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(dailyashleighraichu) I do commend your persistence on making friends little one, but maybe your going about evolving the wrong way. I remember that I had a bond with my old trainer when I was a Pichu before I evolved. Maybe it can work for you too?

Asche: “Well-”

“I’m not really too fond of the idea, to say the truth…”

Asche: “It really is!”

“I-Is just that I’m a little…”


“I’ve already had an experience with a trainer that tried to catch me…”

Asche: “That guy just didn’t seem to have good intentions- And he had a fucking Metagross!”

“Just why the hell would you use a Metagross to catch a simple Pichu!? For Arceus’ sake! That thing seemed so strong!”

“And- and he was just so scary… If my friend Michael hadn’t been there at that moment… I don’t know what would have happened to me!”

“Still, I perfectly know that not all humans are bad-”

“My friend has a trainer, and she’s the most sweet person you’ll ever meet! I adore her!”

“But, the thing is… the amount of ‘bad trainers’ is way superior to the ‘good trainers’ one.”

“And I’m afraid of being catched by a ‘not so good’ one, you know? How can I escape if that happens? How can I be sure if I picked a good trainer? What will they do to me?”

“That’s why I’m trying to evolve by other methods.”

“Still, I’m pretty sure a Pichu can perfectly evolve in the wild, so I think getting myself a trainer is just an ‘In case of emergency’ situation for now.”

Asche: “And, well, talking about something else-”

“You seem very… familiar. What kind of Pokemon are you? Are you like a Pachirisu or an Emolga and that’s why you look so similar to m-”


Asche: “D-Did you say ‘when I was a Pichu’?”

“You d-don’t look like a Pikachu, s-so… that means- you- you are-… are you a?-”


<Asche is way too thunderstruck (hehe) to talk now!>


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Why do Sidon fans hate Zelda? What did she ever do to them?

Well, one thing I’m sure is that NOT all Sidon fans are like that. Sadly, the haters will always be louder than the real fans and therefore, that’s why they’ll spread their unnecessary hate in. every. damn. tag. and. in. every. place. 

The result? they give their own fandom a terrible reputation and some people… just end up disliking a character thanks to those haters  *sigh*

It’s a cycle that never ends. 

I’ll be honest. It does break my heart that my girl Zelda, and any other female character in any other fandom, recieves this kind of treatment. And i’m speaking, not as a fangirl… I’m speaking as a woman. 

It happens in Naruto (people either hate Hinata or Sakura)
Tokyo Ghoul Fandom? oh boi. Some people claim that Touka tricked Kaneki into bed LMAO 
Fairy Tail fandom? some people say that all the girls are sluts. 
Nanatsu no Taizai… Dragon Ball…etc., etc., etc. 

The hate towards female characters, is like a disease. Honestly, I don’t see the point in bashing  females characters to make a any ship “look good” because, that never works LMAO

Also, Zelda did NOTHING wrong. Infact, all the contrary. She has done so many good things for EVERYONE (not only Hylians). Is thanks to her sacrifice and fortitude that all the other races in Hyrule managed to survive… and if people try to deny that, then theres nothing we can do about them.

TL;DR: Sadly, hate blinds people. 

concept: all might gets custody of shouto because endeavor isn’t fit for parenting (at all)(like all might would have like half an idea how it works and that would come from self help books but??? still better than endeavor) and not only is all might the number one hero he is also the number one parent and then endeavor feels like a failure because he’s not the best hero or the best parent and also just cause he is a failure and then he fucks off into the void and never appears ever again

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15, Varlen and Dorian

Prompt #15 - Trembling Hands (approx 700 words, some under the cut <3)

Pavellan. Varlen Lavellan x Dorian Pavus. Contains non-explicit mention of past abuse.

“I-It wasn’t my fault!”

“Shhh, I know.”

“They made me… made me do it. T-They…”

Hush. It’s all right. I’m here, amatus. Just breathe. In and out.”

Varlen’s hands trembled as words stuck in his throat like tar. He was wrapped in the thin sheet of a foreign bed. Silk. Orlesian. They were in Orlais. He remembered sluggishly as the luxurious room pulled back into focus, slowly losing the blurry edges of sleep. Sleep that tugged at him. Tugged at him like those hands all those years ago, trying to drag him back. Back to the ground. Across the wood and stones. Back to somewhere he never wanted to go.

A hand brushed against Varlen’s temple, gently sweeping the hair from his face. The motion was distant, on the periphery of both vision and awareness. Varlen blinked, and swore it took a handful of seconds just to complete the simple motion. Then, something warm wrapped around his shoulders. An arm. 


It was too much. Varlen shivered then curled against him, burying his head in the crook of his neck. He smelled familiar. Wine. Parchment. Ink. Wine first, because it lingered sweetly on both their skin. Parchment and ink because he had been writing something before bed. It still stained the tips of his fingers.

Just jotting down a few things, amatus. Give me a moment, then I am yours.

“What were you writing?” Varlen whispered, voice hoarse. He swallowed, desperate for distraction. Begging for anything other than the nightmare that lingered in the dark corners of his sleeping mind, waiting for him to return. The question came out of nowhere, but Dorian remained unfazed. His hand rubbed Varlen’s arm as the other reached around to draw him into something more resembling an embrace. To hold him.

“A list,” Dorian answered softly, keeping his voice low. Soothing. “Of things that caught my eye during the evening’s festivities. Other than the assassins and murder, of course.”

Varlen choked out a laugh, sniffing, reaching up to awkwardly rub the wetness from his eyes through the small gap between his chest and Dorian’s arm. “L-Like what?”

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