locklear. Biles, Hernandez and Raisman were locked in, and as they are all-arounders, the TF could theoretically just be all 3 of them going on every event. So the goal in picking the other two members of the team should be to adjust those TF lineups in a way that brings them closer to the goals described above.

It’s pretty evident to any knowledgeable gymfan that the first issue to fix with a Biles-Hernandez-Raisman 3x3x4 TF lineup (which I will herein refer to as the “core lineup” for simplicity) is the bars rotation. While it’s not as pitiful as some previous core lineups would have been, these three are not nearly as good on this event as they are on the other three. So you have to bring in a bars specialist to replace Aly. The two UB specialists in the US are Kocian and Locklear. Their scores, both medalworthy, have been neck and neck all the way through, but Kocian got the edge tonight. Additionally, she does the all-around, while Ashton only does UB/BB. So Kocian wins, because of points #1 and #4.

So now Aly is no longer doing AA in the TF, and there is one spot left. The gymnasts who can fill it are Locklear, Skinner, Smith, Nichols, and Raisman. Let’s go through and see who satisfies the most points. (Gymnasts are considered as they are at the moment. While I respect that Gabby and Maggie could both be sitting on Amanars, you’ll see this doesn’t really affect much.)


  • Raises the team score overall by contributing on UB. 1 point.
  • Would do UB in both QF and TF, strengthening this lineup to match the others. 1 point.
  • Takes Simone off of UB in TF. 1 point.
  • Can backup on only one event, beam which can be shaky. .5 points.
  • Would likely make the UB final and do well. 1 point.

Total: 4.5


  • Raises the team score overall by contributing on VT. 1 point.
  • Would do VT in QF and TF, strengthening this lineup (which was probably second weakest due to the lack of a third 6.0+ vault). 1 point.
  • Takes Laurie off vault in TF (but no one off floor, as the existing lineup went 1-2-3 at Trials.). 1 point.
  • Can back up on floor, and to a much less trustworthy degree on beam and bars. 2 points. (1 for floor + .5 apiece for the other two).
  • Would likely make the vault final and do well. 1 point.

Total: 6


  • Raises the team score overall by contributing on BB. 1 point.
  • Would do BB in QF and TF, strengthening this lineup. 1 point.
  • Takes someone off beam in TF. Trials was such a disaster on beam that it’s hard to say who; by scores it would be Simone but LOL I doubt it. Could be Aly, and she’s already being sat on one event, so… .67 points.
  • Can back up well on floor and okay on her other events. 2 points (1 + .5 + .5).
  • Would possibly make the beam final and do well, but up against some stiff competition in the core lineup that could 2 per country her. .5 points.

Total: 5.17


  • Does not raise the team score overall (not ahead of the core lineup on any event). 0 points.
  • Would likely only perform in QF, strengthening those lineups. .5 points.
  • Could replace Laurie on VT in TF, to give her a rest, as they score comparably. .5 points.
  • Can back up well on floor and okay on UB and BB. 2 points (1+(2*.5)).
  • Not likely to make any finals. 0 points.

Total: 4


  • Raises the team score overall by contributing on UB. 1 point.
  • Would work UB in both QF and TF, strengthening those lineups. 1 point.
  • Takes Simone off UB and possibly Laurie off VT (comparable scores) in TF, leaving no all-arounders in the TF! 1.5 points.
  • Can back up well on floor and vault, and okay on BB. 2.5 points ((2*1)+.5).
  • Likely to make the UB final. (If she gets to go up on all 4 events in QF and hits them, she could also make the AA final and do well. With a point back for the fall today, she would be ahead of Aly and .4 off Laurie.) 1 point.

Total: 7 points. She is really, really, really the obvious choice here.

Marta also said Gabby has a history of upward progress during the camp between the domestic meets and the Big Event of the year. If you look back at all three seasons she has competed at said Big Event (2011, 2012, 2015) this is ABSOLUTELY true. I think this, and not any medals she has, is where her history with the sport and her reputation are really stepping in to help her.

As a note, Skinner is the only gymnast whose individual final would be adding to the total of team finalists, rather than just replacing someone in the core lineup + Kocian. (Simone gets two-per-country’d out of bar lineups, lol)

By the way, you want to know who really got screwed here? Brenna. She is tied with Simone for 4th on UB, meaning she should go up instead to rest Simone, scored comparably with Laurie on her day 2 vault, meaning she could go up there instead too, is in the “okay backup” range on her other two events, and could make the UB final. Her score is about a 6, ranking her even with Skinner and behind only Gabby. And this is in spite of being severely underscored this weekend according to a lot of knowledgeable people who actually saw her routines. (Also, like Maggie and Gabby, she could pop out an Amanar if given the chance.)

Random worlds facts
  • The most “succesful” (idk if that’s the right word) gymnasts in quals are Aliya and Simone who made TF, AA and 3 EF each. They are followed by MyKayla Skinner, Yao Jinnan, Claudia Fragapane and Larisa Iordache who made AA, TF and 2 finals each (but MyKayla won’t perform in the AA because of the 2 per country rule)
  • both USA and Russia have at least one gymnast competin in every final
  • China had the most girls to qualify in a final since 4 of their gymnasts were top 8 on beam (but obviously only two will compete because of the 2 per country rule). They also had 3 girls qualify for UB finals and Tan Jiaxin and Huang Huidan actually had the same score but Huang won the tie breaker
  • vault will be the most diverse EF since 7 countries will be represented.
  • All defending champions from last year except USA’s McKayla Maroney who is not competing at worlds qualified to EF and will have the chance to defend their titles
  • Out of all the 2013 medallists the only one who will not have a chance to defend her medal will be Kyla Ross on uneven bars (and Maroney who is however not competing)
  • 5/8 floor qualifiers are capapble of performing double twisting double layouts tucks (sorry, my bad idk why I always get facts about double double layouts wrong)
  • all UB finalists perform at least one shaposhnikova variation
  • Alexa Moreno from Mexico is the only vault finalist who is not competing a yurchenko vault
  • Simone Biles is leading 5 finals right now

(if any of these are wrong please correct me)