La Salle ‘goes to war’ in UAAP cheer dance

I don’t think there is enough “thank you” to be given to Jeric Teng after everything he has to get through just to bring us to the finals.

If it weren’t for his skills, attitude and leadership, the effort and talent of the whole team will probably gone wasted.

Thank You Jeric for not giving up. You were injured and missed five crucial games but you did not give up. You came back even stronger and helped us book a ticket to the finals.

Maybe the reason why the whole UST Community cannot forgive Aljon Mariano is because you don’t deserve that play from him. We all knew that this story was meant for us. You were supposed to be the MVP. But no, I’m not bitter about that.

God has a plan for you. I believe that. We believe that. You’ll always remain in our hearts, Jeric. Thank you for fighting for the Thomasian Community. Thank you for giving your best just to make us feel better about ourselves.

No amount of trophy, medals, gift certificates can define a real champion. You don’t need those. All you get is our respect and thousands of believers thanking you for your effort.

Thank you, Jeric Teng.