“SIBLING WAR!” Headcanons.

Hello! im so so sorry for not updating this series! I’ve been busy with college work and these weeks i have the final tests.In the first week of June i’ll finish writting the next part of this series. I also need to catch up on the next chapters!

I got so many prompst regarding DC LOT, I’m so sorry for not be able to write them! as i said before, this summer i’ll write them all. Sooner than you think!

I’ve got a lot of prompst to continuate this series, i will do them all once im free of college in June. until then, i’ve let some easter eggs in these headcanons.

What happens in them can maybe happen in the official Part4!

So enjoy these hc, that way the wait for the much wanted part4 will be shorter.

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“Sibling war!” (Waverider crew x reader) Part1  Part2   Part3  HC (Here we are!)

  • Well, we all know they’re overprotective assholes.
  • So after Savage and your last heart….they don’t let you out of the ship
  • Like, really. They don’t.
  • You try to sneak out
  • “(Y/n) Where do you think you are going?” Len appeared in front of you, as you felt Mick behind you.
  • S*it
  • “huh,…I was getting-getting a glass of water? Yes water!”
  • “bulls*it, go back to your room” Mick said.
  • You pout but do as you were told
  • You’ll sneak out after they go on a mission.
  • When they got away, you successfully escaped.
  • You made new friends!
  • There was this superboy fellow…he was nice.
  • …Until they cached you
  • “(Y/n) (y/l)! what the FUCK?”
  • “Sara, errr this isn’t what it looks like?”
  • “you are coming with us, NOW!” Rip hands grabbed yours.
  • “But, Con and I-“
  • “WHOS CON???”
  • “Me”
  • Your fam glared at superboy, who stood there.
  • “Let’s get going, we are needed elsewhere” Kendra eyes never left superboy’s as she was threatening him to back off.
  • “You and I are going to have a talk” Len said
  • “oh no”
  • “oh yes” said Mick
  • You were grounded
  • Again
  • Srly, you ain’t 5 anymore.
  • Well
  • That was until a crazy woman hit you with her so called “GREATES WEPON IN THE 52 UNIVERSES….THE REGRESIVE GUN! THE AWESOME GUN THAT TURNS YOU IN A YOUNGER VERSION OF YOURSELF!!!!!!!OH SO GREAT!!!OH SO USEFUL!!!!” (Her words, not mines)
  • Now you were 2
  • And the Waverider couldn’t get enough of you
  • “Are you sure she can’t stay like this??” Ray coed “SHES SO CUTE!”
  • “No, now stop hogging her!” Mick said as he swooped you up. “She’s my little wildfire” Mick’s beard ticked you and you let an adorable laugh escape.
  • “AWWWWWW!” Coed everyone.
  • Kendra and Sara stole you from Mick and ran to their room.
  • “YOU-“
  • “There are kids present, Mick” Len put one of those horrible cereal bars.
  • “UAGH!” Mick coughed.
  • Hours passed before the guy could see you again
  • Kendra and Sara got out of your room with a white fluffy onesie with bunny ears and a lil tail.
  • The guys looked at your cuteness
  • They were cuteness overload
  • The first to come back was Ray, who hugged you tightly
  • “OMG, SHE’S SO FLUFFY IM GONNA DIE!” ray’s hair tickled your nose and made you sneeze like a kitten.
  • “Give her to me” said Len.
  • “no” ray answered.
