u: star trek

so I’ve always been curious about just what is happening during the triumvirate reunion at the end of The City on the Edge of Forever but it all happens so fast I can’t see it! so I exploded the gif and, honestly, every frame is pure joy but here are some of my favs:

spock hittin the brakes

‘spock do u hear that?’

‘omg it’s bones!!’

at first you think bones is just taking a step outside, but no

bones is fucking RUNNING towards them. look at that bent knee; perfect for jumping into the arms of his husbands

and then jim throws his arms open. yes! hug him!!

jim is going in for the kill, and spock is realizing that he’s not going to get a hug unless he acts fast. meanwhile if you look closely you can see bones’ smile as he sets himself up for an armful of excitable captain

pictured: pure happiness

kirk just LAUNCHES himself

and bones is right there to catch him (notice the blurry hand to kirk’s right)

as the two hug, spock keeps reaching for bones

bones is so ecstatic he misses the spock-reach at first. he goes for a full hug with jim, both arms wrapping around him

so pure

this one is my fave. he is SO happy

now bones notices spock is reaching for him. good thing, too, because spock is about two seconds away from just hugging them both

spock goes up…

…but bones goes down

ending in a handshake. which can be interpreted multiple ways (is it a vulcan kiss or a brotherly statement of affection? or both?)

whatever it is they seem to share a moment. bones’ unbridled joy is somewhat tempered, but he seems more at ease. perhaps shaking spock’s hand made him realize how serious the situation was, if spock of all people was worried about him

he slowly lets go of jim (but jim does NOT let go of him. look at that glomp!) while continuing to shake spock’s hand, struck by the power of their reunion. he looks into spock’s eyes once more…

…and then to their joined hands, smiling slightly.

Why do I love Star Trek so much?

Because Kirk once said ‘where I come from, size, shape or color makes no difference.’

Because of the Vulcan concept of IDIC, Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations, a celebration of differences. Because Star Trek showed me a world where we don’t just tolerate or accept diversity, we celebrate it.

Because Star Trek showed me a future where there was peace, a united earth.

Because Star Trek showed me a future where race, nationality, religion, gender, and sexuality did not determine the value of a person.

Because Star Trek showed me a world where we respect ourselves, respect the environment, respect other cultures, and respect people.

I love Star Trek because it gives me hope that humanity can do better and be better. We can still do better.