【Bokaro gentei】Mune Kyun Song Medley Utattemita【Amatsuki&ShounenT】

Amatsuki: Actually tomorrow, we were kinda messing about, but it seems that a video first of it’s kind will be going up    l guess, it was fun but,   it was so embarrassing whatisit whatisit whatisit   Here’s a photo hint (′ʘ⌄ʘ‵) this is bad i wonder if it really goes up… ( ‘ω’).。o(I’m gonna die from nervousness)

Sakata: The feeling I’m getting right now is amazing tomorrow is the DAY it goes up



【MV】Tomei no Symphony / Amatsuki & ShounenT feat.40mP

Today Soraru, Amatsuki, Tkun, Taruto are playing Mario Cart in Zimuin G’s house. Then suddenly soraru tweeted this.

@soraruru: おれ本当は男が好きなんだよね
@soraruru: I really like men.

@chomaiyo: @soraruru 知ってたよ
@chomaiyo: I know

These guys seriously wwww Soraru lost so he got punishment www

@soraruru: 歌詞太郎とかともひさの変顔写真やばすぎて笑ってるけどこれは秘蔵
@soraruru: Kashitaro and Tomohisa’s unglams are so funny I’m laughing but they’re my treasure

@kashitaro_ito: そらるさん絶対に秘蔵して(笑)!! 病人なんだからおとなしく寝てて!!!
@kashitaro_ito: Soraru-san you definitely have to treasure them (laughs)!! You’re sick so please be good and sleep!!!

@soraruru: あの鬼みたいな顔してるのホントおもしろい ここんとこずっと寝てて暇なんだよ…( ^ω^)
@soraruru: That demon-like face was the best I’ve been sleeping all this while so I have nothing to do…( ^ω^)

@kashitaro_ito: タイトルは「般若の面」ですよね。僕の唯一の変顔ですからね…! はちみつなめてゆっくり眠りましょう!!
@kashitaro_ito: It’s titled “The face of Prajnaparamita” right. It’s the only weird face I can make…! Drink some honey and sleep!!

@soraruru: ありがとう~早く治して歌いたい!
@soraruru: Thanks~I hope I recover soon I want to sing! 

@kashitaro_ito: 我々は歌えない苦しみを知ってますからね!無理せず…。 はやくよくなりますように!
@kashitaro_ito: We know the pain of not being able to sing! Don’t push yourself… Get well soon!

@syonen_t_sako: 絶対に表に出してはならない
@syonen_t_sako: I definitely cannot show that face to the public

@soraruru: ともひさのピグモンみたいな写真いつかツイートしてほしい フォロワー半分になる
@soraruru: One day I want to tweet the photo of your pig-like monster face your followers will decrease by half

@syonen_t_sako: 10年後かな
@syonen_t_sako: 10 years later maybe

@kashitaro_ito: 仮に出されたらそらるさんをゲッタバンバンしてやろう!!
@kashitaro_ito: And when soraru-san does do that, let’s getta ban ban him!! (t/n: ref to shounenT’s song Getta Ban Ban)

@syonen_t_sako: もしそうなったら、そらるさんとは、さよならだけが人生だね…
@syonen_t_sako: And after we do that, soraru-san’s life will only be made of goodbyes… (t/n: ref to Ito Kashitaro’s Sayonara dake ga Jinsei da i’m crying they’re good at this)

@soraruru: 人をネタに大喜利しだすのやめろ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@soraruru: Don’t make people into the joke of the day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anonymous asked:

Can I have a list on the songs in ShonenT and Amatan's medley if it isn't too much trouble? ;;; Love youuuu

Of course! No problem, I enjoyed listening to the medley again;;

