I think I’ve just made a massive mistake and decided to start writing my third book during Camp Nano next month despite working full time now.. (well, technically it’s starting my fourth, as I started my third two years ago, but only wrote a third of it and haven’t finished it yet…)

But I haven’t written anything new for two years really and just been editing, so the idea of working on something fresh has got me really excited. It’s going to be the sequel to my YA LGBTQ+ Romance I started during Camp two years ago and the main character is going to be one of the secondary characters from the first one. I think he’s my favourite character I’ve ever created and I’m so excited to write an entire story from his POV as I explore more of his life that I didn’t have a chance to touch upon fully in the first one.

So, yeah, new writing project!! I’m aiming for 25,000 words!

Are any of you taking part this July? What are you going to be writing?


imsorry - idk why i made this buttt yeah :’^). Moving on this is how Nano(purple hair) and Sebastian(blondyy) first meet, this the first time u peeps met sebbi huh welll hmm basically he’s like some rich sheltered white kid, but still a coolio guy in a trash kinda way, and Nano works at Hell’s Circus as the “ringleader” and he works at a bar on his free time {a little info about Hell’s Circus it’s not a circus at all actually lolol its like an underground club, like burlesque but more illegal and creepy}