lateforerebor  asked:

Let's start easy: Dorian ;D

HA! Nice.


First Impression: Who is this man fighting demons in the church? He’s… a little bit badass. That mustache is ah… interesting.

Impression Now: I love him. And his glorious facial hair. Dorian is this character who shows how people who appear outwardly confident and charismatic are not always that self-assured. The interplay between the facade he shows those he doesn’t trust, and the side of himself he shows the Inquisitor, is just so well done. I am in deep, friends.

Favourite Moment: Honestly, I love their conversation after the first romance scene. That quiet moment where Dorian is struggling to work out what he and the Inquisitor are, and the Inquisitor surprising him by wanting more than just a fling. Ahhh…. <3

Idea for a Story: I’d love to hear more about Dorian’s life after leaving home. Escaping to the countryside of the Imperium alone, penniless, and having to find a way to survive using his wit and abilities, all the while without drawing too much attention to himself. Idk it seems interesting.

Unpopular Opinion: I don’t like asking him to stay, and it kinda pisses me off how telling him to go and fulfill his desire to help his homeland sees you treated like a friend at the beginning of Trespasser. Like okay, I get how asking him to stay would make him feel wanted, but given what he is suggesting he wants to do, it seems like a pretty good cause

Favourite Relationship: Well, I mean… Varlen and Dorian is my OTP. So I guess that would have to be my favourite! But I also definitely have a soft spot for other people’s OCs with Dorian, like @lateforerebor‘s Vaxus, @elidoo‘s Luther, and @kurosmind’s Fael <3 Honestly, if it’s Dorian x Inquisitor/OC, I’m here for it. I just want him to be loved T^T

Favourite Headcanon: It’s a little bit sad, I suppose, but I always liked the idea that Dorian coops himself up in the library because it actually keeps him out of the center of attention. Of course he’s also a scholar and enjoys the pursuit of knowledge, but there are also less whispers when he isn’t seen roaming about Skyhold. And even if there are whispers, he doesn’t have to listen to them until, say, Mother Giselle invades his little sanctuary to kindly let him know. I just like the idea of the Inquistor being the first person he feels comfortable inviting into his space, and then becoming the person he feels safe leaving it with.