kain: “For some reason, my butt was f*ckin’ groped on the train but!?!?!?!?!?”

Soraru: “Ooooooooooh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Soraru: “As expected (of kain)”

kain: “I’ll just pretend that it was someone who gave me a free massage”

kain: “By the way, I think it was a man…
There were only salarymen around me during that time anyways…”

kain: “Speaking of which, I’ve heard that there are a lot of people who give “free massages” in Tokyo, but I never thought I’d be subject to it…. Everyone be careful, okay…”

Soraru: “As I thought, AV actors are people who possess something (butt) that grabs your attention”

kain: “Please let me grope your butt next time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Soraru: “Stop looking at me in that way”

Shounen-T: “So it was like that…”

kain: “Why is T-kun entering the conversation….”



Oliver was in the huge forest,hiking around the river and near the mountain. He was told it was dangerous out here but the only thing he saw dangerous were birds if he got to close to their nests. No one told him it was dangerous because of something much bigger than any large predator.

@kain2525: そらるさんの公式LINE壊れてない???? http://t.co/PApzZ1nzBL

@kain2525: Isn’t soraru’s official line broken????

**edit i forgot soraru replied** @soraruru: 何度やってもかわんねーよ!!!!!!!!! RT @kain2525 そらるさんの公式LINE壊れてない???? http://t.co/bJ5WkSYv4X @soraruru: Even if you sent it many times it won’t change!!!!!!!!! @kain2525: @soraruru これ壊れてるんですかね?????!!!!壊れてますよね?????? @kain2525: This is broken right????!!!! This is really broken right?????

Note: AV男優 means Adult Video Actor or in other words a P*rn star www

Kain joined the bandwagon on meme-ing on soraru’s official line orz wwww


kain 1st ALBUM “かえりみち” 2015.4.15 RELEASE



01. Kazemachi Hello World /
      Lyrics: Kanaki, Music: add9(ヘリP) 
02. Hello, Worker /
      Music & Lyrics: KEI 
03. Shiwa /
      Music & Lyrics: buzzG 
04. I Kissed Hatsune Miku /
      Music & Lyrics: MikitoP
05. Eien Hanabi /
      Music & Lyrics: XiexieP
06. 雪峰~yukimine~ /
      Music & Lyrics: XionP
07. 夕焼け空は雨模様 /
      Music & Lyrics: Papiyon
08. Sayonara no kawari ni  (piano arranged ver.) /
      Lyrics: LeftyMonster-P , Music: LeftyMonster-P & Ito Kashitaro
09. Kokoro Nashi /
      Music & Lyrics: Papiyon 
10. Shochuu no Tama /
      Music & Lyrics: 164
11. Drops /
      Music & Lyrics: Akagami
12. TODAY /
      Music & Lyrics: Kain
13. Kaerimichi /
      Music & Lyrics: FuwariP 

Vocal by kain 
■Tokuten Information
① limited quantities !
kain original rubber cable reel for earphones ! Drawn by Muho!

②  B2 size poster as present (in puchase of「Kaerimichi」in store(*?))

kain’s Bed Adventures (040115 ~ 040315)

@kain2525: ベットが来るまでの寝床が完成した 

kain: “I have perfected my makeshift bed until my (real) bed comes”

@kain2525: おー????

kain: “O-h????”

@kain2525: ベッドきたー!!!!!組み立てよ!!!!!

kain: “The bed came-!!!!! It’s self-assembly you know!!!!!”

@kain2525: まじむずい………

kain: “This is seriously hard……….”

@kain2525: うおー!!!!!!

kain: “Whoa-!!!!!!!”

kain: “Mattresses recently are amazing-!!!!”

kain: “Reflection. It was seriously painful for one person to self-assemble a large bed. Rather than technical problems, I am dying both in terms of energy and physical strength.”

@kain2525: 最強過ぎ 

kain: “Too strong” 


Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Collector’s Edition Renders

Along with the other goodies like a “high quality” dragon statue and accompanying art book, digital in-game items that will come with the Collector’s Edition of Heavensward include a helmet fashioned after Cecil’s Dark Knight helmet in Final Fantasy IV, a Wind-up Kain minion, and a griffon flying mount, just in time for Heavensward’s introduction of flying mounts! Heavensward arrives Spring 2015.

@ lastnote_: まふてるスタンプ速攻で買ってまふまふ君に送りまくっている!これは使いやすいしとてもかわいい!!kain君のスタンプの時代が終わった。。ハゲとかもう古い

Last Note: I’ve brought Mafuteru stamp, and I keep sending it to Mafumafu-kun ! It’s so easy to use and it’s very cute ! ! Kain-kun’s stamp era is now over.. It was bald and old

@ kain2525: え。。。。ラスノさんに僕のハゲスタンプは古いって言われた。。。。え・・・・悲しい。。。。マリカしよ。。。。みんな僕のスタンプ使ってくれてもいいんだよ。。。

Kain: Eh…. I was told by Rasuno-san that my hage stamp was old…. eh…. I’m sad…. I’ll play Mario Cart…. everyone it’s okay to use my stamp…

@ kain2525: まふてるも髪の毛ないじゃん(ボソ

Kain: Mafuteru doesn’t have hair too (whisper