uahhhh  asked:

yo what's studying psychology like?

i think it’s different for everyone ya know, but here’s what i’ve learned in the last almost 4 years. it’s a really wide discipline which i think some people don’t realize and they expect they’ll just learn how to diagnose mental illness and then just fly off into the world to do that professionally when that’s very unlikely. it’s good to be a psychology major if you have a general interest in it and you are truly interested in exploring the discipline as  a whole and figuring out which specific fields interest you. you’re gonna take a lot of survey classes as an undergrad and just brush the top of each different field and then probably move onto a different one. that’s been my experience at least. for example, i’ve taken classes ranging from learning and memory to forensic psychology to the social development of infants, children and adolescents. there might be no overlap whatsoever in these classes and one could spend an entire career becoming an expert in one topic in one of those classes that you as an undergrad spend just one or two days learning about there. i’m sure this is true for most majors as an undergrad, but this will really be a time of discovering topics and sparking more specific interests. 

also if you have no interest/skill in empirical research, then psychology might not be for you. research is the basis of essentially everything i learn in every class. if you want to make good connections as an undergrad and have experience in your major, you most likely will work as a research assistant for a grad/doctoral student or professor. and more likely than not, you will be doing the data entry or something along those lines. 

if you find you wish to have a career in psychology either as an academic or a clinician, prepare for a lot more schooling. a bachelor’s degree in psychology alone will not qualify you for these things.

however, that does not mean you will have no options if more schooling isn’t for you. a BA in anything is better than no BA at all. also there are many less obvious fields that look for postgrads with basic knowledge of psychology, as well as more obvious ones. 

this is my senior year so i’ve had to think a lot about my plans but basically i’m going to pursue a career in social work as i’ve found that i’m not really passionate about research and wish to work with people on a more personal basis as soon as i can

anyways this was just my personal experience and it’s been positive! i hope i don’t sound discouraging, just wanted to give a little more detailed picture of what this major entails. college for any major isn’t easy but it’s worth it. i’ve learned soooo much and really value the knowledge i’ve gained. each psychology course i’ve taken has offered a lot of valuable knowledge and insight. 

if you wanna keep talking about it message me again and i’ll respond in private if you ask. this goes for anyone who might have a question