Arguments along the lines of, “We should be eating meat because it’s been done for centuries,” are really cringeworthy. Because guess what? Over the span of these very same centuries people also killed and raped one another. They started religious inquisitions, killed off their rival tribes, enslaved and tortured others, and murdered relentlessly. Just because something has been done for centuries doesn’t make it right.
—  UAE Veggies

I’m sorry if the following offends anyone but I will be very blunt: People who glorify “humane” farming methods f*cking piss me off! Oh, so you think that if you provide your cows or sheep with organic feed, give them names, and occasionally pet them BEFORE sending them off to the slaughter house, that THAT makes you a good person? Sorry, but in my opinion, it only means that you are all the more twisted. To gain the trust of an animal only to have it killed is just cruel and sick. And then you go on about how much you love your dog or your cat. Please, STFU.

It’s disappointing to see so much division within the vegan community. I understand that over the years, we would have developed our own definition of veganism or established what we stand for as vegans, but calling other people evil over the fact that they buy products of certain brands or accusing them of promoting unhealthy vegan food is just hurtful. None of us are perfect and chances are that unless you grow your own food, you cannot be completely certain as to where it comes from and how it’s made. In fact, living in today’s world, it would be foolish to assume that we can be a 100% cruelty-free. To me, being vegan is about living at peace with oneself while causing the least amount of harm to those around us. When I first started UAE Veggies, my main aim was to bring people together and show them that vegan and vegetarian living in the UAE is feasible and not as hard as it seems. This is why I don’t only concentrate on organic food as I’m aware of the fact that some might not be able to afford it on a regular basis (I know I can’t!). Let’s respect each other’s differences and value the fact that we are all working together towards a common cause - compassionate living.