  • “to bad” Len hit Ray in the shoulder and grabbed you.”gonna take MY little sister” And ran to their room
  • “SNART! GIVE ME MY DAUGHTER!” Rip yelled, running behind snart.
  • “NO”
  • “Sh-sh-shhhhip!!!” you laughed
  • AAAAWWWWWWWed everyone
  • Rip glared at Len.
  • “Give”
  • “no”
  • The next day, you were still a lil bundle of joy
  • The crew was so enamored with you
  • ……AAnd the  JSA kidnapped you
  • Yep
  • The crew went bonkers
  • So bonkers that they got kidnapped too, (or would it be adultnapped?)
  • You rescued them
  • Yep
  • How? Would you ask
  • Easy, this lil cute chubby face*squishes (y/n)’s cheeks* so cute
  • You had the JSA tied around your lil finger.
  • “Can i hold her, now???” stargirl says
  • “No.” Mid-nite says
  • “Awww,please?” Courtney insists
  • “….”
  • “let us hold her!” Vixen insists.
  • In the end they got to hold you.
  • “You ain’t going back with them, you’re ours now.” Mid.nite said
  • You started crying
  • No one could make you stop
  • “If you release me, I’ll calm her” Len said
  • “….release him”
  • “but-“
  • They did
  • And Len shushed you and sang you a song his mom used to sing to him
  • Then everyone got free and flied with you back to the ship
  • “MA BABIEEEH!!!” Cried Stargirl
  • “We’ll get her back” Said Vixen
  • Once in the Waverider
  • Everyone was fighting to get a hold of your tiny form
  • Like flying horrible cereal bars
  • A fight fight
  • Then Jax and Stein got a hold of you.
  • “she looks sleepy, we should read her a bedtime story” Jax said.
  • “Well, I got the Quantum vortex theory of the ultimate black hole, it’s a good thesis.”
  • “….” Jax looked dumfounded at Stein. He didn’t have any more books.
  • “…well If that can’t make her sleep, nothing will.” Jax said
  • A page in the book and Jax and you were soundly asleep.
  • Your soft breaths made everyone come to see your cute, peaceful expression.
  • …. Until Jax snored
  • That broke the moment
  • “…Do we have to return her to normal?” Ray whined.
  • “Yes, even though she’s the cutest thing ever” Kendra said.
  • Rip looked at you, grabbed your tiny form and went to your room.
  • He laid you on your bed, and caressed your hair like he did before.
  • You  looked at him and smiled, he smiled back
  • “Go to sleep, darling”
  • “p-pa-pa-paaaa-a-PAPA!” You smiled and raised your arms to Rip
  • His eyes clouded with tears.
  • He grabbed your hands and kissed them, making you giggle.
  • “Yes, darling. I’m here, you are safe. Papa is here.”
  • You yawned cutely, and feel asleep with Rip’s hand in you.
  • “My darling princess” He kissed your hairline.
  • In the end, they turned you back to normal
  • Much to Ray’s, Kendra’s and Sara’s sadness for losing their lil’ bunny.
  • “You can still dress her in fluffy thing you know?” Jax said
  • “Don’t give them ideas? Grumbled Mick.
  • Ken, Sara and Ray’s eyes twinkled
  • “Great, now you gave them ideas.”
  • “It’s all your fault” Mick said as he slapped Jax’s shoulder as he leaved the kitchen. Jax saw the face of revenge in your eyes
  • “s*it” thought jax
  • In the end the Waverider got a pretty lil bunny and an angry lil kitty.
  • Oh so much photos
  • Oh so much blackmail.
(Translation) Honnou no Kajitsu vol. 3

