[Fan account] Zea in showcase in Abu Dhabi, UAE

I planned to go to the concert with my friends.. but then the girls said there is a huge line at the place and we split up to go as quick as possible and when i made it..IT WAS A BIG LINE!!

*This is my first fan account so i might go crazy and just go out of place hehe*

OMG.. They said the gates would open 4:15p.m, and i went around 3:40p.m.. It was true the line was so gigantic i got nervous.. i thought i was last but after few minutes few ppl came and the line became even more bigger loolz!!!

 When we came in the concert room and saw the stage area we had to wait for a bit.. Everyone was fan chanting “We want zea” or “Ha minwoo” and everyone screams “HA MINWOO” looool!! it was so cute ♥! We scream saranghae and all this fan chants.. It was so fun.. then a british man comes and says are you ready for zea? 4minutes left lool >..<! i was like no this can’t be happening! and everyone kept chanting louder and louder till the boys came out.The man did an intro for zea and UaelovesKorea..unnie made a speech.. When they did, everyone who stood up and screamed so loud!!

**stage the boys performed on**

The started with heart for two, we chatted and omg i got three members to wave our directions..esp taehun ☻ i pointed and said you are good with the thumbs up and he looked and waved i was so shocked!!and Hyunshik said hii i was like ahhh and minwoo is so cute with blond hair and even waved! Junyoung said hi to my friends..and we did the weirdest things for them to see us haha :D.. at first they seemed a bit shy but later on they did beatboxing random dances 

Dongjun and kwanghee left a message for the fans..i wish we met them both :( but the seven boys did amazing keeping us entertained..♥♥♥♥

They asked them questions but i could barely hear because fans were screaming.. i wish the microphones volume would be higher or the fans could have been a bit quieter :s.. But yeah while they were asking questions boys would wave at their fans hehehehe ♥ 

They performed All day long and it was amazing, flawless..(fangirling).. then they performed mozeltov… i just started singing and i was just so happy heheh.. but omg im scared i might come on to watch the news today!! :s hehe yeah kbs reporters came :)

They did a raffle prize and whoever won got a samsung s2 and the gift you would get the gifts from the boys.. minwoo was the cutest who kneeled on his knee for her :D ♥♥♥♥♥ Most romantic guy ever :$.. 2 out of maybe 7 girls shook hands with the boys..</3 
I didn’t know the raffle prize was by numbers i thought it was by names..i was shocked it was by numbers and so did most of my friends!! 

I thought the concert ended and it didn’t they came back and performed here i am :D!! i was so excited..kevin came and points the microphone to us and we started singing ahhh hhehe :$

The concert ended shortly after :)

Samsung Ad:

it’s blury forgive me..i’m not the best camera woman..and the photographers hands were shaky due to something called “nervousness”.. I took this while being in line

 People who were here..on the leftside..because i was sitting in the front area from the right side:

Hotel zea stayed in:


Friend who got interviewed by kbs.. she might come on the news today hehe

Zea on stage:
**Didn’t take this picture credits to: tooommz 


 I wanted to thank all the staff who worked so hard :D!! My amazing unnie who worked so hard for UAE♥Korea, Samsung, Starship entertainment for bringing their stars here (9muses, SeoInyoung, and Zea), Korean tourism, Crown Palaza Hotel, and Etihad airways.Thanks for sponsoring and I HOPE we gave a positive and good feedback♥ Also thank you kbs for the coverage and interviewing people :D!!