i hate it when you break into someone’s house to steal their cheese, only to find that: 

1 - you’ve already been there to steal their cheese
2 - they don’t have any cheese
3 - they have cheese, but not the specific one you want (like sliced vs the full wheel)

or worse yet 

4 - you’re friendly with them so you can just take the cheese likE NO I HAVE TO STEAL IT

The man Ajit Pai isn't representing the people in any way shape or form.

So many have looked to the internet for comfort, entertainment, friendship, even careers- and too much to mention, really. With net neutrality gone, not only will you be forced to pay exuberant prices to gain access to different parts of the internet, what you see on the internet will be censored and manipulated. The internet will no longer be a free place, but rather a money-grabbing hellspace where you can’t even be sure what you’re seeing is real.

This isn’t a good idea. It isn’t helping the people. The only people it satisfies are internet provider companies, who will become incredibly rich from overcharging innocent net-users. Not to mention Ajit Pai used to work at Verizon- one of the aforementioned internet providers.

This won’t only affect Americans, but most of the world- much like how a certain elected president has. It will affect non-Americans; I can promise you that much.

So many people joke about censorship and overpricing in dystopian worlds. Now that dystopian future could be upon us- at least, a few steps toward it could be upon us.

Stop the end of net neutrality.

Anyone who has to deal with costochondritis frequently is badass. It literally feels like you’re having a heart attack/being stabbed in the chest (and back sometimes, since the inflammation is in the cartilage between the ribs), and for people who have it frequently, we’re just expected to go on about our lives. I have it chronically, likely due to EDS and/or fibromyalgia, and it’s worse in the winter.

I know it’s awful to deal with, but we are so strong.

So it turns out that there aren’t two of us in the office on Friday after the holiday.

There’re one and a half. My partner’s only working 8-2.

On the plus side I got my quarter bonus today (finally, after being in the red all year from my leave last year). I’m going to go scream into a trash can, and then I think I’ll buy some shoes. That usually helps.

I love every single one of my pets, specifically my fish, but sometimes I wish I had only one or two fish so I could give as much love to them as @tritonboi gives Triton or @cheshbettablog gives their fish. I love my hamster and my baby rattie, but I cant help but feel like I cant give them all of the love they deserve because I have so many pets.