Okay everyone It’s a very sad message but

There is confirmation from Hiro that this is the last Arc FT.

Cover of volume 60:

“I was so delighted as Volume 50 was released, and here we are at volume 60. Surprisingly fast, is not it? I think some of you already guessed that it was the last Fairy Tail saga. I will do my best to draw to the end so please stay with us.“

hi i’m new here ♡

hi everyone ♡ my name is yuki, and I’m part of the ft/yoi community! this is my new tumblr, and i’m still adjusting tbh, so it’d be amazing if we could be friends! i swear i’m a chill person and hilarious— i’m not shy either, so feel free to say whatever! so far i don’t know many people here, and i have no idea what to do… so it’d be incredible if you guys could introduce yourselves! tysm for reading, and i really hope we can be friends!

 Comptine d’un autre été (x)
Lucy Saving Others

Lucy has Saved the Entire Guild 2 Times.

Lucy has saved Magnolia 2 Times

Lucy has saved Natsu+Co on multiple occasions.

Lucy has saved her Spirits on occasion.

So next time people say Hiro treats Lucy like nothing more than a Damsel in Distress take a moment and realize it isn’t Hiro who treats her like a Damsel in Distress but rather you belittling her importance.