@nqrse: 実は今日の髪色にするために朝からハイブリーチを必死で探してました(コンビニ15件くらい)今コンビニにはハイブリーチ置いてないんだね・・。10時開店の薬局の店長さんに頭下げたら9時くらいなのにお店開けてくれて本当にびっくりしたよ。そのせいもあってかヘトヘトだ・・・爆睡しよう・・・。

nqrse: Actually to style my hair today I had to search desperately for high bleach (for about 15 convenience stores). Now they don’t sell high bleach in stores anymore huh… I was surprised that after bowing my head to the drugstore owner, they agreed to open the store early at 9 AM for me instead of the normal 10 AM opening time. Because of that now I’m all exhausted… gonna sleep….

@nqrse: 15時間程寝ました(๑°⌓°๑)  あ〜〜〜〜〜昨日楽しかった!!!!!!

nqrse: I’ve slept 15 hours  (๑°⌓°๑) Ah~~~~~ Yesterday was so fun !!!!!!

@nqrse: わりときれいにいろはいったんじゃないでしょうかなるせです

nqrse: Didn’t I say my hair was in a pretty color? Yo it’s Naruse
(with picture above)

@kanzentaicell: なんかFFのキャラにいそう(^。^)

Kanseru: You look sorta like a FF character (^。^)

@nqrse: なんとなくわかります お揃いにしますか?

nqrse: I kind of understand. Would you like to match?

@kanzentaicell: もう遅い(/ _ ; )

Kanseru: Too late (/ _ ; )

@nqrse: オシャレのオーラを纏ってる・・・でも一歩間違えればクローズに出てくる怖い人だ・・・

nqrse: You’re clothed in the aura of stylishness… but one step wrong and you’ll look like someone scary stepping out from CROWS…

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Sekihan: 昨日行ったお化け屋敷が面白かったから
赤飯 くーらー みーちゃん Souくん そらるさんの5人。
終始叫びながら倒れてたので 一緒に倒れておきました👹
Sekihan: Yesterday everyone was interested in going to a haunted house.
Everyone invited came  👻  
There were five of us it’s Sekihan, Kura (Kradness), Mi-chan, Sou-kun and Soraru.
By the way sou-kun clung on to my arm.
At first we were screaming and tripping then at the end we ended up falling down together .  👹

Kradness: そしてライブの後にみんなでお化け屋敷行ってきたwwww めっっちゃ叫んでもたwwwwwwww楽しいwww
Kradness: After the event I went with everyone to the haunted house. I screamed a lot wwwwwwwwww It was fun www

Soraru: こそっと抜け出してみんなでお化け屋敷行った!souくん転げ回ってた
Soraru: After leaving this place we went to the haunted house!  Sou-kun was falling around everywhere

Mi-chan:  お化け屋敷いった!!!
Mi-chan:  Went to a haunted house!!!

Sou: そらるさんがずっと後ろから脅かしてきた💢!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sou: Soraru-san was scaring me too much from behind  💢!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sou: 呪いの子守唄
Sou: The curse of the lullaby
Note: The curse of the lullaby is the name of the Haunted House ww.

T/N: They all tweeted with photos but I just posted one! This is the haunted house they went to after XYZ tour in Nagoya.

@soraruru: オハヨオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオ

もっと寝たい コミケいくかどうか悩んでる


Soraru: Good morningggggggggggggggggggggggggg

I wanna sleep more, I don’t know whether or not to go to Comiket

Oh well, guess I’ll go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@skeihan: @soraruru 行くの!?!?!?

Sekihan: You’re going!?!?!?

@soraruru: @skeihan オレが売り子しないとまふまふが死ぬので!

Soraru: If I don’t go and help sell things, Mafumafu’s gonna die!

@glutamine_nico: お風呂の時にツイッターしてるからお風呂の話題多いけど、別にそこまでお風呂好きってわけでもない
Glutamine: I use Twitter when I’m in the bath, so the subject of baths comes up a lot, but it’s not necessarily that I like baths that much

@skeihan: @glutamine_nico オレも今お風呂やよ。お風呂の話しよ。手始めにぐるの好きな入浴剤、好きなシャンプー、コンディショナー教えて。
Sekihan: I’m in the bath right now, too. Let’s talk about baths. For starters, Guru, tell me your favorite bath powder, shampoo, and conditioner.


Why i don’t know this video earlier? Ah, yeah, 12.10 =w=
Sekihan is so sexy with his.. hips.. i want to be Pico here..

@skeihan: うるせぇ。 RT @glutamine_nico: こんなところで恥ずかしいです/// RT @skeihan I love you RT @glutamine_nico: しってますよ! RT @y_Parola @glutamine_nico  ぐるたん「月が綺麗ですね」の意味知ってる??
y_Parola: Glu-tan, do you know what “The moon is beautiful, isn’t it?” means??
Glutamine: I do know!
Sekihan: I love you
Glutamine: That’s embarrassing in a place like this///
Sekihan: Shut up.