From Twitter: 

@shoose2525 ちょこぱんって10回言って?

Swy: Say chocopan (chocolate bread) ten times? 

@swi_s ちょこぱんちょこぱんちょこぱんちょこぱんちょこぱんちょこぱん!

Shoose: Chocopanchocopanchocopanchocopanchocopanchocopan!

@shoose2525 じゃあこれは?💻

Swy: How about this? 💻

@swi_s ぱちょこん! 

Shoose: Pachokon! (a mix of ‘chokopan’ and 'pasokon' (personal computer) w)

@shoose2525 (*´꒳`*)

Swy: (*´꒳`*)

@swi_s ( ◜◒◝ )

Shoose: ( ◜◒◝ )

@shoose2525 三三(ノ*´◒`*)ノ♥

Swy: 三三(ノ*´◒`*)ノ♥

@swi_s (っ ◜◒◝ )っ♥

Shoose: (っ ◜◒◝ )っ♥

@shoose2525 ヾ(*´∀`*)ノキャッキャ

Swy: ヾ(*´∀`*)ノkyakya

@swi_s 三三(ノ*´◒`*)ノふぁー!

Shoose: 三三(ノ*´◒`*)ノFua-!


Note: Swy replied Kradness a tweet that was sent in 2011

@kradness55: @swyinging すぃくん北海道なん?

Kradness: Is Swy-kun from Hokkaido?

@swi_s: @kradness55 北海道だよー!

Swy: I’m from Hokkaido–!

@kradness55: @swi_s ?

Kradness: ?

@swi_s: @kradness55 pic.twitter.com/4kSFm9hq7v

@kradness55: @swi_s どうやってそんなに昔の見てるの!?

Kradness: How is it possible to see such (tweet) from this long ago!?

@swi_s: @kradness55 webでエゴサーチするとなんか出てくる

Swy: It somehow appeared when I was doing some egosearching* on the web

@kradness55: @swi_s 晴れてハレルヤ出てきてクッソワロタwww懐かしいwwww

Kradness: It came out openly like Hallelujah** LMFAO www How nostalgic wwww

@swi_s: @kradness55 そうそうwwwwwwっwくーらーも探してみwwwwwwくーらーくん とかでやったらたぶん皆の初々しいツイートとか見れるww

Swy: Yea yea wwwwwww Kura, you try searching too wwwwww Try searching something like Kura-kun and maybe you could find everybody’s intial twitter name ww

*In case this is confusing, egosearching is like googling about yourself

**From what I could perceive, I believe he was trying to express that he was surprised

From Twitter: 

Shoose: Swy chan (´・д・`)

Swy: Shuu shuu

Shoose: Swy cha

Swy: Don’t make that kind of face-

Shoose: Un (´・д・`)

Swy: Nn? What’s wrong, what’s wrong, shuu shuu? ヾ(´・д・`)/patpat

Shoose: Nn~~~ (´・д・`。)

(´・д・`)✌(´・-・ `)
Swy:(´・д・`)✌(´・-・ `)