From my run this morning! One of the girls on the UA What’s Beautiful site challenged us to work out in our sports bras, so here’s a picture of mine! The first picture’s lighting makes it look like I actually have abs so I figured I should include the second one, because it’s more accurate- you can see the little pooch I still have on my stomach, BUT YOU KNOW WHAT? I’m accepting that and moving on with my life. I CAN DO A FREAKING PULL UP NOW! And THAT is something to be proud of- not the weakling I was 2 years ago. And, I don’t plan on going back. Ever. 

I had a challenge to do dead lifts today for the UA What’s Beautiful Challenge.

Anyways, I haven’t done these in 2 years, and you know what?? I’m so much STRONGER now! If I did my math right I was lifting 110 lbs(45 bar plus 25 and 10 on ea side) compared to the 70 or 80 I used to do. Did 3 sets of 6 but only recorded one set to save time. Even though my body fat percentage isn’t nearly as low as it was before, I have more muscle and am stronger- and I couldn’t be happier about that.

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*Tip for dead lifts: Keep your back straight or you’ll hurt your back!! 

Mission: No Excuses Think of an excuse for not reaching your goal, then destroy it. Get creative. Make something that symbolizes it and pummel it. Or just show yourself defying it. Rena’s Comment: “I used to let my excuses hold me back, but that’s no more. I put on my favorite spikes and I overcame my excuses- my limitations. I literally squashed them. I’m not going to believe in them anymore, because they have holes in their story- literally; they’re unreliable. I am going to not only get back to the running ability I was once at before, but I am going to surpass that. And this time, I’m going to love my body through it all. This time I’m going to be strong and happy. This time I’ll be healthy. This time I’ll know that I’m beautiful. :)”

I’d really appreciate it if you guys could follow and support me on my way to becoming happier and healthier and finally accepting my body on Underarmour’s What’s Beautiful. Thanks!: 

Underarmour What's Beautiful Competition

I’m entering the competition guys! I just learned about it today, so that’s why I’m entering so late. I know I’m probably not going to win, but it’s basically what I have been doing on tumblr- documenting my progress- just with some extra challenges to push me that much further.

My goal: “I will be strong. I will be proud of my body. I will finally stop hating the way I look. I will be happy. I will be healthy. I will not give up. ”

It’d be great if I could have your support on this journey! (Go to: and type in “Rena Jiang”. ) I feel like I’ve already made it so far with you guys, and this is the final stretch, so thank you so much!



I haven’t been posting all of my Underarmour What’s Beautiful posts on tumblr recently, but I figured I’d share this one. It’s on the “top stories” section, which made me super excited haha. I look really dead, but that’s okay- just a reflection on how hard and good my workout was, right?

Rena’s Comment:

“This might actually be a better "sweat it out” picture haha. This was when I got back from a hill workout run this morning. Even though I was running at 7-8am, it was still hot hot HOT outside. Definitely sweating buckets and red and puffy- not one of those girls that looks perfect after a work out, but I’m okay with that. Looking good is a small price to pay to feel good. Stay strong girls! X"

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Just wanted to let everyone know of my goal change! My first goal was to finally accept my body and love myself, and even though it’s only been about 20 days since I declared that goal, I feel like I’m ready to move on. I’ve made such strides to becoming comfortable and happy with my body. It still isn’t 100%, but I feel like that goal has been accomplished, so thank you guys so much for all your support! You have no idea how much this means to me- I’ve never been at this point; I’ve never been able to be this comfortable with myself. It isn’t perfect, but I’m so glad to be here. Now I’m going to try to be able to do a pull up and get abs! Even at my lowest body fat percentage of 13 and my strongest I could never do a pull up and I’ve never had abs. This time will be different! :)