本能の果実 Ver.3.0 幼馴染み双子と三角関係編 (R18! Proceed only if you’re above 18!)

CV. Fukushima Jun

Get this CD from Amazon

T/N: 3P FUKUJUNSSSS….. AAAAAAAAAA but there are some parts that are really strange (roleplaying involving the words papa & mama) so if you don’t like that stuff, stay away. I admit that I don’t like that part and I had a hard time typing/listening to that part, but that was one scene of roleplay and that’s it, so I just gotta survive and push through.

Other than that…. it’s probably an 7.5/10?? Smut-wise pretty hot though. I wish they had one more scene as their original self UNFF I LOVE THEIR ORIGINAL SELF SO MUCH

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Somewhere laito said that Karlheinz smells like mice.... uagh...

[MTK: Eh?! Where?! It’s not true, though, Karl smells like-]

Karlheinz: How cute, you’re calling me “Karl”. I recall the last person calling me like this to be dead, though… oh well.


Karlheinz: *muffles her and pats her head* Calm down, young lady, there’s no need to fuss over.

[MTK: °-°’ *cold sweating* (heLP)]

So I'm watching Cry's play-through of Fragile Dreams again, and I practically got slapped in the face by it

Crow:  Here, take this.
Seto: A ring… with a silver.. skull?
Crow: You better keep it safe in your locket, okay?
Seto: Well, thank y-

Cry: Uagh!
Cry: What?!

Cry: Oh, god.
Cry: Yaoi.

Seto: Guah! What the- did you-just-did I- what was that?!
Crow: What’s wrong? We’re friends now. And friends give each other kisses.. right? I read that.
Cry: *giggle*
Seto: But, that was my first kiss ever!
Crow: Oh… huh. Well, I guess that makes me your number one buddy. Best friends, right?

Cry: *bursts out laughing*
Seto: M-my best friend?
Seto: Yeah. We’re friends now.
Crow: You bet. Heh.

Seto: Well… I’m off.
Crow: Right. See you around.
Steto: Yeah. Bye then, for now.

Cry: *laugh..* I’m sure that’s gonna be a thing.

~peaceful music~

I wanted to review the hilarious so-we’re-friends-kiss and shipping of Crow and Seto, as well as the sheer beauty and meaning behind the art and words of the game…
I, and I’m sure as many others, loved (and still do) this game. 

Vandead Carnival Kou Chapter 3 Translation

Prologue   Chapter 1   Sub Scenario w/Ruki   Sub Scenario w/Reiji   Sub Scenario w/Yuma   Chapter 2   Sub Scenario w/Ayato   Sub Scenario w/Subaru   Sub Scenario w/Azusa   Chapter 3   Sub Scenario w/Kanato 

-Scene: Tarte Tatan-

*Kou and Yui Walking Around*

Kou: I’m sure it’s somewhere around… …here. Ah, there it is.

Yui: You’re right. There is a cafe.

Kou: Ah, those seats are empty. Here, come this way.

Yui: Okay!

What kind of drinks does a cafe in the demon world serve?

Kou: Freeze! Stop right there.

Yui: What?

Kou: Leave it to me. Can I do it?

Yui: You mean you pick the drinks?

Kou: Yeah, I’ll choose. Sound good?

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Because I liked @officialqueer s idea with queer + other pride flag combos, I tried some (yay insomnia!! also, these are only drafts)

1. Queer Pride - explanation here

2. Bi Queer - Took the bi flag and the pink and the blue, made it pastelish to fit the theme, the middle purples are the lavender from the queer flag
3. Pan Queer - First stripe is from the Queer Flag, the other ones from the pan flag, again pastelish

4. Trans Queer - The stripes are from the flag, made pastelish
5. Non Binary Queer - The middletwo stripes are from the Queer Flag, the uter once from a Non Binary Flag - pastelish

6. Ace Queer - Besides the second one, wich is from the Queer Flag, the stripes are pastlish versions of the ace flag, the last one is still…uagh…i need to make that better
7. Aro Queer - Took the colors of my fav aro flag (I am aro myself) besides the black and made them pastelish

8. Lesbian Queer - These colors are original from the Lesbian Flag, the middle four
9. Gay Queer - This is an expirement (I mean, they all are but like…this one even more)…Rainbowflag in the background, pastelish + Strieps from the Queer flag, as when we combine all the colors we would get white so we don’t need it again

I also thought about an intersex flag, just a yellow brackgound maybe, as the ring on it is also purple? and the darker stripe maybe fixed closer to the actual color? besides that I did not put more thoughts in there - but I’ll do it if requested! I mean, its still just an idea, but putting some colors on is a quick thing (:

