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battle ready armor

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terra forming weeabos

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Tales From Wombats

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Tactical Fighter Wing. or That Feel When

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for the whales.


uastis  asked:

I think he means Alistair with his voice. I refuse to believe something different...until someone breaks my heart with other news. ;_;

I don’t see why they’d change the VA though of such an established character. He’s always been vague about his involvement so I don’t know. Maybe I’m way too optimistic for such a huge Bioware fan, haha.

But honestly? If he shows up dead? I’ll be heart broken and I don’t give a rats ass who takes pleasure in that.

So, in honor of reaching 666 followers, I decided to not be lazy and make a follower forever. 

Okay, where do I eve start. Well, I’d first like to thank you all for making my dash completely amazing and stylish. 
I’d also like to thank my mutuals for being especially awesome for putting up with me because wow I’m lame. 
But this isn’t about me, it’s about celebrating how amazing all you are! 

Mutuals will be in bold because they hold a special place in my heart. 

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This should be everyone! 
Contact me if I’m following you and left you out. 
Contact me if we’re mutuals and I left out out, 
Alternatively, contact me if I accidentally bolded your name as a mutual, but want it removed because we aren’t. 

So, once again, thank you all! 
Thank you for making my dash excellent