I’m having a small dilemma where I have so many ideas for my next animatic that I don’t know which one to start first. I want to start working on it next week so I’m going to post them all here and you guys can tell me what you want to see first. (I dont know if you guys would rather be surprised so I wont put the names of the songs here just the pairing/idea and you can click the link for the songs)

1. I would say Kustard, but I think they musical itself and the song fits either rottenberry or Edgeberry more and honestly i want to draw a sans being cute

2. Papyrus being a loser

3. Kustard!

4. The beginning verse, some Dadster

5. Some more kustard

6. ending verse for Red and Fell

I have more but adding them seems excessive. Just reply to this post what you would rather see, or maybe add more suggestions?? I know its been a while since my last one! I’ve just been busy but I promise I’m gonna start working on it! Just been swamped with work unfortunately u - u

Adding this one here because I dont think I’ll get around to doing it for a while but imagining UL!Sans and Blue brings me great joy

140928 Suga & ARMYs' Tweets

(Original question deleted)

Suga: 처음 제가 돈벌어서 산 장비는 mxl770 windy6 bx5a 였어요 하하 요즘은 더 좋은 입문장비들이 나왔겠죠?? 낙원상가 가보시는걸 추천드림돠

Suga: The first equipment I bought with the money I earned are the mxl770 windy6 bx5a haha. Nowadays there’s even better beginner equipment right?? I recommend for you to head to Nakwon Sangga (t/n: It’s an IT store)

F: 감이 떨어질땐 어떻게 해요?

Suga: 주워다가 곶감을 만듭니다

Fan: What do you do when you lose the feeling/inspiration?

Suga: I pick them up and make dried persimmons

T/N: The word for emotions and persimmons is both 감 (gam) so Suga’s just… trying to be.. funny..

F: 맨 처음에 좋아했던 가수가 누구였어요?

Suga: 스토니 스컹크요 제가 낯을 많이 가려서 방송국에서 유일하게 먼저 제가 말걸어본 가수분은 스컬선배님…ㅋ

Fan: Who were the singers you first liked?

Suga: It’s Stony Skunk. When I was still really unfamiliar and reserved at broadcast stations, the one and only person I walked up to talk to was singer Skull senior.. k

T/N: Stony Skunk was South Korea’s first reggae duo. They started as an underground band, then were signed by YG Entertainment. Their first album was released in 2003, titled “Stony Skunk”. (Wiki)

F: 미디작곡전공생이에요! 갖고있는건 컴퓨터와 마스터키보드뿐인데 여기서 더 장비를 추가한다면 뭐부터 사야할까요! 좋은 장비 추천해줘요 슈가슈가~

Suga: 전공이라면 mac + apollo 오디오카드 + 취향에 따라 다르지만 플렛한사운드 좋아하시면 focal solo 6 be + lewitt 940 특히 맥과 아폴로 오디오 오디오카드 조합 추천드립니다 uad 짱짱

Fan: I’m a student majoring producing on the MIDI! The only things I have with me are a computer and a master keyboard, from here on do recommend which equipment should I buy! Please recommend me good equipment Suga Suga~

Suga: Since it’s your major, the mac + apollo audio card + if you prefer flat sound then the focal solo 6 be + lewitt 940. They work really well together with mac and apollo audio card, I recommend this combination uad best-best!

Trans cr; Denise @ bts-trans

You asked, I listened!  I’m posting UAD to AO3 now!  

Read it now on AO3!

Stiles Stilinski has a 7 year old son, and a problem.  A problem with broad shoulders, permanent stubble, and an adorable baby that has the same green eyes as his father.  A problem that he’s dubbed Unfairly Attractive Dad.    

How’s he supposed to get through life seeing THAT every day?

cover art by me.