I arrive at the UA entrance exam

points: none

all for one: used

bones: broken

I am forcibly brought to recovery girl

Regulus Black slowly becoming friends with the marauders.

- Regulus black becoming closest with Remus because books

- Remus lending Regulus the books by muggle authors that Hope sends him

- Regulus realising that Walburga really has no idea what she’s talking about when she says muggles are dull and unimaginative

- Remus lending Regulus The Lord of the Rings

- Regulus having to put his magical ways of facing situations aside so that he can understand the way Frodo faces his troubles

- Regulus falling head over heels in love with Arragon.

- Regulus slowly changing the way he approaches day to day life because of the way he has changed his thinking.

- Regulus using magic less and less for routine things.

- after Regulus runs away from Grimauld place, the Potter’s take him in, no questions asked.

- Regulus begs Remus to take him into a muggle book shop during the holidays.

- Remus rolls his eyes but agrees.

- Regulus getting very excited by how many different types of novels there are.

- Regulus then discovering a scientific encyclopedia.

- sitting on the floor of his room at the Potter’s with a notebook, eyes wide with wonder.

- Regulus jumping around and tugging on people’s sleeves when he learns something he finds particularly exciting (which is usually every ten minutes during breakfast for a week)

- lily coming over to the Potter’s one day and finding Regulus’s love of science adorable

- “How could you find this annoying, Sirius? Hes like an excited puppy! Don’t kick the puppy Sirius,”

- “Evans, I /am/ a puppy and I find this unbearable”

- “Buzzkill”

- “He woke me up at three o'clock this morning because he realised that magic is basically just a very specific branch of science that muggles hadn’t worked out yet”

- James finding Regulus’s antics to be the cutest things and asking him to elaborate on points he brings up at dinner.

- Just before school goes back (for the marauders’ last year and Reggie’s second last) Lily and Remus buy Regulus a microscope; one of those cheap ones that don’t have a built in light source.

- Regulus convincing people to give him blood and hair samples to analyse.

- Regulus plopping himself down in the library with James and declaring “I want to be a scientist when I grow up” (the last part getting a smile out of James)

- Regulus having absolutely no idea how to go about doing that

- Regulus wanting to use muggle science to help the wizarding world

- also not knowing how the hell to go about that

- Regulus and James sitting in the Library for a long assed time making charts and mind maps of what reg could do to help

- Regulus receiving a howler from his mother, after she hears from one of his relatives that he is obsessed with muggle science

- the howler referring to him as “Regina” and “Young Lady” in the middle of the great Hall

- Regulus running out before the letter is even halfway done, it following him, screaming.

- James blowing it up from halfway across great Hall.

- James looking all over for Regulus

- skipping all his classes that day, trying to find him. (Lily and the other Marauders are obviously looking too, but James is the most frantic)

- James finding him down by the lake, knees pulled to his chest and panic ravaging his body in the form of savage shakes and painful sobbing.

- James not knowing how to stop Regulus pulling at his hair, how to bring him back to earth.

- James gently prying Regulus’s grip loose from his long hair.

- James kneeling in front of reg, one of his hands holding both of Reggie’s, the other lifting his chin, asking reg to look at him

- “Reg, hey, look at me, hey, it’s okay, look at me, she can’t hurt you now,”

- Reg managing to look James in the eye and asking, between the gasping sobs that still shook him, how he knew

- “because I won’t let her. You understand? I won’t let her anywhere near you,” he smiles gently and reg nods, his lips trembling as the sobs slowly begin to fade away

- James cupping Regulus’s face, using his thumbs to wipe away the other boy’s tears.

- “It’s all going to be okay, I promise” James kisses Regulus on the forehead, and pulls him into his chest.

- James lying back on the grass, reg listening to his heart beating to slow his breaths.

- that’s how the other Marauders found them.

- cuddled on the ground, James’s hand on the back of Regulus’s head, playing with his hair, and Regulus mostly asleep on James’s chest.

((OOC: this started out as a Regulus loves science post and turned into Jegulus. How do we always end up here?
B does all that stuff to help me come out of panic attacks and I needed a way to share that with you guys so… Yea…))

College Confession #39

There’s a relatively remote path I like to take to get to a Music History class and it’s lined with hedges. I was walking this path one day, and there is another guy on the other side walking towards me to get to his class. We’re quiet as we approach each other, just the crumble of our footsteps on the dirt. 

It comes to the point where you have to look up and make eye contact or be socially awkward, so we look up at each other for a second and then suddenly out of nowhere this bird flies out of the hedges and hits this guy in the face. 

I couldn’t stop myself from laughing. Then karma hits me like a bitch in the shape of another god damn bird. It flies out and its wing slaps me in the face and he laughs. We stand there laughing uncontrollably for a moment then we kept walking our separate ways.

-University of Arizona