Harry waits for the perfect moment

Why 1D concerts are the most amazing things in the world🌎

I love going to concerts and I’ve been to quite a few. But there is NOTHING like being at a One Direction concert! It’s well worth every penny and this is why:

You usually buy your tickets a year in advance. So, for 365+ days your anticipation is building. You follow and plan the big day, with other ppl going to the same show as you, on Twitter. You agonize over every little detail: what you’ll wear, what your poster will say, fan actions, what if Larry comes out?, what do you do if You run into Niall in an alley somewhere!?

I promise you, you won’t be able to sleep the night before, especially if you know the boys are somewhere in your town at that moment. Liam will most likely be tweeting at 3am about how he should probably be asleep. And your like ‘you’re drunk Liam, let me come take care of you’. Sleep just isn’t possible when spasms of excitement keep shooting through your body. It’s worse than a kid on Christmas Eve.

Then you wake up and, although you barley slept, you’re wide awake and ready to go! Maybe you spend the whole day stalking, or you hang out with friends and get ready for the night, no matter what you’re doing you feel good. There’s a tingling in your veins. You’ll randomly stop and scream bc in a few hours the boys will be in front of you!!!!

You get to the stadium looking better than you ever have (you know incase the boys instantly fall in love with you). It seems like the entire town has showed up for the concert! The sun hasn’t even set yet, but the party is in full swing! And as soon as they start letting you to your seats, you’ll have a moment where you think 'this is real’.

Then THE moment final comes; you here the boys voices and they come on stage, it is the GREATEST feeling you’ve ever experienced, almost unreal. You’re hearts pounding like you just ran a marathon, there’s fairies armed with arrows riding butterflies fighting to the death in your stomach, your throat gets tight, and there’s this thing where it feels like there’s a giant source of energy in you trying to escape your body and you have to let it out (you’ll either scream or faint).

At some point during the concert, you look around and you’re surrounded by people who share the same love as you. The stadium is lit up and it’s louder than anything you’ve ever heard. The people across town can probably hear how passionate you are about 1D (and they’re probably jealous as hell). Your boys are right there in front of you, they’re real and they’re even more amazing then you thought possible, their music is pulsing through you. It’s an irreplaceable experience. It’s something we crave.

There’s a vibe like none other, it makes you feel like anything is possible. You’ll look around the stadium at all the other fans and think, 'we could totally take over the world’. You and those 60,000 other people in that place are a family. Knowing that feels good, it’s a reminder that you’re never really alone. Together you are a family that can conquer anything!

The best part is just feeling like no matter what you’ve been through in your past, it was all worth it to get to that day. Every time you cried was made up for in smiles on that night. To experience that magic is indescribable. And every person who’s ever made fun of you for being obsessed with a boyband can kiss your ass. They will never understand this feeling. You should feel sorry for them honestly. Because it’s simply perfection.

And I promise you, you’ll never forget it for as long as you live. Even years from now when you’re old and 1D has long been a thing of the past, you’ll remember this as the best days of your life. So, take it all in now, take loads of pictures, make millions of friends,and know you are a part of the greatest fandom in the world and that will never change❤️


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I think I know what harry was whispering to louis that time but it's not sexual lol. It looks like louis says "when" afterwards then harry says something like "during up all night" and later in the show louis jumps offstage during uan soooo harry could whisper about the weather and Louis would get hard

Harry being alive gets Louis hard

omg i just watched a video of i want from the uan tour and harry’s voice is so different now holy shIT


Can we just take a second to appreciate this photo I took from the UAN tour. Harry and Louis are chatting. Then in the very next picture, Harry’s shoe is off. He proceeded to sing “Wrong size shoe” throughout Gotta Be You. THESE TWO.

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For the GIfset of lirry touching each others dicks you forgot the most iconic one during the UAN tour where harry cupped Liams dick thru his pants

sorry nonnie, i’m not sure which gifset you’re talking about?