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what do you think Eri does while everyone is at class? Does she hang out in the classroom with everyone? Does she just stay in the dorms? I mean I doubt she'd wanna be any distance away from her new parents obviously. Does Aizawa let her take naps in his sleeping bag when he's not using it? Does she hang out on the sidelines and cheer for everyone when they're out training? You think she ever just wanders into the teachers lounge and sit on All Might's lap and no one bats an eye? I HAVE MANY Q'S

ALL OF THE ABOVE…kinda, I guess it depends on the day and how she’s feeling.

If she had like, a nightmare or something the night before she might just stick close to the class so she can stay within sight of Izuku and Ochako. Also I think that after a while Aizawa get Eri her own sleeping bag…only for her not to use it because, “I like uncle Zawa’s better.” And really, what can he say to that? He washes his sleeping bag more thoroughly these days.

Also she definitely cheers the class on when ever they train and the class works extra hard whenever they hear her cheer for them specifically. Every now and again Class 1-B has a joint training session with Class 1-A and Blood King is surprised to see that his class always works the hardest during those time, and isn’t sure why…untill he hears this little girl cheering on Testutesu which is immediately followed by the boy letting out a mighty shout and sending out a punch with twice his usual power towards Kirishima during thier spar.

If she had a pretty good day she’s actually rather willing to spend her time elsewhere. Or if the class went off somewhere she can’t go like the training camp. Meaning that yes, her walking into the teachers lounge and sitting on All Might’s lap is a pretty regular thing. It’s gotten to the point where Nedzu makes sure there are some extra sweets just for when she decides to show up.

Nedzu wonders out loud when his position as UAs mscot was taken from him by a little girl, the teaching staff laugh, though not too loudly, they don’t want to wake the little girl sleeping on the couch in the lounge.

Danm I just noticed that a recurring theme in BNHA is self doubt and lack of self esteem and confidence. And every character deals with it differently and it’s caused by different reasons.

Like Midoria, at the beginning has been told his entire life that he’ll never succeed and accomplish his dreams. He’s also literally told he’s less than dirt and that he should kill himself. He starts off the story with issues and works at fixing them.

Bakugo is different. He has been told his entire life that hes perfect, but some insistent part of him can’t believe them, which is why he gets so angry at anyone “looking down” on him. It gets worse in UA when everyone there is just as good as him if not better. It starts with Deku beating him during the hero vs villain exercise and just happens over and over again till the little shit heads self esteem is pretty much recked.

Then there’s kirishima, who from what we’ve seen has always placed others before himself because he thinks he’s not as good as they are. Weather it be heroics or masculinity or intelligence or strategy or leadership or strength, he always measures him self against others and finds himself lacking. But instead of being bitter or mean on jealous, he’s kind and self sacrificing and constantly trying to improve him self.

I think that’s why Bakugo and Kirishima’s relationship works because Bakugo’s paranoid that every one thinks they’re better than him, but kirishima genuinely dosnt, kirishima admires and LIKES Bakugo not for his intelligence or talent but just the way he is. And for kirishima, Bakugo is someone he doesn’t have to sacrifice things for, Bakugo dosnt NEED kirishima to do anything for him, just to be there as an equal. And kirishima is NICE if Bakugo needed to be lied to or have his feelings protected or for kirishima to make himself small for them to feel bigger, he would. But Bakugo dosnt need or want Kirishima to do it that.

There are others to, Momo, Jirou, Uraraka, Todoroki, shoji. Feel free to add if u want.