1) Melt
2) Sekai wa Koi ni Ochiteiru (The World is Falling in Love)
3) Kinyoubi no Ohayou (Friday’s Good Morning)
-2 3 2 repeated-
4) Fire⓪Flower
5) Natsu no Owari, Koi no Hajimari (Summer’s End, Love’s Beginning)
6) Futariboshi (Our Star)
7) Ojamamushi (Sticky Bug)
8) Kimi Ijou, Boku Miman (Better than you, Worse than me)
-7 8 7 repeated-
9) Melancholic
10) Twinkle Twinkle
-9 10 repeated-
11) Renai Saiban (Love Trial)
12) Haato no Atoaji (Aftertaste of the Heart)
13) Just be Friends
14) Akaito (Red Thread)
15) Yorumosugara Kimi Omofu (All Night Thinking of You)
16) Happy Synthesiser
- and 1 repeated-

Hope this helps! (^з^)♡ (love you too, whoever you are-

Soraru: “Kashitaro & Tomohisa’s weird face photos are too terrible I’m laughing but these are treasures”

Kashitaro: “Soraru, definitely treasure it (lol)!! You’re a sick person so obediently go to bed!!!”

Soraru: “Making that demon-like face was truly interesting. Here I’ve been in bed all this time and I have (a lot of) free time you know… ( ^ω^) “

Kashitaro: “The title would be “The Face of Prajnaparamita (Wisdom)” wouldn’t it. It’s my one & only weird face ok…! Lick some honey and take your time sleeping!!!”

Soraru: “Thank you~ I want to cure it soon and sing!”

Kashitaro: “We know the anguish of being unable to sing alright! Don’t push yourself too hard…. I hope you will become well quickly!”

ShounenT: “It definitely cannot be shown to the surface”

Soraru: “I want Tomohisa’s Pigmon-like photo to be tweeted someday. Your follower count would be reduced by half”

ShounenT: “Maybe after 10 years”

Kashitaro: “In exchange, if (the photo) was released that let’s have Soraru do the “getta-ban-ban” pose!!” 

Happy Birthday Amatsuki!!

天月-あまつき- ‏@_amatsuki_View translation部屋で虚しくピアノでハッピーバースデー練習してたら誕生日来てた 沢山お祝いされていてアワワワwwいつもいつもありがとうございます。無事に1つ歳を重ねて18歳になることが出来ました!!!! 普段支えていただいている分もっとお返ししてゆきます! どうぞ、また1年よろしくお願いします!

Amatsuki : When fruitlessly practicing happy birthday on the piano in my room, my birthday actually came. Received a lot of birthday wishes aaaaaah. Time and time again, thank you guys so much  ! Safely added another year and achieved the goal of turning 18 ! ! !  I will do my best to return the feelings of everyone’s support everyday! Please take care of me this year too !!!

佐香智久@7/22「僕から君へ」 ‏@syounen_t_sako agoView translation@_amatsuki_ 同じ17歳同士、これからもよろしくね!誕生日おめでとう!また明日学校でお祝いするね!!

Shounen T : As a fellow 17 year old, may we continue to support each other from now on too ! We’ll celebrate later at school tomorrow ! !

まふまふ@ひからびた貝 ‏@uni_mafumafu @syounen_t_sako @_amatsuki_ 明日の英語リスニングのテストあるっぽいよ

Mafumafu : I think we have a English listening/comprehension test tomorrow !

佐香智久@7/22「僕から君へ」‏@syounen_t_sako@uni_mafumafu @_amatsuki_ まじかよ勉強してねえ!

ShounenT: Are you serious      I haven’t studied

@syounen_t_sako  おはようございます!ロンドンは今、夜の10時です!(*^_^*)僕は日本にいるけどね(*^_^*)ロンドンは夜の10時(*^_^*)

Tkun: Good morning! It’s now 10pm at London! (*^_^*)Even though I’m at Japan~(*^_^*) It’s 10pm at London~

@_amatsuki_:@syounen_t_sako その主張なに!?!?

Amatsuki: What’s with that assertion!?!?

**Amatsuki’s at London currently w