- Luca

korrasami first date headcanons

  • for some reason i don’t imagine them “officially” starting to date while they’re in the spirit world but rather a little bit afterwards when korra or asami finally asks one or the other out but
  • i like to think that korra asks but is a complete gAY NERD and can’t form coherent sentences and it’s a little tense between them because their little escape to the spirit world was sUPER INTIMATE but neither have talked about what they actual felt for one another and once they got back to the physical world they were thrust back into their work
  • but then asami just giggles and straight up says ‘yes korra of course i’ll go out with you’ or some shit and proceeds to say she’ll pick her up later at the ferry dock and they’d do something fun idk
  • and koRRA just GRINS LIKE A FUCKING IDIOT UAGH KILL ME and manages to mumble out 'kseeyoubai’ <3
  • and when asami picks her up both don’t really know what to say and they both just blurt out 'you look gorgeous’ and then blUSHES!!!!!!EVERYWHERE!!@@!!!1!!
  • they visit avatar korra park (which I hope isn’t too bad looking after the final kuvira battle) and they just walk around innocently holding hands catching up with one another on what’s been going on 
  • and korra tries to suggest going somewhere nice to eat but asami reminds her that a lot of the city has been destroyed so their choices are limited and korra gets nervous all of sudden but then asami says they’ll just order takeout somewhere 
  • and asami is just relieved because she can be super casual and just herself around korra and although she has butterflies during the entire date everything feels just right and she feels like she doesn’t need to impress korra or be super anxious around her
  • meanwhile korra iS JUST SUPER HAPPY and excited 'cause she’s been super busy with avatar business and she finally gets to spend the day with her bestfriend-lover-person 
  • and while they’re eating asami feels a big lump in her throat while she’s looking at the girl right next to her and korra is slurping up noodles like it’s no one’s business and she notices asami’s stare
  • and she asks her if there’s anything wrong to which asami immediately denies uNTIL LATER
  • they’re back in the car and before asami starts the car to drive korra back to the ferry dock or w/e she takes a deep breath and just word vomits about how grateful she was for korra for taking her to the spirit world and being there for her while she’s trying to cope with her father’s lost and finally she just mutters out 'thank you so much i just I love you so much and you mean the world to me’ or something along those lines and grabs her hand
  • and korra is just ?????<?>??????? she’s so so so happy but the little 'i love you’ is throwing her off real bad like should she kiss her? give her hand a little squeeze???? and she just ends up saying 'i love you too’ and they just stare at each other for a moment
  • but nothing happens and thE AIR IS SO FUCKING THICK wITH TENSION
  • and asami drives back to the dock and walks korra back
  • and they hug buT THEN 
  • korra is just all like ’fuck it’ and plants one on asami and it’s long and sweet and alskdjfhalsdkjhf
  • asami is super surprised but the kiss just feels oh so natural and she smiles into it <3333
  • then they part and asami says she’ll try to stop by and see her tomorrow and she pecks her on the lips one more time and finally walks away and korra is fuckiNG GONEEEE LIKE COMPLETELY OUT OF HER MIND SMITTEN LIKE A FUCKIN KITTEN and she just absent mindedly waves and says 'byeeeeee~' 
  • and when she gets back to her room she just flops onto naga and naga is just all like wtf gurl u ok and korra has a stupid ass gay grin on her face 
Dark Fate Yuma Dark Epilogue Translation

Mukami Prologue     Dark Prologue     Dark 01     Dark 02     Dark 03     Dark 04     Dark 05     Dark 06     Dark 07     Dark 08     Dark 09     Dark 10     Dark Epilogue     Heaven 01     Maniac Prologue

-Scene: Castle Bedroom-

Yuma: … …Nn… …it’s morning… …?

Yui: … … … …

Yuma: She’s sleeping quite a bit. Was I too rough on her yesterday?

… … … …Ggh.

-Yuma’s Monologue-

――As I was stroking your hair,

I remembered the dream I had last night.

The dream was about a certain family.

Agriculture had ran in it.

Harvesting vegetables each season; growing fruits like apples.

That’s how they made their daily living.

That kinda life doesn’t look easy at all.

Even so, the family in the dream still managed to smile.

However, misfortune attacked them.

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