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AHH I just have to tell you I have been spending the past hour scrolling through your endless beauties and I ABSOLUTELY LOOOVE your FE FATES MU, HE IS SO SO PRECIOUS AND Seeing your draw of him growing throughout the campaign made my heart so warmm ALSO YOUR RYOMA AND XANDER ARE JUST PERFECTION AND ALL YOUR ART IS JUST OEIASJASMASAKJ THANK YOU FOR BLESSING MY EYES AND MY HEART!!! //falls over (sorry this is anonymous!! havent been on tumblr in awhile and forgot my pw momentarily LOL)

i can’t even begin to tell you how much this ask means to me!! thank you from the bottom of my heart!! ;__; alma is a super special to me – just like fire emblem!! sdjfhskd i just – I JUST WANT TO PIN THIS ASK ON MY WALL & STARE AT IT FOREVER, THANK YOU….!!! <3


i fucking love Good Cop and Bad Cop.. and it’s been a very long while since I’ve drawn them ;-; (i also seem to be in the mood to just drawing black and whites ´w`;;)

So I drew them again! and I’ll probably resume drawing them in the future because I absolutely adore badass Good Cop and super chill Bad Cop like that’s my crack and I cannot get over it.. 

-sigh- I’ve also changed how I draw them so that’s a plus too >o>;;

GCBC©Lego Movie/WB
art and stuff©moi :U



current little project i’m doing :’D
i sketched out all the characters in my sketchbook and am now just going over them on sai for niceness

save me lol

edit i misspelled coffee… ;__; english is hard