And thus the form of a new ship

@soraruru  オレが台風だ

Soraru : I am typhoon 

@kunkunnnn  お前もいつか消えてしまうん?

Kunkun : Are you going to disappear someday too?

@soraruru  オレが消えても第二第三のオレがお前ら人間を襲うだろう

Soraru : Even if i disappear, the second and third me will attack you humans

@kunkunnnn  でもそんなことはさせねーし。ぜってーお前の事オレ等で守ってやっから、だから消えるなんて悲しいこと言うなや

Kunkun : But i’m not going to let such things happen.I am absolutely going to protect the likes of you , so don’t say such sad things like you’re going to disappear  


@kunkunnnn: ちょまいよは何人召し抱えてるの

kunkun: how many people are chomaiyo engaged to.

@soraruru: @kunkunnnn: あいつびっちだから

soraru: it’s because that guy is a bitch.

@chomaiyo: @soraruru: そらるだけがすきだよ

chomaiyo: I only like soraru.

@soraruru: @chomaiyo: (疑いの眼差し)

soraru: (a look of doubt)

@chomaiyo: @soraruru: おれにはお前しかいないから

chomaiyo: there’s only you for me.

@soraruru: @chomaiyo: みんなにそういってるんでしょ わかってるから

soraru: you say the same to everyone.. i know that.

@chomaiyo: @soraruru: いってないのに・・・ しんじてくれないんだね・・・そらるがしんじてくれなくてもちょまいよはそらるのこと好きだけどね(´ . .̫ . `)

chomaiyo: I don’t… you need to believe in me… soraru needs to believe that chomaiyo likes soraru.

@soraruru: @chomaiyo: ええ・・・うそだよわかってるよちょまいよ ちょっと拗ねたふりだよ

soraru: yes… I was lying, I know chomaiyo, I was pretending to sulk a little.

@chomaiyo: @soraruru: よかった・・・ うれしいキュンキュン

chomaiyo: thank god… I’m happy kyun kyun~


una & kunkun - Echoes, The Blue Sea, A Collection of Poems By Aglaophonos Grasping Great Numbers

「…now, let us go, friend. Decapitation was the ruling.」

Lyrics: Neru (mylist/15619229)
Composition: Neru, Zauni (ざうに)
Arrange: Zauni (ざうに) (mylist/27794878)
Recitation: 000 (mylist/13563027)
Video: Ryuusee (りゅうせー) (mylist/7985102)

Omg okay so i just checked line and kunkun was sending quite a few msgs about the las vegas trip but i can barely understand any of it (´д`|||) so apparently its the usual gang of taiyakiya, milktea, soraru and kunkun (also this super cute giraffe called remyuu www) tgt on this trip

Happy New Year !~~~ あけましておめでとう!! the twitcast that kunkun broadcast during new year was really funny . Apparently kunkun , taiyaki , gomi , soraru and there is another person I think had a new year party in soraru’s housewwww They were talking about among all who will live the longest and who will die lol.They were like :

Kunkun : it’s obvious that taiyaki will die first because he is already 30 plus

Taiyaki : I think I will live pretty long

Kunkun : maybe it’s soraru San because in real soraru will probably live until 50 

Soraru : my grandfather lived pretty long until 80 plus so I think I will live long too

Taiyaki : my grandma too lived quite a long live I think I will too

Kunkun : soraru San what if it’s an accident?

Soraru : accident huh … No choice then

Kunkun : the winner should stand in front of the others’ graves n say ” so I m the winner “

Taiyaki : what kind of topic r we talking ?www

Kunkun : we’re talking about death

Everyone: laughs

Soraru’s mama also send some food to soraru and they ate it during party and kunkun was saying that it was a such a shame that he didn’t meet soraru’s mama. They were saying about the year of goat 2015

Kunkun : so this year those who are goats would be 12 yrs old n 24 yrs old

Taiyaki : isn’t that the same every year ? Wwww

Kunkun : *laughs* is there any listener with the age 12 n 24 in this broadcast ?

Taiyaki : why r u abandoning those who are 48 this year ?!

Kunkun : as expected I don think there will be any listener with the age 48 herewwww

Taiyaki almost reveal kunkun’s real name while they were acting the scene where kunkun is dying n taiyaki is calling him Not to die.kunkun said if he revealed his real name he will reveal taiyaki’s real name n will be saying it non stopwww. When they do self introduction until soraru’s turn :
Kunkun: next person~
Soraru : it’s me (watashi da)
Kunkun: yeah it’s soraru San
Taiyaki : the soraru San who have 430k of followers !
Gomi(I not sure) : yup that soraru San
Kunkun: actually he might not be soraru San

It is still available to see in twitcasting so everyone should go to listen !!! Wwww

*taiyaki is taiyakiya (sorry i made a mistake )