College Confession #39

There’s a relatively remote path I like to take to get to a Music History class and it’s lined with hedges. I was walking this path one day, and there is another guy on the other side walking towards me to get to his class. We’re quiet as we approach each other, just the crumble of our footsteps on the dirt. 

It comes to the point where you have to look up and make eye contact or be socially awkward, so we look up at each other for a second and then suddenly out of nowhere this bird flies out of the hedges and hits this guy in the face. 

I couldn’t stop myself from laughing. Then karma hits me like a bitch in the shape of another god damn bird. It flies out and its wing slaps me in the face and he laughs. We stand there laughing uncontrollably for a moment then we kept walking our separate ways.

-University of Arizona

College Confession #21

My friend and I walked in to my dorm. I was puttin my stuff down and my friend asked about my roommate. I said “Umm ehhhh she’s annoying sometimes and all she does is sleep. She literally does nothing.” So my friend was curious about my roomie so she started looking at the pictures on her side of the room by her bed. She said,“hmmm she looks like she’s stupid” and I replied, “I mean she is blonde”. Then my friend just sat on my bed while I was changing real quick. 

My back was turned to my roommate’s bed while my friend was facing her bed. My friend suddenly jolted and covered her mouth while her eyes were huge in shock. So I turned around and saw that my roommate was there all along under her blanket. 

She took her head out, she opened her eyes at us, and we had this weird staring contest.  I was in disbelief bc we just talked shit and like how tf does my roommate sleep in such a straight position with her full body under the blanket? Like it was hot that day too..? HOw did my friend and I not notice her body under the blanket like???¿¿¿

- University of Alabama

College Confession #53

My one friend who is in the Navy ROTC program is this big guy but has no tolerance when it comes to alcohol. He plays one round of beer pong and he’s beyond belligerent. We’re constantly telling to stop doing things. 

His response to everything is, “Don’t worry guys. I’m in the navy, I can do ANYTHING”

-University of Arizona

anonymous asked:

why is radio1d nasty?

radio 1d are awful awful awful

they themselves literally stalk or send people to stalk the boys using info that is fed to them or that they gain through really questionable methods such as tracking frequent flier numbers or becoming ‘friends’ with paps, often harassing the boys and at times creating very dangerous situations ie high speed chases on highways trying to follow cars, that the boys and many members of their team have tweeted about being stressed and annoyed by numerous times. lately they have been hypocritically trying to warn other people off the same thing (probs so it makes it easier for their ‘insiders’ lbr) x

  • here is their application to become an ‘insider’ which i feel DIRTY after reading
  • here is them threatening the account spilltheteahl because it was exposing the shadiness of update accounts
  • heres just some general update account stuff that applies x x x x

of course 1dhq rewards the account and others like it with access to the boys, perpetuating the disgusting stalker culture prevalent in this fandom, in exchange for them pushing narratives (lovely ones like this x ) and today they just got a louis follow, which they responded to exactly how you would expect people as gross as they are to :) (before quickly deleting it to avoid backlash)