I bought the most amazing product over the weekend! There’s a company called Uanyi that make these amazing “pixel canvas” messenger bags, backpacks, phone and pencil cases. You buy your rubber pixels and create your design on your bag! You can swap and change them as many times as you like. It’s so intuitive and for the pixel artist and creative person! Here are my efforts so far. I can see this is going to get quite addictive haha! It’s a great product for those people who like to make things from Hama beads too. There are a total of 24 coloured pixels, and various designs of bags and canvas colours. Check out their Facebook page over at The Pixel Bar, the only UK stockist at the moment and are based in Manchester: The product name is Pixel Bags. Apparently they are quite popular in Europe, but not so much in the UK yet. Let’s change that!

Also check out their tumblr page, pixelbags